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Two years ago, Borderlands 2 did a great job of fusing loose and fast shooting with surprisingly deep character customization. It did have its share of pacing blemishes though - blemishes I was really hoping that a new standalone game like Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel would fix. It doesn’t, but it does provide an entertaining story and a handful of successful gameplay additions that spice up its already excellent core of shooting and looting. This is, essentially, more of the Borderlands I love with just enough new twists to pull me back in, and mostly make up for the things the series still doesn’t get right.

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Blastoise1889d ago

This game feels entirely skippable with all these great games coming out soon, not that an 8 isn't an awesome score, just saying

16bitNutritionist1889d ago

They gave this an 8 but yet Alien Isolation 5.5, IGN are not reputable in the slightest anymore.

Ripsta7th1889d ago

I think shooting and looting is more fun than being chased by an alien as well

2pacalypsenow1889d ago


It was fun 2 games ago , alien isolation is something new

FsterThnFTL1889d ago

Better than Destiny confirmed.

Remy_Chaos1889d ago

Good score though I'd already made my mind up that I want to play this. However I don't want to buy it just yet and have it be another game that will be released on PS4 & XB1 later.

Drithe1889d ago

Sorry. Too busy playing Destiny.

Tex1171889d ago

Yeah, there is just too much out right now to justify this as a 60 dollar last gen purchase.

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