WWE 2K15: Quality Season Pass DLC Will Be Key to Game's Longevity

Post-release content has become a huge part of almost every major video game release. It has changed the way we view games and even evaluate them.

Back in the day, a game was released and whatever issues it had, you were forced to deal with. Now there are patches to fix almost anything. Also, developers had to put all of the content intended for the game on the disc or cartridge from the beginning.

Now downloadable content not only extends the playability of the game, but it also increases the earning potential for each title.

The WWE 2K brand is in tune with both concepts.

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Hysteria943469d ago

I hope that there will be a move pack like the last 2 games.

DualWielding3469d ago

Game Longevity, its until the next year's version comes out, that's just the way it is with yearly franchises

Baccra173469d ago

The bleacher always kisses WWE's ass. If we're going to let articles like this through reviews and news shows from youtube should be allowed too.

ProSid3469d ago

God damn DLCs in every fking game. Who the hell made this crap

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rbailey3469d ago

2k frequently updates NBA 2k games with roster updates and therefore I fully expect them to do the same with this game. The season pass concept is fine but the fact that Paige is a part of this and isn't already on the main roster is already a bad sign imo.

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Atom6661546d ago

Fire Pro needs more love. The last PS4 title gets regular playtime from me.

I hear that there are financial troubles at the studio, but I'm hopeful for a Switch port one of these days.

The Wood1546d ago

Anyone remember Giant Gram Wrestling on the Dreamcast .....

Rambokind1546d ago

Ah hell yes! That was loads of fun.

Acecalibur1546d ago

Fire Pro just gets better. Buy it.

micdagoat191546d ago

I have Fire Pro for PS4 and PC but it seems more of like a Sim creator rather than people actually playing out matches. I still dont like anything as much as the N64 games

b163o11545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Golden Era of wrestling games in the Golden Era of wrestling. I've been contemplating going back and getting a N64 and getting those classic's
WWF Wrestlemania 2000
WWF No Mercy
WCW vs. nWo Revenge

micdagoat191542d ago

Yeah its the only wrestling games I still play consistently for fun.

TheTony3161546d ago

Yes. The last great wrestling game was svr 2006.

addictedtochaos1546d ago

Yes, the WWE ones at least. The last good one was 2K14 and the last great one was Here Comes the Pain.

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Looking back to 2014 and WWE 2K15

James writes - "The good faith of wrestling fans is diminishing rapidly and five years after the mediocrity found in WWE 2K15, it doesn’t seem like 2K have learnt anything. The time for change is now."

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roadkillers1626d ago

Piss on these games, I have more hope of AEW putting out a quality produced game. This product will be better after Vince McMahon is dead, even if his dufus son-in-law takes over.

AK911626d ago

That game was trash when it released but in comparison to 2020 it’s a godsend.