DriveClub dev "had confidence" servers would work

Evolution Studios has said it was unable to foresee DriveClub's current server issues which have crippled the racer's online features since its launch last week.

DriveClub's servers currently cannot cope with the number of users attempting to connect their copy online. The problem started before the game even launched on disc in Europe, and has caused the free DriveClub: PlayStation Plus edition to be delayed until further notice.

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windblowsagain1879d ago

Should have been a massive open beta. 1 track would have been enough.

Or you should have released the PS plus version first so no money changed hands.

Xb1ps41879d ago

Or release it on xb1. But I like your second option..

donthate1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

That would have never happened, because DriveClub is an exclusive game made by a studio owned by Sony. The second option would never happen either, because this game wasn't made as a gift, but to profit.

The real option was to properly load test their servers. Tens of thousands of users is way too small a sample and really shows incompetence if Sony thinks that is enough.

In comparison, Destiny had almost 1 million people concurrently load test their servers (and it still went to sh!ts) and over 4.6 million people logged in.

"We[Sony] thought it was fine" is just plain incompetence or ignorance!

amiga-man1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Just been playing Driveclub UK and it has literally just come up (For the first time since buying the game access to servers has just been restored) only me online at the moment lol.

How can anyone disagree with that, I have just played my first online game, whats the matter with some people Jeesh

oxybulle1879d ago

That will not have change anything, if the code running on the server is crap, it will also have been crap for xb1.

medman1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Always funny when xbot only gamers comment on server issues. I remember Titanfall having server issues at quickly they forget. And that is one of the few titles that exclusively used the azure servers. Not to mention I can't remember another ps game having these kind of issues with servers, and there have been much more server intensive games such as TLOU, COD, Destiny..etc. etc. that went off without any significant problems to speak of. Well wonders never cease.

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lemoncake1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Those games with online elements that don't do a big open beta before launch always seem to have a lot more problems, really it's so easy for them to do an open beta now it should be a given that they do one. Saves everyone a lot of frustration, hopefully Sony learns from this for next time.

Xb1ps41879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

"Rolls eyes" yes donthate I'm aware it was and isn't going to happen, just thought it was funny.. I'm also aware that I may lose a bubble because a lot of you here are very............

Destiny's online did not " go to shit" drive club did that and I'm sure day one sales aren't even close to justify dc's shitty bed..

I think xb1's online service will pull ahead much more significantly than what many think the graphics difference will be between the 2..

Please leave my bubbles alone..


Yes it would have made a difference live is run very differently and they would have known about the shity code and told them to fix it during that lloooonnnggg delay.. You know... You ppl forgive Sony very easily when they fvck up, it's a little ridiculous already don't you think? Is it that hard for many of you to say, Sony you fvcked up!

Dunban671879d ago

I voted you a bubble for good humor- FYI I do. It own a PS or XB only a Wii u
As a general rule I am only critical of Nintendo since that is the product I own and want them to get better were they need to do so

( although I did make an exception for Don Mattrick and what I felt were generally his philosophies during the XB1 launch since it covered issues that effect the wider industry not just 1box or platform)

Both Sony and MSFT really try hard to please their fans but some of these big 3rd party devs need new mngmt

Xsilver1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

I bet Money 90% of the people commenting don't own the game in other words your not having problems with the game because you don't own it so why you here?

Jonny5isalive1879d ago

then why do so many ps fanboys bitch about xbox and games they dont have.

fact is, no one wants to buy a shit game like this. Was supposed to be free, was delayed, and doesnt work.

Mega241879d ago

Because Humanity is a vile race, driven by hate, hate is what keeps humans going.

OT: A Beta, a simple beta would have avoided this mess.

gangsta_red1879d ago


Very enlightening comment, that would stop anyone in their tracks and make them think.


Xsilver1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

find my comment in any forza article please i dare you.

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troylazlow1879d ago

And after a delay of almost a year? this was to be a launch title. what happened?

3-4-51879d ago

Over confidence can do that.

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Artista 1879d ago

I guess it takes more than confidence to get the severs working.

blakstarz1879d ago

To make up for this...they should offer the PS+ users a free additional track and 20 more cars.

amiga-man1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Why it's Free anyway, the people who have bought the game are the ones most entitled to something but even then as long as they get it sorted the next few days I won't be moaning about it.

swishersweets200311879d ago

technically, people who buy plus paid for the demo. none of it is free.

Ka7be1879d ago

"DriveClub's servers currently cannot cope with the number of users attempting to connect their copy online. "

Im curious how many copies DC sold. especially here in EU.

TankCrossing1879d ago

Curious to know whether players in the EU are actually connected to servers in the EU, or if we're all going to long-haul to the U S of A.

It seems unlikely that there would be too many connections in all regions at all hours of the day.

Playing from the UK, I have not been connected at all yet.

Artista 1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

You're curious to know about SALES rather than FUNCTIONALITY

OldDude1879d ago

He is concerned about sales to know the load that was put on the servers. I think you may have misunderstood his comment.

dcj05241879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

That confidence is misplaced then.
Take notes from Microsoft, and structure your servers accordingly.

TankCrossing1879d ago

Misplaced confidence is often referred to as arrogance and complacency. Here's hoping Sony are less "confident" about their future releases....

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