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VideoGamer: "A Mikami megamix of sorts that doesn't hit the heights of the director's previous work, but is enjoyable all the same."

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FPSRUSSIA3028d ago

First review so far so good let hope it stays in the 8-9

vishmarx3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

the site is blacklisted by bethesda , an they gave it a good score regardless.they would have picked at it any chance they got but they didnt or werent able to, to an extent
awesome and resassuring

darren_poolies3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago ) is blacklisted by Bethesda? That's hilarious, now I love them even more.

WombBat3028d ago

If this averages out to about an 8, im definitely getting it because a mikami 8 is a 9 to me. I love this guy's games.

SephirothX213028d ago

It's only a number for heaven's sake. What if the average is 7.9? Will you round up?

WombBat3028d ago


lol yea i would.

Id still get this game if it averaged a 7ish tbh

BlackWolf123028d ago


You would determine whether or not you buy a game based on the review score?

That's terrible man.

Just play games! Like seriously, the only person who will ever be able to tell you if you will truly enjoy a game is yourself.

Gaming1013028d ago

If I trusted reviews and just based buying decisions on a number I would've never bought The Suffering on PS2 with a metacritic of 77, and it was one of the best and most unforgettable experiences on that badass system!

WombBat3027d ago


Im broke man, i gotta choose wisely. I dont make my choice solely off of the reviews but obviously i have to take that into account.

i have seen and read about this game forever now, and ive determined that if its averages about a 7 im definitely buying it

RedDevils3027d ago

Gaming101, the suffering was awesome love that game, I always wish they make one for PS3 but it never happen

TheOpenWorlder3027d ago

That or they purposely gave it a good score to get themselves some FREE GAMES from Bethesda again! W00T W00T

iiorestesii3027d ago

not necessarily. Some people value their money and won't drop $60 blind. There's word of mouth, (probably the worst option is)the knuckleheads at gamestop, and an array of review sites. Are a lot of them getting revenue from the big publishers on top of their salary? Ya. Some are useful though. You, however, are in a comment section of a game review dismissing game reviews....

darren_poolies3027d ago

Just to clarify, by "them" I meant Videogamer not Bethesda.

bouzebbal3027d ago

"i have seen and read about this game forever now, and ive determined that if its averages about a 7 im definitely buying it"
Wait what? so you dont care who reviews the game as long as it's a 7+?
Seriously you must be missing out so much if you buy what another guy you dont know give it 7+.

PONTIAC08G8GT3027d ago

The only time I think a review is useful is if the game is buggy and glitched. If the frame rate is horrible, constantly freezes, or various other problems then a review is great to save you $60. But I've played games that reviewers said were junk just because it was the most gorgeous game or the controls were clumsy.

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SoapShoes3028d ago

What does it matter? Does a bunch of lower reviews discredit this person's review or your opinion?

FPSRUSSIA3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

of course not i am picking it up regardless review it gets.

WalterWJR3028d ago

Would you buy a car without doing some research on it? I don't understand peoples hate for reviews, one or two trolls and click baiters out there for sure but the overall scores usually don't lie.

Transporter473028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )


A price of 59.99 compared to thousands of dollars is a big difference.

Reviews could be very biased when a person who doesn't like a certain console reviews it. Also when a person that reviews a game and he or she keeps comparing it to another game instead of reviewing what the game actually does and not what it doesn't do. Reviews are hit and miss. It just depends who reviews the game and how they review it.

darren_poolies3028d ago


59.99 is a lot of money to some people especially students. I can't afford to drop 59.99 on every game that comes out.

NukaCola3028d ago

The car comparisons are useless. You trst drive a car, you can rent or download a demo of the game to try it out. Or gamefly if you aren't 100% sure. But if you have decide based on reviews, then you are just a hipster.

ab5olut10n3027d ago

I had soap shoes in high school

I do feel old

KingPin3027d ago


thats the reason to read more than 1 review.
if 4 out of 5 reviews come out positive and 1 says its terrible and compares the game to other exclusives, im sure you are smart enough to see through the reviewers bullshiz.

besides, im sure everyone has found a few sites that agrees with their taste in games so if those sites say a game is good, chances are you will enjoy it as well.

gaming is quite an expensive hobby especially if you a day one kinda gamer. a game has to be truly special for me to buy it day 1 (uncharted 2) otherwise im normally waiting for pre-played or bargain bin deals.

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HateFueled3028d ago

Why? Do you need media to tell you what games YOU like?

Realplaya3028d ago

We need Media to assist with not picking up a bad game or to curve expectations. They help because back in the days the media would get games early and they served as the voice of the people. So in essence if there are 150 media outlets who get copies of games and they all give a review where the score is the same and they all voice similar likes and dislikes are they all wrong?

jdaboss3028d ago

Games are 60 dollars a pop.. so yeah. I value aggregate reviews.

AgentSmithPS43028d ago

I like to know about a game's quality before I buy it, that way I don't give my money to people that don't deserve it. Reviews are only one part in the quest to find the truth.

HateFueled3028d ago

It gives a hint yes... but in the end you'll never know if you agree if you don't make up your own mind :)

HateFueled3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Hahaha can't believe I get disagreed for pointing out the obvious. Live your lifes as you wish :)

But do you really believe that The Evil Within, or any other game is great based on what media tells you? In that case, you might miss out on great stuff if you read the wrong reviews. Cuz no game gets love from everyone. And even if it does, that doesn't mean you'll enjoy it as much. I believe it is better to watch some gameplay and decide if you want to try it. I don't care what media think. I don't care what you think. I play for my own amusement.

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ThunderPulse3028d ago

8/10 Wouldn't sell my NES to buy.

DanZeeMan3028d ago

Yeah good luck with that

RedDevils3027d ago

What with people this gen, 8/10 and you not even consider buying it? Back when Ps1/2 era a 7 is still an awesome game not to mention those 8 and 9

equal_youth3028d ago

Great game. got it a few days early and finished the first 3 chapters already. atmosphere is great so far.

equal_youth3028d ago

it delivers a good feeling of tension but isnt scary like outlast was at least in the first three chapters. i have to play more to give better feedback :D

Syntax-Error3028d ago

The only scary bra I ever saw belonged to a 450 lb fat lady that never washed it. Smelled like bacon bits

Crazay3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I'm in the same boat as you. about half way done the 3rd chapter and it's spooky and creepy. Good game but there are for sure some major technical issues. Frame rate drops like a $2 hooker offered a $5 bill and textures pop like charlie sheen and his prescription medications.

Master-H3028d ago

"Note: the embargo for media that received The Evil Within from Bethesda is on October 14th, the day of release. As Bethesda declined to send us a review copy of the game (presumably due to the score we gave Wolfenstein: The New Order) " Dear lord..
However, the game sounds right up my alley. Hopefully despite having a review embargo that ends on the day of release, it doesn't disappoint.

slinky1234563028d ago

At least this sounds like they are a legit review site.