Xbox One vs PS4 - Microsoft takes lead in exclusives

It was always going to be a hard-fought battle for supremacy in the next-gen console war, but with the Xbox One and PS4, Microsoft and Sony have gone all-out to make sure that their console dominates.

Since they launched last year, Sony has taken an early lead with the PS4 outselling the Xbox One by around 50 per cent. However, there's a good argument that a lot of that has to do with the Xbox One's high launch price, because it shipped with Kinect. Now you don't need Kinect and both consoles cost just £329 it's not so easy to pick which one you should buy.

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Hellsvacancy1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Was this written by a Xbox fanboy? you can tell he favours the XB1

"It's partly down to what you're used to, but the Xbox One controller has the edge for us with a proven design and those new rumble motors" I'd much prefer a touchpad than rumble motors

"At present, the PS4's has a technical edge makes it better bet in the long-term, that said the Xbox One makes a good case with its multimedia capabilities, proven online service and has a Christmas release season with a slightly stronger line-up of games. If you're planning on buying both eventually anyway we'd say get an Xbox One

Septic1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

"Was this written by a Xbox fanboy? you can tell he favours the XB1"

That's their opinion. Just because he favours the X1 doesn't make him a fanboy. His views were hardly antagonistic or even overtly one-sided. Where are you getting the fanboy vibe from again?

If I was planning on buying both and I hadn't yet, I would definitely recommend the X1 this year too. If you ask me this question in 2015 though, that answer will probably change, depending on how things work out.

chrismichaels041889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

The Last of Us (95), Final Fantasy Realm Reborn (86), MLB14 The Show (83), Infamous Second Son (80), Killzone ShadowFall (73) and Drive Club (72) are all pretty good games. That's at least 4 games with a Metacritic score above an 80.

Let's be honest, Xbox only dropped 8 retail exclusives so far (only one more game than PS4). Out of those 8 xbox games, only 2 have a Metacritic score above an 80: TitanFall (86), Forza Horizon 2 (86), Forza 5 (79), Dead Rising 3 (78), Dance Central (74), Kinect Sports (60), Ryse (60) and Fighter Within (23).

Its amazing how Xbox fans try convincing themselves that Xbox has "more games" as a consolation prize to the fact that PS4 is outselling the Xbox One worldwide. Both consoles have about the same amount of quality games. It all comes down to which lineup interests you the most.

uptownsoul1889d ago

I also found it strange that the author implied that dropping the kinect would change the sales forecast. Somebody should mention that the kinect has been decoupled from the console for several years and PS4 still dominates in sales

Septic1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

" I think a lot of people are satisfied with the PS4 exclusive lineup so far."

Good for them. I'm not.

TLOU is a remaster of a game that came out last year so I'm not going to lump that in.

Infamous: SS was lacking in my opinion- some great gameplay mechanics let down by a lackluster and brief story, very little gameplay depth that hurt its longevity.

Killzone Shadowfall: A Terribly average FPS with a poor campaign and passable MP

DC: Well, I'll formulate a more complete opinion on this soon but FH2 is where its at for me.

"Its amazing how Xbox fans try convincing themselves that Xbox has "more games" as a consolation prize to the fact that PS4 is outselling the Xbox One worldwide"

Yeah you carry on making sweeping statements. Anyway, the game lineup for the PS4 was really boring for me apart from Resogun, which you didn't list. Other than that, 2014 was really barren. I find it hard to take people's sentiments seriously when they try to convince me otherwise.

But like I've said before, 2015 is most like Sony's year what with Bloodborne, The Order, Uncharted 4 just to name a few. And that's just for me. People on the Xbox camp might disagree.

"It all comes down to which lineup interests you the most."

So what was the point of your Metacritic score listing? You could have just said this and said, I disagree and prefer the PS4 lineup instead of making sweeping statements.

Lawboy21889d ago

@ chris

U do realize that there are two huge exclusives down the pipeline halo and ssod
Also ori is coming out

Also u missed

Zoo tycoon
Crimson dragon
Project spark

batman21x1889d ago


"Its amazing how Xbox fans try convincing themselves that Xbox has "more games"

It's amazing that ps fans try convincing Xbox fans that it doesnt have a better lineup.

Saigon1889d ago


I understand what you are saying, but I think what people are complaining about is how you say it. for example in your initial post you said:

"If you ask me this question in 2015 though, that answer will probably change, depending on how things work out."

Some people can take that as your leaning or favoring one or the other. I honestly do not care. In truth I think both lineups for Sony and MS is lackluster this end of year. Sony was strong for the first half of 2014 but lately it has slowed down. MS was ok, nothing to rave about. I know there is one more exclusive to release for Sony, but that game only satisfy a few; but it will be a great platformer to dig into. MS has SSOD and I hope it does well, it looks to really capture a lot of gamers from its gameplay.

This part of the year is more for the Multiplat games and the so called console war will be decided from that as we approach 2015. Next year both systems have a lot of solid exclusive games coming out and that is what I am waiting for. This year again was good in the first half but it slowed down since then.

Volkama1889d ago

Wait and see for 2015.

Microsoft are usually very deliberate in focusing our attention on what their holiday offerings,

Look how late into the year we first heard about Forza Horizon 2...

Sony are pretty much following the same strategy, only really talking about the IPs they can't avoid talking about (yer Halos and Uncharteds).

Guarantee both sides have a lot more planned for 2015 than we have heard about so far.

Blastoise1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Forget PS4 & Xbox one, just get a Vita and play Danganronpa ;)

SpringHeeledJack1889d ago

It's a launch year and we got launch games. Launch years are always pretty bare with the games really just prototypes for what is coming. The 2nd and 3rd years is where it's at.

Septic1889d ago


"Some people can take that as your leaning or favoring one or the other."

I am favouring one over the other. I said it clearly it was the X1 and that next year that is set to change to the PS4. I'm being quite honest really. Obviously this opens me up to getting hate from both 'sides' but meh, you can't please everyone, nor do I intend to. It's just my opinion. Someone might not like FH2, Titanfall, SSO, TMCC, D4 etc and fair play to them.

"This year again was good in the first half but it slowed down since then."

For me, it's the opposite. It started off slowly but the latter half looks great. Forza Horizon 2 has me hooked and I have devoted more hours to it than any racer in years. A racing classic imo. Sunset Overdrive I'm cautiously optimistic because I question how long it will hold my interest. The Master Chief Collection however will be a BIG attraction and I cant wait for that.

It's all down to opinions mate. I'm not trying to pass off my opinions off as fact. I keep making it clear that the views I hold are mine. But then you get the likes of chrismichaels04 who to me, are obviously insecure about something having to reel off Metacritic numbers to leverage their point as if it has any objective value in a subjective argument.

Personally, I wouldn't really recommend the PS4 as a purchase this year if you're looking at exclusives alone. To me, it's just a very lackluster library of games in 2014. But others are entitled to disagree.

*shrugs shoulders* Just trying to have a proper conversation but then Hellsvacancy is quick to jump on the bandwagon of accusing others for being 'fanboys', which is unwarranted imo, judging by what I read in the article. His reasons for doing so are obvious to me though.

Still, everyone needs to chill though.

NeoGamer2321889d ago

Since you include TLOU and Final Fantasy Realm Reborn as PS exclusive you need to on the XB1 side include Halo Master Chief Collection. Halo = 97, Halo 2 = 95, Halo 3 = 91, Halo 4 = 87 on Metacritic.

So, in one collection, MS is shipping 4 full games that are above 85 on metacritic (3 above 90). In addition to FH2 and Titanfall.

QuickdrawMcgraw1889d ago

Septic you admonish a writer here for making sweeping statements...Yet you make more sweeping statements the just about any other person on this site...

Septic1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


"Yet you make more sweeping statements the just about any other person on this site..."

Can you please qualify that statement? Can you also do that in respect of this particular thread?

[edit] Just noticed that you're on one bubble. PM me if you wish.

DeadlyOreo1889d ago


I don't think it works likes that. If those Halo games came out today like that they certainly wouldn't get those kind of scores.

OB1Biker1889d ago

thats ridiculous you dont buy a console depending on the games available at some point (november xbox, February PS4) . Its a long term investment

Godmars2901889d ago

It may be his opinion, be it being used as an advertisement. A suggestion of what console you should buy even if they're not saying which one you should buy directly.

"I favor the XB1 over the Ps4 because of this reason and so should you."

kurruptor1889d ago

Septic you can't bitch about TLOU being a remaster when the biggest game coming out for Xbone this year is MCC, which is a remaster as well.

chrismichaels041889d ago

@Septic - "Good for them. Im not." Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I never said *everyone* would be satisfied.

"TLOU is a remaster of a game that came out last year so I'm not going to lump that in." Most xbox fans are counting The Halo MCC as a big xbox exclusive this holiday. I dont see how TLoU Remastered is any different.

"Yeah you carry on making sweeping statements." Its not a sweeping statement. Its an observation made from reading the same "PS4 has no games" excuse that I see made by xbox fans everyday.

"So what was the point of your Metacritic score listing?" Its very simple, the Metascore listing was to back up my argument against the "PS4 has no games" excuse. Sweeping statements are what people make when they make claims with no actual information to back up their statements.

Septic1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

***Septic you can't bitch about TLOU being a remaster when the biggest game coming out for Xbone this year is MCC, which is a remaster as well.***

Yeah but like I said very clearly:

"TLOU is a remaster of a game that came out last year so I'm not going to lump that in."

***Most xbox fans are counting The Halo MCC as a big xbox exclusive this holiday. I dont see how TLoU Remastered is any different.***

Are you really comparing the two remasters? TLOU original came out last year. What was the colossal difference between the original and the remaster btw?

Let me elaborate:

1) TMCC is a far greater remaster than TLOU (would like to see someone argue against this). It's not just having a res boost. Look at Halo 2. It will be running on a brand new engine, with COMPLETELY REDONE CGI. These are facts.

2) Halo 1 was never playable online. It will be now. It will also feature maps that NEVER appeared on Xbox

3) TMCC will boast ALL Halo MP maps and more

4) The game will run on dedicated servers

5) Halo CE and Halo 2 will have online co-op where the titles didn't have that previously

6) It will contain the live action series

7) TMCC will have a beta for Halo 5: Guardians

8) It will be a remaster of classic games that came out 13 years ago. Its not like TLOU that came out last year and saw a mere boost in res and fps.

How anyone can even BEGIN to compare the value between the two is beyond me. TMCC represents one of the most generous gaming packages in years if not the most generous one. TLOU Remaster can't even come close to making a claim like that.

babyhand1889d ago

I like videos Games. To play all of them ,you need more than 1 console.

ABizzel11889d ago

I've done a look at the games that came out for 2014, and all 3 are in a similar boat.

The main difference is Nintendo and MS are dropping their A team games, while Sony has dropped their B team.

But then you look at next year, and there's no competition. Sony literally has over 20 exclusives announced for 2015 (still don't know what most of their first party is working on) and we're still in 2014. Nintendo has 15 exclusives announced thus far, and MS has 8 announced thus far.

I don't understand why 360 fans aren't upgrading to the XBO since by the end of 2014 their core gaming buys will be on the XBO (excluding Gears and Fable). But overall I think this really shows, that people are truly on the fence about picking a PS4 or XBO, and with the 2015 line-ups MS has a hard case to plead over Sony, if they're big hitters can't do it this holiday.

Gamer_of_the_Year1889d ago

Resogun is a PS4 Exclusive as well thats above an 80. An arguably the best exclusive for either console. DriveClub is criminally underrated as well. An incredible racing game. I've logged in 20 hours in the game already.

donthate1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Playstation brand has a history of strong exclusive line up and I don't doubt they will come. As one that now plays multiplayer heavily compared to in the past, I would be more concerned about being able to play any games online this winter on PSN.

DriveClub has been a total disaster, and the online is down going on day 5 now with no end in sight. PSN is constantly up for maintenaince, and sometimes for unexpected and unscheduled maintenaince as well.

Exclusive line up this holiday is heavily leaning towards Xbox One this year. Sony had to push their games into February of next year so I'd say this holiday get an Xbox One if you want to play online.

There is a good chance PSN won't hold up this holiday without being in maintenance often.

TheFanboySlayer1889d ago

While I do agree that Xbox has been pumping out great exclusives...yes slightly better exclusives.....I would argue this year in particular has been on the low end in terms of review scores for top games I mean...Shovel Knight and TLOU have been the best games this year....MCC is gonna be great this year also. (Kinda hard to see them messing up that game)

I also think that Xbox fanboys including "ori and the blind forest and D4" in their lists is kinda unfair cause then you have to look at all Indie titles for both PS4 and X1

To all play station can't really count TLOU remastered as a fall release since it came out in summer...and if we include it then we must include MCC then

Eonjay1889d ago

The only problem is that exclusives are as plentiful as everything else. If you are buying a console based only on exclusives, it will depend heavily on if those handful of titles actually interest you.

Alsybub1889d ago


I think all of your comments here have been quite neutral.

I also agree with you. I own both systems and I'm buying more games on Xbox One than on PS4 this year. That isn't due to choosing one brand over another, it's simply that there are more exclusive games on the One than on PS4, that are worth my money, right now.

NewMonday1889d ago


all the arguments are anecdotal, a personal preference, the line about X1 games has been pushed for almost a year but nobody is convinced, all X1 launch games average 7's, PS4 has much more games and they have better overall scores and that is vindicated by higher game sales per-console.

and 50% of PS4 owners never had a PS4, that's a market as big as the entire X1 install base, so it matters, and the Halo collection is still a collection.

Jaqen_Hghar1889d ago

He is fanboyish when counting the exclusives up. He gives Xbox 1 the edge because of Titanfall and FH2 and doesn't even MENTION LBP3 which is in the same boat. If you're going to count cross-gen games like Titanfall and Forza Horizon 2 you have to count LBP3, FF14, and the Show so as to appear unbiased because they're all cross-gen. If you count all the cross-gen stuff then PS4 has the edge. He also excludes every digital exclusive which obviously PS4 has the edge and even if they don't count as much as a AAA release the sheer amount that PS4 has over X1 has to count for something and is worth a mention. For these reasons he does appear to have an agenda by omitting important facts to paint the X1 in a superior light.

CYCLEGAMER1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Don't bother trying to make sense to these guys. One thing that I have learned, being somewhat new to this "gaming community" is that you cannot be an honest neutral gamer, and or prefer ANYTHING xbox does over the PS4, especially on this site. You are either an xbot or not, in their eyes.

I totally understand and agree with you, as of today and the rest of 2014, the xbox one just simply has a more interesting/intriguing lineup of big excluive games. That is not to say that 2015 will not belong to Sony, however as of today we are unsure of everything that is coming out of both camps so it is hard to say who will have the better games next year.

Right now I prefer what the xbox is offering, but I cannot wait for The Order, and Uncharted, next year. Next year will be amazing for neutral multiconsole owners.

nX1889d ago

You would be naive to think that Bloodborne won't end all these discussions.


Seriously though, at the moment it's still a matter of preference... consoles ALWAYS were long term investments and don't forget that we are still in the FIRST year of the generation. No console ever released had any "mindblowing" games at that point in time, that pretty much always started in year two.

Alsybub1889d ago


Exactly, this year is this year and next year is, well, next year.

In the here and now there is more that I want to buy on my Xbox. Looking to the future, there is more that I want to buy on PS4. I can't help it if that's the way it is right now and I don't really care. I play games and not brand loyalty.

If someone only has one platform then you can look at it two ways. Either you can be excited about what the future holds or you can be excited about the here and now. Neither option is a bad purchase and there's no need to tell those that chose the opposite that their purchase is bad.

BitbyDeath1889d ago

Xbox only really has 1 big exclusive so far that is Forza 5. Everything else you can either find on other consoles or PC. But opinions are opinions I guess...

GiggMan1889d ago

"If I was planning on buying both and I hadn't yet, I would definitely recommend the X1 this year too."

Honestly? If you could only buy one why wouldn't you get the one that has the best multiplats?

If I was really recommending one to someone i'd recommend the one that has the best multiplatform games which eventually take up the majority of most gaming libraries.

SmielmaN1889d ago

Septic- well, that's his opinion in response to the article and your opinion on which console has better games. It was obvious years ago that your a Xbox shill until the Xbone got trounced in its launch then you tried to sound like a fence sitter to save face and bubbles. You must be in good with the admins here to keep all your bubbles for all the septic garbage you used to spew and openly rip on ppl about here in true fanboy fashion.

Do us all a favor and stay out of the forums for a while. Your a joke to anyone who has seen your insulting and fanboyish posts from before the xbone launch failure and you switched it up. Now your slowly jumping back onto your xbone fanboy ways but trying to do so through stealth trolls/personal attacks on ppl that dont post positively for xbone. You really do live up to your name as you are poison.

OT: click bait headline to make ppl fight in the comments. Some guys like XBL and a controller over better exclusives and hardware. Big deal. I know groups of formers 360 only guys that switched to Sony and none that bought the xbone over the 4. Is that indicative of the world? No, only my personal experience. Although I know some ppl that bought launch xbones that had repairs in the first 2 mths and are waiting for a PS4 price drop to grab one at the expense of their xbone. Again, not the world doing that just ppl I know.

Each brand has staple games for it and if you take brand names off the items and picked based on games/functionality then you can see what kind of system you want. The unfortunate part for MS is they completely fumbled away the ground they gained on Sony last gen and have chg'd virtually all aspects of the original vision of the xbone before launch. So, as a objective observer, you don't know what they are trying to do with that console: TV? Kinect? Timed exclusive 3rd party? More halo/Forza/gears rotation again and again? That could bring me back to septic who's crying about the best game of last gen being a more than amazing remaster when he himself is looking forward to halo. Talk about hypocrisy at its best. How he has so many bubbles for the amount of abuse he used to spit out to Sony fans before the xbone launch fail is astounding. He must either be a admin here or have some serious dirt on the admins here because he is the definition of fake/hypocrite/fanboy. Look it up. It will take a while but it's true.

Azzanation1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Your post is just stupid. You mention the best line up of games for the PS4 which one is a PS3 game and acouple are multiplats like FF. How about you mention Titanfall which also has a 86 on X1 and why didnt you mention Knack for PS4 with a 54 meta since you went out of your way mentioning Fighters Within.

The way I see it is like this.

Best FPS - Titanfall 86 X1
Best Racing - Forza Horizon 2 85 X1

Those too genres alone are enough to convince people.

Both Consoles have the same multiplats and infact the X1 has more since they have Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 etc.

Want the best multiplats then invest in a PC other wise choose the console which offer you the better games.

Sony have already released 3 of there fragship titles in Killzone, GT6 and Imfamous while MS only released 1 in Forza. MS have more ammo to shoot then Sony at this moment.

chrismichaels041889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

@Azzanation - "You mention the best line up of games for the PS4 which one is a PS3 game and acouple are multiplats like FF" - Youre complaining about some of the PS4 games also being on PS3 or PC, but then you go and bring up Titanfall which is also on 360 and PC (along with Dead Rising 3, Forza, Ryse, Halo MC Collection, Project Spark, Ori and The Blind Forest).

"How about you mention Titanfall which also has a 86 on X1" - Umm...I did list Titanfall. Go back and actually read what I wrote young man.

and why didnt you mention Knack for PS4" - You answered your own question. Xbox fans have been trying to say PS4 has no *good* games. I just listed 6 pretty good PS4 retail exclusive games. As much as I enjoyed playing Knack, Im not going to pretend its a "must have" quality game.

Youre entitled to your opinion, but your entire response made no sense. Youre already down to your last 2 bubbles. In the future, I suggest you use them a lot more wisely.

Azzanation1889d ago

Your post doesnt make sense. You mention 2 PS fragship titles with low 70s meta scores yet claiming them as good games. How about Killer Instinct 73 and D4 77? There are heaps of good games on X1 which your choosing to ignore.

Pogmathoin1889d ago

I got both, and but feel embarrassed to admit I have PS4 here, but fine in reality. Sheer arogance is huge.....

ma1asiah1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

@ chrismichaels04 and others

I find it amazing how Halo MCC is downplayed or left out entirely, even though it comes with 4 Halo games and access to the Halo 5 beta but is looked at as meh!!! even though some of you include TLOU.

Indies aren't they just as important as the big Triple A titles???

You have Ori and the Blind Forest out in a few months along with Scream Ride.

You had Max and The Curse Of Brotherhood and Halo Sparten Assault. Plus Crimson Dragon, D4, Kinect Sports Rivals and Zoo Tycoon.

There is also Killer Instinct blowing up in a few days with Season 2. But most people want to downplay it all and make it look like Sunset Overdrive is the only exclusive yet to drop as we draw towards the end of 2014.

It doesn't matter as to if these titles aren't your thing they are exclusives and should be counted . Just like others include Resogun.

Still its funny how if anyone says anything neutral or slightly positive towards the XB1 then all of a sudden they are a fanboy -The logic and sound reasoning of the internet got to love it.

chrismichaels041889d ago

@Azzanation - I listed 3 good retail games in the 70s for Xbox. Show me exactly where did I say they were bad games? My point is that as of right now, PS4 has more AAA retail games above an 80.

Xbox fans spent the last 12 months saying "indies don't count" so I'm only comparing AAA retail games. You want to compare digital and indie games too? That's fine, let's also add all of the really good PS4 digital and indie games above an 80 like Resogun, Towerfall Ascension, The Swapper, Transistor, SportsFriends, Steamworld Dig, Velocity 2X, Pix The Cat etc..... Either way, your argument is very weak. Nice try anyway.

@Ma1asiah - I'm not downplaying Halo MC collection. I'm only talking about AAA retail games already released. Same reason why I didn't include LittleBigPlanet3 for the PS4. Go back and read my original post. Where did I say Xbox had bad games or PS4 had better games? In fact, i said both systems had their own list of quality games. I'm only disputing the ridiculous claim from xbox fans that PS4 has no games at all.

Ju1889d ago

Xboxer like their ratings...and talk more about PS rated games than their own. I play games not ratings and I think the ones I played/have are awesome. Looks like a lot of people seem to not care so much about all that. And for some reason nobody seems to "know" the X1 has the mega comes the marketing genious MS can't deliver the message. Well, that's that. PS4 is the better console. And no matter how much exclusives matter, the majority of games are third party and they just run better on PS4. Problem solved.

Prime1571889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

So many people arguing OPINIONS and not facts.

The article argues games like titanfall as exclusive to xb1.

It's a fallacy no matter how you spin it.

UltimateMaster1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

It really doesn't matter how you count it, the Ps4 just has the most exclusives.

But regardless. Let's talk what REAL Xbox One Only exclusive there are.
Let's remove all those coming to PC and multi-gen.
Ryse Son of Rome; also on PC. Dead Rising 3; also on PC. Titanfall; also on PC and Xbox 360. Forza Horizon 2; also on Xbox 360.
What's left?
Forza Motorsport 5 and Killer Instinct.
There really isn't all that much.
I mean, you could also count those kinect games: Fighter Within, Kinect Rivals and Crimson Dragon but honestly I think even Microsoft wants to forget these games ever happened.

If you already own a PC, there's no need to own an Xbox One.
That Halo MCC was put up on Amazon ("By mistake") on Xbox One and also on PC. It wouldn't surprise me if they went to PC, given the first 2 did and Spartan Assault.
Sunset Overdrive could also land on PC too, but they can't confirm that it will.

miyamoto1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

personal opinion, personal opinion, opinions can be used to sway other's personal opinion too

but like Raiden gamers should play games in their own terms and preference

+ Show (41) more repliesLast reply 1889d ago
vishmarx1889d ago

controversial topic of the day #14

fun times

gamer4lifeyo1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

No shit right! LOL. reading these comments are halarious at times. It's so crazy how butt hurt people get over this subject especially when there is nothing wrong with whatever machine you game with. Who gives a shit if someone doesn't like the same games you do. It's obvious the author is salty and tries to convince everybody the games on his precious box are better, lol. Calm down fanboys, no one cares how much you love your plastic box. It's not like it gives you a blow job, only then I would understand Why you'd defend it to the death, lmao.

Jughead34161889d ago

@chrismichaels04 - I guess it's pretty tough to argue with facts. It's no secret that Sony is currently the king of exclusives. I hope XBOX gets great ones too. I want to get an XBOX too soon, but they need great exclusives for me to justify buying one, since multiplats perform better on PS4.

redwin1889d ago

Interesting, I buy all my multyplats on xbone. It just makes it easier to switch between games. But, I'm waiting for bloodbourne. I liked p.t. I'm not getting a racing game for the ps4, for that I think the box is better this year. I'm glad for all the free games I'm getting in ps+, I'm getting a game that I otherw would not have purchased but since I'm paying for ps+ in essence I'm purchasing it, mmmm,. while having both consoles the only argument I can make for the ps is the 1080p on a still frame. 900p is just as good and might argue that's better for shooters. And yes, my tv is a 4k LG. What I'm trying to say is that so far the Xbox has the games, Sony admitted that in E3'13, and Sony said they have brand loyalty. That's not me saying it. Those are sony's words. Look it up. My friend, you bought a brand name!

MRMagoo1231889d ago


You might argue 900p is better for shooters than 1080p ??? Wtf are you even talking about jeez you fanboys get worse by the day with the crap you lie about to justify the res of the xbone. This article is bs too ps4 has more factually and better scoring also factually exclusives.

redwin1889d ago

So, out of everything I said all you had a problem with was the 900/30fps part?. Good, that's an improvement. Now, look it up. Btw, when the new resident evil game comes out, I wish it's 900/30fps so it would be more immersive. Do you disagree with that too? Lol, I love when you try to validate your statement by insulting people that disagree with your choice of purchase. I can talk, I have them both !

Xb1ps41889d ago

And I can tell you favor the ps4...

IMO live and the multimedia features will over shadow the slight hardware advantage ps4 has as time goes on...

All though IMO it's all about the games safe bet is get both...

gamer4lifeyo1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

So did you think ps3 was better last gen?

MRMagoo1231889d ago

Yeh live and multimedia features sure are helping it sell half the amount of consoles compared to ps4, imagine if it didn't have those advantages.

CaptainObvious8781889d ago

I always have a good chuckle to myself when someone calls the performance gap "slight".

If you put on 40% more weight do you think the doctor would call that slight?

And I know this might sound crazy, but I bought my games console to... play games.

Farmassy1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )


I get what your saying but show me a game that looks 40% better and I'll agree with you. If the gap is so big that you think its funny when people use the term "slight" then it should be easy to point out a game that looks 40% better on PS4 than Xbox 1.

Also, as the generation progresses the gap between the two consoles won't matter much at all. In 2 years time what is possible on an average PC will dwarf anything on either console... and the consoles will still have years more life in them. Think about it this way. Lets say that right now the PS4's performance is at 100 and the xbox is at 75 (made up numbers that don't actually mean anything). PC is a solid 120 right now. When PC is at 500 in a couple years, the 25 difference between PS4 and xbox won't matter at all

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40% extra power doesnt equal 40% better graphics, the PS4 also has better frame rates better lighting better res, they all are better because of the extra power, they dont put it all into graphics, the excuse that no games look 40% better is stupid, the PS4 performance is always better and thats where the power goes.

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@Hells - This was written by someone who favours the Xbox One... You can tell he favours it because he wrote that in the article title! This doesn't mean he is a fanboy..

Sorry, this post isn't really contributing anything but I get really frustrated by comments like this! (as I'm sure plenty of you will get frustrated by comments like mine!)

Spotie1889d ago

Well, it helps us to understand the mindset of the writer, and thus how he could arrive at his conclusion.

Objectively- dirty word on this site, I know- the PS4 takes the cake in nearly every respect, even now. The metacritic scores many of us hate nonetheless point to the PS4 having the better current lineup, and that lineup is roughly twice the size of the XB1's. Logically, that means the PS4 has more exclusives. This can be argued, on the point of whether console or "family" (Xbox, Playstation poor Nintendo) exclusives count, but assuming they do, the XB1 is a long way from having as many games- exclusive or otherwise- as the PS4.

This means, as per the assertion made in the article, the author's claim is false. And since it's so damn easy to prove, you have to wonder if that strong Xbox preference is coloring the article, which would mean they're misrepresenting things.

Possibly intentionally.

starrman19851889d ago

I have this discussion with my mate quite a lot, he's a PS4 user, I wouldn't say he's a fanboy but he obviously favours the machine.

I have both, couldn't really choose one or the other at the moment but I do recommend the PS4 to friends mainly because it is the better "machine".

I do think that the Xbox One (currently) has the better line-up of exclusives so I agree with the author, obviously the PS4 has some big hitters in the pipes though, as does the X1. I am not including indie games in this comparison.

Killzone - 73
Knack - 54
Infamous - 80
FFXIV - 86
The Last of Us - 95
Driveclub - 72

Xbox One:
Forza 5 - 79
Ryse - 60
Dead Rising 3 - 78
Titanfall - 86
Forza Horizons 2 - 85

Another reason I do recommend the PS4 to friends is because of The Last of Us. I wouldn't consider TLoU and FFXIV as PS4 exclusives as you can get them both on the PS3, hence - not exclusive.

I've played all the games on the list (bar Driveclub... but that's not out of choice, oh and knack, that was out of choice..) and it's clear to see that the Xbox One does have the better and more varied lineup. That said, I would still recommend the PS4. Once sunset and the master chief collection are out however, well that recommendation may change :)

MRMagoo1231889d ago


You mean like ryse dead rising 3 and titanfall aren't exclusive either?

starchild1889d ago


True, but by the same objective standards the PC is better than either console in almost every way. The very best graphics, the best performance, the most flexibility and options, the highest number of well-scoring exclusives, backwards compatibility, the largest library of games, etc, but I don't see you all dropping your consoles to game on PC instead.

What it comes down to is people have their own tastes and preferences, and it might not always seem rational to us, but it's their money they are spending and they are entitled to buy what they think they will enjoy most.

This is why, although I prefer the PC overall and will argue the merits of PC gaming, I'm not going to act like it is the only sane option or bash people if they choose something different. Can't say the same for many of the fanboys on N4G.

starrman19851889d ago

@MrMagoo Ryse and Dead Rising 3 were exclusive at launch and it's fair to include them, Titanfall was primarily aimed at the Xbox One and should be safe to include that too, none of them were ports from last generation. But fair enough.. the amount of hate on this site is unreal!

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Magicite1889d ago

X1 is losing is nearly every single aspect.

famoussasjohn1889d ago

It's an opinion piece. The one thing you're attacking them on and calling them a fanboy and then you say you prefer the touchpad. Wouldn't make you fit in the same category that you're putting them in?

I bought both consoles, I like both consoles a lot, however I do prefer the Xbox One controller over the dual shock 4 controller, HOWEVER, the new dual shock controller is a lot better than the PS3 version.

Septic1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Sorry, meant to reply to my post above.

Anyway, you just seemed to jump the gun and be overly-defensive. The fanboy accusation wasn't needed. Ah well.

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Septic1889d ago

Lol relax kid. Stealth trolling? Straight up I'm one of the few people here who tries to keeps it real. And I challenge anyone to come to face to face and have a discussion and supposedly expose whatever nonsense accusations of fanboyism you claim I exhibit.

I simply shared my opinion on why I think the Xbox One has the better lineup of games this year. That's it. I even said, and I've said it before, that I think 2015 belongs to Sony. But EVEN THAT was too much for you. That little bit of praise to the Xbox has hurt you so much that you've twice gone on a long tirade about me.

If you're in the UK I happily welcome you, and anyone here to our roundtable discussions. You're welcome in my house and I will record it all and absolutely demolish whatever nonsense accusations you have against me. It's not because I'm up myself, it's because I have confidence in my sincerity on here.

You're not sincere at all. You can't even stomach the slightest bit of praise in favour of the Xbox One. You're baffled by how I have so many bubbles? I'm baffled by how you've still managed to cling on to the two you have now.

starchild1889d ago

@ SmielmaN

Oh be quiet, you ignorant troll. I'm tired of ultra fanboys like you calling out some of the more moderate and impartial posters on this site.

I don't always agree with Septic, but he's a lot more fair, level-headed and respectful than you and the rest of the diehard Sony fanboys on this site could ever hope to be. We need more people like Septic, not less.

Unfortunately, most of the people with bubble counts like his on N4G are some of the most extreme and fanatical fanboys I have ever seen. Those are the people that need to be banned. Because, unlike Septic who says good things about all the consoles and usually presents his views in a respectful way, these people are completely one sided and do nothing but aggressively bash any platform that isn't made by Sony. You just have to belong to the right camp here. Those that don't 100% agree with their biased perspective are censored through the moronic bubble system. It's a sad state of affairs.

Obviously Septic said something in the past that ruffled your fanboy feathers, but I've watched the behaviors of different posters here on N4G for years and I can say that while Septic isn't perfect--none of us are--he's still a giant cut above the usual N4G fanboy.