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Team racing and social features are nice perks, but Driveclub's core experience fails to generate much excitement so don't feel too bad if you're left out of this (PS4) exclusive club.

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Killzoner992604d ago

It would be nice if the review was written by someone who knew how to play the game. The supposed A.I. collision issues everyone have been complaining about are apart of the strategy of playing the game. Just like in real life racing , moving at high speeds will result in unforeseen collisions. It's a BASIC part of racing even novice players understand. I just find it apalling that reviews like this will hurt the sales of the game. In the future Sony should be more selective in handing out review copies.

hockeyglory2604d ago

Where does it say in the article that there is AI collision issues, or that cars bumping for position is a bad thing?

marloc_x2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Rigged reviews..

You think that would help?

Fizzler2604d ago

Lol at your comment history, you would take a bullet for sony, wouldn't you?

bloop2604d ago

I can't see how getting penalised for being rear ended by an AI has absolutely anything got to do with strategy. I'm totally in 2 minds about this game. The sense of speed is amazing. The first time I got into a hyper car and brought it up to 200mph I was blown away. Gameplay/handling is spot on and the sound/graphics are amazing, except for the God awful dynamic contrast which makes the whole screen go black!! They got so much right but so much wrong at the same time. They've made a solid foundation for the ip but it still has a long way to go.

fr0sty2604d ago

I think with a few updates... one to give brightness adjustments to solve the dynamic contrast issue, another to eliminate penalties when you get hit, and another to add sensitivity adjustments to both analog and motion control would bring this game to where it needs to be. Online seems to be working tonight also... Seems like they're sorting that out finally. Just toying with some of the online features revealed a much deeper game than I had originally pegged it for. I already was really enjoying the single player, and I'm looking forward to digging deeper.

It isn't perfect, but with a few updates it can shine. I don't even think it'll take a sequel to get to that point.

bloop2604d ago

Yeah, I look forward to seeing what they bring through updates. They've nailed gameplay itself, but just need to tweak a few things. A lot more content is needed too. I've already gotten all the stars on the tour so I'm pretty much done with single player already. Servers were up last night for a few hours so I got a proper go at the online. When it's working, it actually works really well with hardly any lag in game. They need to cut down the time between events though. You can be waiting anything up to 10 minutes from one event to the next which is just too long. I have no idea why they've set the timers so high. When a race finishes it should go straight to the next. I don't need to be looking at the result screen with a 2 minute countdown!!!

Volkama2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

Naw the AI are genuinely quite terrible. You can be driving side by side with another vehicle on a straight, but if you are on the racing line it just gradually tries to drive where you are and gently bumps you. It's stupid and constant. They stay in a really tight pack, stay on the racing line, and just drive that line a bit slower for the sake of keeping the difficulty down.

In fact I might whack the difficulty down to the easiest setting this eve, just to confirm that the AI still follow a great racing line but gimp their speed even more.

I don't find the penalties to be as big a problem as a lot of people say though. Most collisions don't seem to trigger it, but then all of a sudden it'll turn out that perfect apex you hit was illegal and you get penalised.

The presentation and structure (menus, intros, post-race) are totally sterile and about 12 years behind the times. Presentation may seem superflous to requirements, but in this case I think it really hurts perception of the game.

The handling is neither brilliant or bad. It is servicable.

I think if you have a choice right now, Forza Horizon 2 and even Forza 5 blow DC out of the water. If you do not have that choice, you might get some enjoyment out of Driveclub.

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Jason_Plays_PC2604d ago

Bring back Motorstorm the most fun racer of last gen imo.

mcstorm2604d ago

I thought MS had 2 very good ones and 2 ok ones. For me 2 and the PSP versions were amazing the 1st and 3rd did not make me feel the same when playing them but ide love to see a ms game again.

kratoz12092604d ago

The challenges in this game are very fun.
I am enjoying this and have purchased the season pass

Donjune2604d ago

Just purchased it and all of the events are saying cannot play still downloading this section. What gives?

Pman902604d ago

game isn't actually bad better than what i was expecting to be honest its a shame the servers are ruining it for every hopefully they be up and running soon!

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