Reader Discussion: Do You Have Any Arcade Memories?

As gaming gets older and the players get younger, fewer have nostalgia for arcades. Do you have memories of video games' original platform?

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thorstein1885d ago

When I was younger we used to have this arcade that was open until 2 am. You could grab pizza and soda at the snack bar and the owner didn't care that you'd set it on the machines. You'd get 7 tokens for $1, 40 for $5 and 100 for $10. The most expensive games were the new ones and they would cost 2 tokens.

The place had pool tables, pinball machines, and classic arcade games as well as the newest. Back in those days, you could still smoke cigarettes in there. Its gone now. Too bad really.

SniperControl1884d ago

Cool memories, man i miss those days.

I remember me & my cousin running down to the local chip shop and playing Double Dragon all day during the school holidays, the owner would eventually kick us out for mashing the buttons to hard. lol

Alsybub1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Ah, yes. Daytona while smoking a cigarette. Those were the days. I did used to find that the smoke got a bit too much in arcades but because it's banned now I kind of find myself missing it.

My strongest memories of arcades are spending hours on Tekken 2, memorising the commands to unlock secret characters and King's throw combos.

The other games that stand out are:

Street Fighter II
Virtua Fighter
Ridge Racer
Rave Racer
Tekken 1 & 2
Virtua Racer
Manx TT
Time Crisis

Yes, I was a teenager in the 90's

I remember the incredible excitement of getting a PSX from Japan in 1994 and playing Ridge Racer at home for the very first time. It was the closest we had ever come to having an arcade experience in the living room and it felt like magic. I don't know whether it's the jaded view of age but you simply don't get that kind of excitement when a new console comes out these days. Back then it was like a whole other world was upon us as gamers. It also marked the beginning of the end for arcades as we knew them.

GodGinrai1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

"Ah, yes. Daytona while smoking a cigarette. Those were the days. I did used to find that the smoke got a bit too much in arcades but because it's banned now I kind of find myself missing it."

YES! I remember certain arcade machines had an ashtray! lol. I used to love going to trocadero/sega world and the arcades by goodge street station on tottenham court road ( they are still open. Lots of fighting games downstairs)

Best thing about the arcades back then? the vibe. I miss that vibe, man.

First arcade game I ever played was outrun.I was about six or seven at the time. After that, al my pocket money was spent on arcades and the monthly copies of CVG and mean machines.

Alsybub1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )


Have you been to the Trocadero lately? It's like a weird indoor market with people selling fake Beats headphones and E-Cigs. There's a few dead arcade machines dotted around and that's about it. I think it sums up the state of the arcade scene in the West.

The only saving grace is that there is a couple of little shops that sell gaming collectibles from Japan.

I'm going to Franco Manca's on Saturday, I'll have to check out the arcades on Goodge Street, I had no idea they were still there! My girlfriend is gonna love that. Haha!......or not. She already hates that I have to go in the camera shops on Tottenham Court Road every time we're near there and I never buy anything because it's cheaper online. She just doesn't understand that you have to research things before you buy them. ;)

SonyWarrior1884d ago

What i remember, Hydro Thunder, 18 wheeler, Crazy taxi, Daytona, ddr, San Francisco Rush, The Simpsons arcade, Super Off Road.

GodGinrai1884d ago


Havent been trocs in years, shame it fell off so bad!

But when im doing a little shopping on oxford street, I always make a little diversion towards that little arcade next to goodge street station. Always a few folks downstairs getting their fighting game, groove on! Might bump into you down there!

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1884d ago
3-4-51883d ago

I miss Arcades:

* South Park Pinball
* Time Crisis
* P.O.W.
* Super 0ff-Road
* Avengers
* Street Fighter
* Marvel vs Street Fighter
* Lethal Enforcers
* Area 51
* Cruis'n USA
* Daytona USA
* Terminator 2
* X-Men
* NFL Blitz
* Mortal Kombat
* Simpson Arcade game
* NBA Jam
* That one Hockey game that was kind of like WWF
* Race Drivin

I'm missing like 50-100 other great games....

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endzeitkind1884d ago

its pain takenly compensate into mame 0.154 right now.

Lon3wolf1884d ago

I was born in 1970, I have way too many memories of arcades.

GuruStarr781884d ago

I had an arcade nearby my home here in Chicago where you could go every sunday and pay $3 and play all the games from 8 til noon.... this was over 20 years ago now, but boy was that fun... beat alot of arcade games that way, since you didn't have to pump tokens into them...

thorstein1883d ago

When I was a teen, Chuck E Cheese used to do "teen night." This was the Chuck E Cheese that was filled with arcade games.

Well, you paid a cover charge and all the games were free to play that night. You had to pay for pizza but it was awesome.

vongruetz1884d ago

I remember playing a ton of Jungle Hunt and Zaxxon in the arcades early on. Then The Simpsons came out, X-Men, and Ninja Turtles. Those were all great.

Later on it seemed like more and more of the games were turning into shooters, like Area 51, but for me, Operation Wolf was the only shooter I needed. Good times.

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