Why Telltale’s The Walking Dead Is Better Than The TV Show

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes:
When Robert Kirkman took on the task of creating an intriguing black-and-white comic book series centered on the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, he effectively succeeded in making an emotionally gripping storyline about humanity filled with drama, unforgiving violence and suspense. Amazingly enough, what started out as strictly a comic series eventually blossomed into several video game and TV show adaptations.

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rbailey2481d ago

In addition to everything I mentioned in the article, I would also say I enjoy the characters even more than the ones on the TV show. this is the true advantage to using new characters and I think this formula worked extremely well for Telltale.

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Automatic792481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I believe they both compliment each other, every time I watch the show, I want to play the game or every time I play the game I want more from it just like the show. To me none out do each other nor are they shy of dull moments but when things get heated they are both at there finest.

Sharky2312481d ago

I agree! When people say the show is too slow, I think they forget that it's a drama. When they slow down and tell the story it allows for things to develope. That's when it's at its best. The same goes with the games. The slow periods let you relate to the characters. Can't wait for season 5!!!!!

Trekster_Gamer2481d ago

At least on the TV show the F word is not uttered every other sentence.

Romudeth2481d ago

It's not that much harder to be better than the TV show though lol

CloudRap2481d ago

My friend said it was better than Game of Thrones..... needless to say I insulted his intelligence.

anticlimax2481d ago

The show or the games or the comic books? Than the show or the books? These multimedials make everything so complicated.

morganfell2480d ago


"The season five premiere of "The Walking Dead" delivered the highest ratings in series history, AMC has just revealed. The episode was watched by 17.3 million viewers and 11 million adults aged 18-49, increases of 7% and 6%, respectively, over the season four premiere, the previous record-holder. "The Walking Dead" continues to be the #1 show on television among adults 18-49. Last night's episode outperformed everything else on television in this key demographic, including Sunday Night Football, by over 2.5 million adults 18-49. With time-shifted playback, the season five premiere should exceed 22 million viewers."

-Foxtrot2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

The TV series has been in a little of a decline in my opinion, the new series looks great but the trailers for season 4 and even season 3 looked great also but most of the episodes were very disapointing.

I hate how they've handled the majority of the characters on the show and changed things too much. Take Andrea for example, she's a badass Sniper in the comics and would of made a great love interest for Rick but no.

I know they wanted things to be different but at least stick closey to them, there is some fantastic storylines in the comic which they haven't done justice to. The Prison assult for example, it was like over in 10 minutes.

Oh and not to mention the one person who the majority of people want to get killed off..."Coral". His actor is terrible, they could of killed him off when <SPOILERS>.............. had the prison assault, they could of kept Lori alive after the birth of Judith, then in the Prison assault they could of had Carl fall and Lori pick him up to carry him only for a bullet to go through Lori and hit Carl aswell. Same from the comic but instead of Judith it's Carl.

rbailey2481d ago

I agree with alot that you said and I think the change in writers with every season also contributed to this decline. They need to grow some balls and make things risky again and when I say then I mean kill off someone that no one is expecting to die. Going by the comics, Glen should be the next one to go but I bet you they will instead go in another direction and those other secondary characters introduced will be the ones to die instead.

-Foxtrot2481d ago

Yeah the writters changing is what killed this show but it seems people ignore this because it's "The Walking Dead".

Did you ever hear what Frank Darabont wanted to do for the first episode of Season 2? It sounded amazing.

You'd basically have a side story of a group of soldiers going into Atlanta as it's overrun and one by one they are picked off until it comes down to the last soldier who has been bitten, he then decides to climb in a Tank for safety. It would then jump to Rick climbing into the same Tank from series one and show you that the guy he takes the grenade from was that soldier. Along the way we would see the main characters and they first interacted with one another.

I mean that sounded amazing and I'm sure Frank would of done the show justice.

Baccra172481d ago

That tv show is mainstream, so of course they'll deviate for to gte the widest audience possible. I persoanlly like the games better than the show and comic, the people int he comic are way to stupid and things tend to happen for dramas sake rather than organically. The game for the most part, except for parts of season 2, don't seem to have those problems.

-Foxtrot2481d ago

I suppose you have a point, the same happened to Arrow. It's a well recieved show but as a huge Green Arrow fan it's changed too much for the mainstream audience for me to enjoy it for what it is. I'm probably the only one but instead of this gritty, nolan vibe to it I would of prefered the Green Arrow from the comics....even with the boxing glove arrows he has haha. It would be nice to see things more light hearted again. Same has happened to the Flash and Gotham.

Changing things around and for what...the mainstream audience. I'm pretty sure the mainstream audience would enjoy the show regardless if it stuck more to the comics/source material. They aren't going to know are they so either way you go it's still brand new to them.

lemoncake2481d ago

Really love the tv show and the telltale games which have just been amazing. First half of season 2 is the only real disappointing part of the TV show so far.

lawgone2481d ago

That's where I'm at on the TV show right now. It's been OK so far but not as good as 1st season.

lawgone2481d ago

Question here. I have only played this a little so I don't know...but have they addressed the blood issue? What I mean is in the show, you can get sick and die from a bite but you can get literally covered in zombie blood and guts but that's no big deal.

lemoncake2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

If you only at beginning of season 2 tv show you need to keep watching.

lawgone2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Ok, thanks. So many shows to watch.

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