Tom Clancy’s The Division Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay And Latest Updates

Tom Clancy's The Division according to the demo, "Does it so much better than Destiny", "Bungie is in a lot of trouble".

Foehammer3574d ago

This has the potential to be one of those games that defines next gen.

Looking forward to it.

DarkOcelet3573d ago

As much as i love the way The Division looks , its still a Ubisoft game which means it will have 4 or 5 good ideas and have you repeat that the whole game which is the same problem Destiny has . Their games are good but unless they get rid of { have a good idea , lets make them repeat it a hundred times } that then this game will be just good too but i seriously hope this one exceeds my expectations because it has a potential to be amazing but just like Destiny , i am still skeptic about this being a multiplayer centric . Why cant we have such a beauty to be single player only like Fallout or Arkham is beyond me because it will sell well if its a great game .

GiggMan3573d ago

It seems like every article that is posted now days someone has to bring up Destiny. I don't get it. Plenty of people love it and it's going strong. I've played Titanfall and Killzone, both of those games had a significant fall off after a month with little competition to go up against. I haven't personally enjoyed a game as much since Dragons Dogma.

Back on topic, I agree with you about the Division having an opportunity to have a great single player campaign if Ubisoft takes advantage of it. A good story driven shooter is definitely in need, hopefully Ubi's other game FC4 can deliver.

Ace_Pheonix3573d ago

I agree and disagree with you. That is often the case, but Far Cry 3 was really amazing. Far Cry 4 looks to be equally amazing. The entire Assassins Creed franchise, and Watch_Dogs has certainly suffered from that kind of thing, but I wonder what team works on what. Far Cry kind of implements the same sort of wash and repeat premise, but it didn't get stale for me. And everything I've seen from The Division looks exceptionally good.

HammadTheBeast3573d ago


Destiny is a fun game, don't get me wrong, it's just that people are tired of the fact that the content is so shallow and repetitive just so they could milk DLC for a long time.

Baka-akaB3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

That destiny truly gets repetitive , that i agree and get . But there is an issue with some people that arent inherent with the game , and wich will happens with The Division and any upcoming similar games .

Some people complained the very first days about repetitiveness of the quests/missions . And you have to ponder their train of thoughts .

By that i mean , what the hell do people expect as missions from a shooter , besides variants about killing an high profile target or smaller ones and a few "recons" and fetch mission ? Really what do they expect ?

Destiny have content issues of its own , but you can flashforward to The Division's release and already picture the same kind of complaints regardless of the amount available .

DarkOcelet3573d ago

Its not just the repetitiveness , where is the story , why do we have to go a site to know information about the characters ingame . Way too many questionable choices they made here , and some will say the story will be continued in the dlc . So now we are supposed to get half @$$ed unfinished story with us paying for the rest as DLC . This is a complete ripoff .

mediate-this3573d ago

I don't see why it can't be single player off line or coop with a great atmosphere but not repetitive

GiggMan3573d ago

I agree with everyone about the repetitiveness but what game doesn't get repetitive? If you've been playing games as long as I have you've just about seen it all.

Most great single payer games may give you 8 to 10 solid hours of gameplay. After you've finished what do most people do? Go back and play the same thing over again maybe in a harder mode. I know that's what I've done. Is that not repetitive?

If the Division can give you some solid gameplay and make you want to do something besides the single player i'd say that's a win.

As long as people keep their expectations at a reasonable level I don't see why the division couldn't be a success.

Exari3572d ago

title: tom clancy's the division release date...
actual article: possible 2015 release window

wow... just wow.

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ramiuk13573d ago

but the issue i have is its Ubisoft,which for some reason believes parity is the way forward.
so i have cancelled my preorder and will wait it out.
annoyed me becasue its my most hyped game of all time.

AsheXII3573d ago

Parity isn't a real concern, gameplay repetition is. Get your priorities straight bro.

KarmaV123573d ago

You're going to miss out on Game of the year because you're worried about resolution... It's so sad

Gr1mmyshadows3573d ago

that the problem with this gen, everyone is more concerned about resolution than the actually gameplay. people missing out on what could be an amazing game just cause it isnt 1080p??? how dumb is that

Azmatik3573d ago

Yaaa i highly doubt this game will be game of the year especially in 2015. Lately alot of games have been dissapointing with promise after promise then not delivering especially since this is ubisoft i wouldnt hold my breath. Hey and atleast wanting a 1080p game is something developers can actually deliver on lol so might as well want a game in high res i mean 1080p is alrdy years old now which in reality should take no effort to implement and take no creativity away from gameplay so ya complaining that ppl want 1080p is basically giving developers a excuse to make crap gameplay.

Guwapo773573d ago

What is dumb is educating yourself on the pros and cons of each system and still get tube steaked by Microsoft. I don't want to play in sub 1080p on my Sony XBR 2 TV (oh yeah an oldie) nor on my soon to be 4K TV (atleast give it 1080p to upscale nicely).

Baka-akaB3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

What are you even doing on a 4k tv already with so few content for it available ... unless you game on PC and got the specs for it ?

If it's mostly for tv viewing and consoles , then you'll have little room for complaints

n4rc3572d ago

It's hilarious to me that these kids bitxh about upscaling 900 to 1080...

But upscaling 1080 to 4000 is cool.. Lol

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guitarded773573d ago

Or one of those games that everyone criticizes the crap out of and call it "hype". The internet is a mysterious thing. I for one cannot wait for this game.

DeadMansHand3573d ago

So it says "release date" in the title and no release date given. Fricking click bait. Ughh

frostypants3573d ago

So the headline says "release date", but no release date in the article.

Ban this site please.

BABY-JEDI3573d ago

I've voted it down just for that point.
: (

Pikagreg3572d ago

I hate click-bait like this more than anything.

Magicite3573d ago

Hopefully it wont make WD's mistakes. Ubisoft is good at generating hype and profit, but not always fulfilling promises.

medman3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

It's Ubisoft, I'm tempering expectations until they actually show and prove. I'm especially not overly enthusiastic with their recent comments about "parity" for Assassin's Creed Unity, as I was looking to buy The Division for ps4, and with the xbox tie in the game has if the gimp is in for The Division, I'm out. And my not buying the game will have nothing to do with 1080p vs 900p, or 30fps vs 60fps, and everything to do with a developer not making the best game possible for each platform they develop for. If a developer can't do their best, they're not getting my money. I'll spend that money on another game and another developer that has no such issues.

3572d ago
Blaze9293572d ago

The way Ubisoft been acting lately, i have no hype for this game. Looking forward, but not falling for any hype

Kumomeme3572d ago

just hope that ubisoft deliver exactly as their showed before
no downgrade please