Read+Watch+Listen: Bonus material for Destiny fans

If you’re done with Destiny (for now), be sure to check out these related works.

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ColManischewitz1887d ago

I always enjoy checking out other works -- books, movies, music -- that fits a theme similar to a game everyone's talking about or one that I dig.

midnightambler1887d ago

There are some cracking recommendations there, especially the audio stories. Nice.

LouisGarcia1887d ago

The Iron Giant is a very good film. Everyone should check it out.

JeffGrubb1887d ago

I need to play Destiny first ... or do I? Maybe I'll just skip to Leonard Nimoy reading Ray Bradbury.

itisallaboutps1887d ago

For a second i thought the new discovered areas were bonus content and not dlc. Darn!!