Gamer Entitlement Needs to End

8BitChimp says, "Earlier this week, news surfaced about the new Ubisoft game Assassin’s Creed Unity. Ubisoft’s senior producer Vincent Pontbriand announced that the game would run at 900p and 30 FPS on both PS4 and Xbox one the reason behind this was “to avoid debate and stuff”. Well you can only imagine what happened to the Internet that day and a few days after. Sony fans started screaming BS and saying “how dare they dumb down the PS4 version for the Xbox version”."

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DarkOcelet2377d ago

I stopped reading at Sony fans started screaming BS. Because we all know the resolution have been downgraded because of the parity and they will not say because they were $ilenced .

MRMagoo1232377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Don't be silly we should all just take what we are given who cares how bad they lie and how bad a game is, we shouldn't complain it's only our money after all. /sarcasm

Cancelled my pre order on unity the day the article came out about them making it parity because of "debates and stuff" I even posted my receipt pic on this site, if these so called journalists think we shouldn't complain about it or cancel our pre order they can pay for them for us.

Bereaver2376d ago

I really don't understand why the author feels that no one owning a ps4 should be entitled. Does he realize we bought the PS4 by choice? Does he realize that some of us compared stats and wanted the best and most powerful system? Why does he think we should just say ok, whatever and pay up?

Sure, we have the choice to buy or not, but that's not the only thing we can do. We can be vocal about it and hopefully make a difference.

Imagine if your gas provider made all cars in the world the same horsepower. Would you feel happy with that? Sure if you're trying around a Camry or a Geo.

morganfell2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )


I canceled Unity and Far Cry 4 Kyrat Edition on PS4 and Rogue on the PS3. There are too many games out already for me to support a company that is robbing me of the value of my dollar for a political reason.

It is hypocritical to support through action or ambivalence the actions of Ubisoft and then condemn gamers for voting on these actions with their wallet. Ubisoft made their choice and I made mine.

Gaming247allday2376d ago

Bandwagoning needs to stop, nobody forms there own opinions anymore, everyone just follows the trend and if you do have your own opinions that contradict the popular ones, you will be hated on and crucified by todays uninformed dudebro Gamers

Stallion2376d ago

Yeah, I don't think this writer understands how capitalism works.

The_KELRaTH2376d ago

They never bothered with "parity" when their games were on 360 and PS3

I used a PS3 but would have been disgusted if the 360 version textures were lowered for parity.

The media now say it's not going to be noticeable, this is correct technically but the home TV will not display at 900p natively so engages upsampling which is noticeable.

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AgentSmithPS42377d ago

Apologists need to end. Make better games and make each version look its best.

pompombrum2377d ago

Yeah how dare gamers who spend their hard earned money feel entitled to having the best possible product for their console /s

Scatpants2377d ago

I feel like I deserve to be entitled.

Godmars2902377d ago

If gamers aren't entitled to get what they pay for, then the industry needs to end. Publisher entitlement, being allowed to say anything yet not deliver in any real way, certainly needs to end.

starchild2376d ago

I don't understand people like you. If I make something and decide to sell it, you can decide to buy it or not. I don't owe you the product you think you deserve any more than you owe me your money.

I don't have the right to misrepresent my product, but so long as I answer your questions and present my product accurately I owe you nothing more than that. If I make wooden chairs you can choose to buy one of my chairs if they interest you, but you do not have the right to tell me to start making tables or to tell me how I must make my chairs.

Every game I have bought I always knew almost exactly what I was getting before I bought it. I do a little research by reading previews/revies and watching game videos and then I buy it if it appeals to me.

Of course you are entitled to get what you paid for in the sense that they can't take your money and give you no game in return, but it's your responsibility to find out if the game you are purchasing is worth it to you.

So, yes, this attitude of entitlement is wrong. It needs to stop.

Bimkoblerutso2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

"I don't have the right to misrepresent my product,"

Perhaps you have been living under a bridge. This "gamer entitlement" has been building for quite a few years now not because gamers think they deserve more, but because gamers feel like these games genuinely ARE being misrepresented, both in the media and in advertisements/previews.

And to be perfectly clear, consumers absolutely DO have the right to decide if you owe them more game than you delivered for the price they paid. They are delivering a product that is marketed PURELY on the basis of a promise. If people are unhappy with the final product, then they voice their opinions. That doesn't necessarily mean they will be getting their money back, unless a company thinks that it is more financially viable to eat the cost of a sale than it is to make a consumer unhappy.

Gamers are already denied refunds AND they're trying to take away our right to a secondhand market, both of which are basic consumer rights in almost every other industry, and yet WE'RE supposed to feel bad for complaining about games that end up sucking hard, and have money-grabbing DLC and have been hyped into the hemisphere by journalists that are literally in bed with these game companies?

Naw. Screw all that noise.

Summons752376d ago

That second part is true but there is a difference of being loud because publisher lies or the way we are treated (EA rishing buggy broken games, Ninja Theroy consistanly insulting everyone,Activision putting out the same game every year)and what entitled brats HAVE been doing and crying about the smallest and most unimportant things.

Godmars2902376d ago

"I don't have the right to misrepresent my product"

The exact point is that game companies are misrepresenting their products. From what happened to Aliens: Colonial Marines to repeated instances of game breaking bugs in the COD series. That reviewers then give those bugs a pass, as in not mentioning them in follow up articles days after that game's release, is the failure of game journalist not representing the people they report to. The people who bought the game and have to either wait for a patch, fix the bug themselves or just deal with it.

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