TheStar Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Written by Darren Zenko

"Two works of art in one: a great action game and a bizarre masterpiece of a movie, separate works taking turns in creating a unique hybrid experience. It works because neither is subordinate to the other: the movie isn't a half-assed attempt to tack a narrative onto the game, and the game isn't a half-assed stab at making the movie "interactive." It's not "like playing a movie"... it's like playing Metal Gear Solid, and there's nothing else like it."

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techie4746d ago

Wow. 4. That must be MGS4's lowest score...


Elvfam5114746d ago

yeah probably lol Man this game deserves a good review game is really and truly amazing love every moment now to play on big boss extreme

Slayer OP4746d ago

Move the average score up to 9.7

The END4746d ago

I am missing one great movie and approx 10 hours of gameplay....

I hear this alot, "gameplay took me 30 something hours to finish" but they have a trophy for playing it in less than 5 hours?? Maybe that game isn't that big or people play VERY slowly??

Just curious, hear this way too much lately??

Condoleezza Rice4746d ago

Why is the score still at 95???It has to be at the 97 mark by now.

*Remembers Metacritic is a part of CNET Networks*..........hM...

Whoooop4746d ago

Another perfect score...

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