Give Evolution A Break With DriveClub

Mikael Von Stroot of Fully 'Avin It writes: We live in a world where a group of fundamentalists are trying to dictate the way people live in the Middle East, a world where the Ebola virus is starting to get out of control in Africa and people are being turned away from medical centres. But of course the worst thing about this planet right now is the fact that some gamers can’t play DriveClub for the PS4 online.

Wait, What?

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Webbyy1889d ago

"Those who are moaning that they aren’t getting something for free mind you, shut the hell up and just be patient, you aren’t owed anything."

Are these guys serious?

joeydale131889d ago

Those who are moaning that the PS+ edition is delayed, what are they entitled to? Surely you would rather wait another week or two to obtain the full experience of something that is being provided to you?

Can appreciate people are disappointed, but the moaning and the whinging...just leave it out.

Webbyy1889d ago

The point is not because it's free that is the problem.. people are upset because the game was delayed and it still that many issues at launch. you missing the point dude.

Stuff like this should not happen.. especially for those who bought the game outright.

joeydale131889d ago

Not missing the point. I think the article is actually getting at a slightly different one. Yes, people who want things for free wind the writer up but, the overall point is that the reaction is completely over the top.

Yes it's disappointing and yes, these things shouldn't happen but they have so people need to take a step back, realise that this isn't what the devs wanted either. They are working hard to fix it because I imagine all they want is for people to play the game they worked so hard creating.

uth111889d ago

There are people who are demanding that the PS+ players are now owed the entire game for free, not just the PS+ edition.

completely ridiculous.

Iluvtrim1889d ago

Wow. Sony can do no wrong in gamers eyes these days boy. Delay a game then release it half assed then delay the free version and no one should be pissed. Pathetic.

Hk85karlsson1889d ago

People who preordered the game =right to be pissed about an insufficient product!

People who did NOTHING but pay for PS+ (which grants access to loads of free content) =Entitled little crybabies who needs to grow up.

medman1889d ago

I'm not going to bother clicking on the article because the headline and the intro paragraph above are ludicrous and indicate reading this article would be a complete waste of my time. Later.

uth111889d ago

No two ways about it, Evolution screwed up.

But I agree they are under alot of stress from the situation and don't need some of the abuse that's been hurled at them.

Remy_S1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

We would hold any other developer accountable for a botched launch, just because they're under Sony doesn't mean they should get a free pass.