Minecraft coming to Windows Phone

"A Windows Phone release of Minecraft is on the way, developer Jens “Jeb” Bergensten has announced.
Speaking on Twitter, Jeb noted that the Pocket Edition currently runs on Windows Phone, but still needs work." - Dualshockers

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RG_Dubz1888d ago

$2.5 billion later.. You'll never see that money back on that purchase.

Dudebro901888d ago


The fact they said they expect to make that back by the end of fiscal 2015 is just pure sensationalism...oh isn't.

MasterCornholio1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Doesn't mean they can't be wrong like they were with Windows phone and Surface.

Just because they claim that they can make a massive profit off the franchise doesn't mean that they will. That's why its called a prediction.

RG_Dubz1888d ago

Which you'd have to be dumb to believe, they plan on making $2.5 billion back by the end of 2015 on a company who's highest profit was $140 million in 1 year.

Do the math and don't believe anything Microsoft says, have you learned nothing?

Volkama1887d ago

RG_Dubz the people that control that 2.5billion dollars were obviously "dumb" enough to believe it. And they would have needed some convincing.

They could be wrong, but you'd have to be dumb to completely dismiss them when you have none of the facts and none of the numbers yourself...

TheRealTedCruz1888d ago

90% of the people on here claim Microsoft greedy and only out for profit.
How about we keep with that mentality and believe that maybe, just maybe, they know what they are doing and didn't pay out such a large sum for s**** and giggles?

qwerty6761888d ago

so phil and satya went out drinking with notch one day and just decided to buy minecraft for the lols?

yes i bet they didn't critically think this through and went into it with no plans.

1888d ago
WeAreLegion1888d ago

And I'm just sitting here with my G3, wishing they would fix the virtual d-pad...

Fireseed1888d ago

Virtual D-Pad...


1888d ago
nosferatuzodd1888d ago

Lol they think ppl going to buy Windows phone for that android and iphone lick the market Microsoft sorty but youre aren't going no where

Naga1887d ago

Actually, people have been buying Windows phones, and Microsoft's market share has been growing rather dramatically in the last year. In fact, I'm writing this comment from mine. Every single person I know who has used one loves it... So maybe you ought to apply the brakes to your little hate train and focus a little more on your spelling. You only get one comment, after all.