Resident Evil TV series in the planning stage

Resident Evil may be moving back to the small screen with talk of a new TV series based on the horror gaming franchise.

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IRetrouk1881d ago

I said it already, base the first three seasons on the first three games then see what happens.

cfc781881d ago

I like that idea but you can bet your house it wont turn out that way it seems leaving the early days of RE behind is top of the list for the franchise.

turdburgler10801881d ago

Not again. Look what they did to the films. Hollywood has no idea how to make a decent video game movie save for mortal kombat which never really had a big back story to begin with. Stop molesting video game franchises for the sake of the almighty dollar.

nucky641881d ago

agreed. the films were awful.

-Foxtrot1881d ago

It's going to be shit

They are going to change the source material, add a few RE references in and slap the RE name on the TV name....that's it

LightningMokey1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Better yet on the books

Edit: was ment for weareleigon stupid phone. But I do agree with you Foxtrot

scark921881d ago

If the movies never happened I would be excited!

WeAreLegion1881d ago

Please base it on the games!

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The story is too old to be commented.