Latest UK Gaming Charts – w/e 11th October

There are 4 new entries into the UK gaming charts as Fifa 15 dominates the charts for the second week in a row.

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1noobgamer1889d ago

Let's not be too hard on Driveclub, October is a strong month for game releases and there is always going to be winners and losers.

Bennibop1889d ago

Good going by Driveclub considering its only on PS4 and has had a problematic start!

sampson31211889d ago

so driveclub had only a one day tally, it came out in the uk on the 10th correct? and this period ended the 11th,

kalimero21889d ago

DRIVECLUB is #3 on the individual charts, only trailing the 360 and PS4 versions of FIFA

qwerty6761889d ago

Driveclub is probably going to drop off huge if its not fixed by next week.

And before fanboys point out that FH2 outsold it, keep in mind that's the 360 & XB1 combined sales. I almost guarantee Driveclub outsold the XB1 version at least for this week.

and still amazes me how minecraft keeps selling, which in a way Microsoft is probably very happy about. if they want to ever win this generation i honestly think minecraft 2 timed exclusive for the xbox one will boost sales tremendously.

MasterCornholio1889d ago

"i honestly think minecraft 2 timed exclusive for the xbox one will boost sales tremendously."

So now Minecraft is going to save the Xbox One?

Minecraft 2 will be a great game but I don't think it will be a system seller like Destiny for example. It might sell some systems but it won't boost sales tremendously.

qwerty6761889d ago

xbox one doesn't need saving dont know why people continue to think that.

and yes it will, if microsoft plays their cards right.

you dont think a mincraft 2 xb1 bundle would not sell massive during the holidays? especially as a timed exclusive

maybe i spoke a little hastily on it ever beating ps4. As I think the gap is going to wide even further during 2015 as more PS4 exclusives continue to get released.

but i think you dont realize how massive Minecraft still is and a sequel will have enormous amounts of hype.

DanzoSAMA1889d ago

Lol, save the Xbox from what ??