Alien Isolation Review: Nightmare Fuel - Invisible Gamer

Invisible Gamer's Michael Burns describes Alien: Isolation to be the fulfillment of a lifelong nightmare in this massive 1979 word review. 1979, like the year Alien was released. Get it?

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Dontworrybhappy1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Whoo damn this game seems to be off the charts. Just so freaking happy there's finally an awesome Alien game. ; D

C L O U D1882d ago

This game is of the best I've played this year

PaleMoonDeath1882d ago

The big shot reviewers seemed to be quite hasty when reviewing this, every user or non main stream gaming website has given it brilliant scores, just goes to show you, user reviews are the way to go these days.

kingliam31882d ago

I couldn't even tell you how disappointed I felt when IGN gave it a 5.9. Since playing it myself I have come to the conclusion that I have been following reviews way too strictly in the past.. definitely will not be from now on!

OhMyGandhi1882d ago

been playing on PC and I have to say, besides the incredibly detailed environments, the one thing that really caught me off guard was the brilliant sound design. Every hissing of nearby smoke, or the boot sequence of an ancient computer, every thundering footstep, banging of the locker door, opening and closing of hallway doors, is reminiscent of the beautifully disturbing Dead Space.
And the Alien as well. The way it often flops down from the ceiling ventilation, the sound of its tail hitting and knocking over nearby objects, worsens an already unhealthy state of absolute fear.

Yes, there are aspects of the game that are rough around the edges. The combat is unsatisfying, the human NPCs are often poorly voiced, and have incredibly stiff animations. But look beyond a couple minor issues, and you still have a game that is far superior to most survival horror experiences on the market today.

It just boggles the mind as to why it got such average reviews. The developers understand the concept of tension, and suspense. They understand how to induce claustrophobia, and create unease. They understand how to build atmosphere, by defining the player's movement through the world, and crafting small details that remind them that they are not in control.

There are times when I am holding nothing but a flare when I say to myself that I wish I had a gun to shoot at the thing. But that's not the intended effect of the game. I'm not Lara Croft, shipwrecked and injured, afraid, but suddenly an expert marksman with a wide array of weapons. I'm not Pvt. Vasquez, the badass soldier from Aliens who touts a gigantic gun.

If you haven't played the game yet, ignore all middling review scores, and check it out. If you like games like Amnesia, Outlast, The Forest, Dead Space or other classic survival horror staples, you will not be disappointed.

Kingdomcome2471882d ago

Yeah, this game is a gem, flaws and all. I haven't experienced tension like this in a game in a long time if ever. The sound design is masterful.

mixelon1882d ago

I seriously think it was too difficult and old-school with its save system for some reviewers.

I think those things make it a better game to the target audience tbh though. It's definitely not for everyone. I love it though!

Kingdomcome2471881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Yeah, I can see the difficulty and occasional frustration being a turnoff for some. That said I'm not sure that the game's difficulty should ultimately factor into the final review score unless the difficulty is rooted in unfair/poor game design. Reviews are opinions, though and what is an appealing feature for some is a turnoff for others. This game has frustrated me at times, but in the end it's really added to the sense of accomplishment. This game is an awesome, unique experience.

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