Alien: Isolation - The First Twelve Hours | Chet & Jon

Isolation's brilliance becomes ever more apparent as it continues... as do its problems.

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RevXM1883d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Appalling things?

Not sure I follow, there were bits that were more difficult that would change up the tactics, that happens a few times throughout the game.
I think it is brilliant. It makes you think and reconsider.

I absolutely disagree that the game cheats. "oh it sucks when the alien drops from above you cant do shit"... well how about not doing the same thing again and make sure it isn't there if you decide to try again? check the tracker, listen for thumping, don't see it? well look for drool.
the alien drools like a crazy up in the ceiling.

If you have any ability to think logically and change up your style for some sequences and situations you very well might make it.
There is a shortcut where I would try avoid the alien by crawling in a vent but the alien was scripted to not let me through. Every time even if I made external distraction or leave a flare behind me to try stall it would always enter the vent and take me before reaching the point of that objective and not give a flying rats ass about the flare.

One other time YOU appearantly have to close down a door to buy yourself time to escape I couldn't make it otherwise and it was just a logical thing to do I couldn't be pissed.
The vent thing didn't work 3-4 times in a row and if it doesn't work then do something else it's freakin logic, it adds to the game IMO. if you could breeze by the alien all the time by avoiding it in a vent it wouldn't be fun so the dev made a vent where you are scripted to fail so the game gets to you, the dev forces you to think and that's why I think it is genious. Its forces you out of your comfort zone, out of your pattern, outside the box, away from the path of least resistance to spice up the game and the experience.

If I have any complaints about it apart from bugs and technical hiccups it would be the hacking tool its too sensitive in the last bit of the game I think. It couldn't hack this door, I walked to the opposite side of that room and there is a hacking tool upgrade, but the tuning was so sensitive still it was ridiculous from about this point on. but it also added a bit tension but it would mean a lot to not make it so sensitive it reacts to the rotation of the planet or something because half the time I lost the signal I was dead certain the stick didn't move...

Also I liked the slow start of the game, it takes its time to introduce you the the mechanics, explore and figure shit out as it sets up the tension.
And I actually liked Axel, he was good the 20 minutes he were there.
the ingame animation for people and lip sync sure isn't that great but really? you guys hated Axel? or John, ("I'm John and this is Ringo") lol. He was great.