Destiny Review-In-Progress #3: Bare, But Fun Crucible; How The Hell Do I Obtain Light? | Short Pause

In the third video of the Short Pause Destiny review-in-progress series, the crew talks about their impressions of missions on Venus. Topics of discussion focus mainly on the story progression, as well as Crucible multiplayer, as well as the mystery of obtaining light.

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TheDude791886d ago

Anyone have any suggestions about which mode has the best chances of obtaining armor with light? Or are do all modes (Patrol missions, story missions, strikes, etc) offer good chances of finding armor? Or, is it easier to just earn vanguard and crucible points to purchase the armor?

Death1885d ago

Daily and Weekly missions/Strikes are great for obtaining armour parts with light. The light attributes are random. If you get all blue armour parts at +15 which is the max you will cap at level 24. After that you need to use strange coins, motes of light to get purple and gold parts which can be upgraded to get you higher.

When you do the Weekly strikes you can obtain purple engrams. I have found you rarely get engrams that your character can equip. All of the engrams my Hunter has had decrypted are for the Warlock class. You will want to take all three characters to 20 if you want to get the best gear for the class you want to play. It sounds worse than it really is. You can level up to 20 fairly quickly by stacking bounty missions with the regular story line missions and strikes.

ceballos77mx1885d ago

I have legendary and exotic helm for a titan wich I haven't even started playing with one

GameSpawn1885d ago

I finally got around to creating the other two classes just in case this happens. It would suck for my first character, but it means that I'll have a head start on the other two. I have some pretty decent mid-level 16ish items in storage already for both of them once they get high enough.

Perjoss1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Do any bounties that raise your vanguard rep by 100. Keep going till you have rank 2 or rank 3 if you want weapons as well as armor. Then do strikes and public events to earn points and buy armor from your class mission guy in the tower or weapons from the vanguard quartermaster in the hanger area. If you depend only on drops you might be waiting a long time.

Always do at least 1 public event per day as you get vanguard marks from the event and bonus points and loot from the mail bot for your first gold rated event of the day. Mail bot bonus is per character so you can get this bonus 3 times a day if you have 3 characters. can help you find events but its not 100% accurate, for example if you're the only person around then an event is less likely to happen.

ceballos77mx1885d ago

The best armor I have was by purchasing with vanguard points (all legendary) and strange coins (exotic helm and sniper).

Id do the nightfall strikes, last one I did I got 6 coins and a friend got an exotic helm, and the tiger strikes will give you rares. Ive gotten 2 legendary weapons (one auto rifle and a heavy machine gun) with random drops.

kurruptor1885d ago

Patrol missions don't offer any rewards. You might get random drops. Same for story missions once you hit 20.

Here's my suggestion for a daily routine:
1) Complete bounties.
2) Complete daily story mission (sometimes this aligns with a bounty or two, so you can do both at once)
3) Complete weekly strike (can't do daily obviously)
4) Use the strike list or pvp.

I also try to complete at least 1 public event, because it is always nets legendary materials.

Even if you don't get drops from those, they do earn you vanguard rep and marks, so you'll get a legendary eventually.

Findingcrybabies1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

a daily routine. And the pitiful level cap of 20 It makes the game sound even worse reading this. Is grinding really becoming popular now? Will the success of Destiny lead to brain dead grinding gameplay in many more games?

kurruptor1885d ago

I'm sorry, what game do you play that after the first 10-20 hours.... you aren't repeating the same things over and over?

Findingcrybabies1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Well I will be buying Dragon Age Inquisition solely for the multiplayer. That game offers a random level generator so you never play the same maps in the same order. it has I think 8-12 initial characters to play with ALL of the dlc from items to maps to weapons all FREE. Mass Effect 3 ended at I want to say 40+ different characters to play not to mention a full in game crafting and modding system for all your equipment. Obviously numerous missions types and objectives as well. Not 3 waves of enemies.

kurruptor1885d ago

So, you listed 2 games... one of which isn't even out yet. So, Destiny fails because of that?

Not to mention that both of those games had probably 10 years in development, upgrades and enhancements over the whole series.

How come Halo games weren't bashed to hell for supposed lack of replay value? Or any other FPS.

Findingcrybabies1885d ago

Destiny fails because of its dull watered down grind content. All that money and that is the finished product they come up with. if people actually like that then fine. i'm glad they like it and enjoy it all you want. Don't want to see people say its some amazing game and it has so much to offer and things like that. Its a dull, bare bones game that offers little in the way of actual content. The MP might be fun, but the 1 hit kill crap that was present when I played made me turn my back on the game. There are tons of games that offer a lot of content, I just have no interest in making a list. I'd rather play an FPS game instead of least they offer customization and they also offer more than 20 levels let alone the amount of maps and they offer more gameplay options/objectives. They offer much more than Destiny. That game IMO is nothing more than an overhyped joke they suckered tons of people into the hype.

GTAV Online offers a lot of content. Reaching level 20 in that gives so much content it makes Destiny look like a joke and it has much more content after that.

For what Destiny is, what went into it, the developer of it and the amount of hype and marketing that went into it....its shameful of what it turned out to be and thats why people are so unhappy and against it. A $20 indy game out of the PSN store gives as much content and theres no exuse for Destiny to deliever that....and this is coming from someone who was excited for it at first. After playing the beta I saw what it really was though.

Perjoss1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Was supposed to be a reply...

TheDude791885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll be trying them out tonight!

Bubble Up Votes all around for the help!