The Evil Within was 'so terrifying he had to turn it off!' says Sony

Sony hypes up The Evil Within's scare-factor, stating an employee was so scared he had to turn it off within 20 minutes.

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GreenRanger3033d ago

Their employee must have been 10 years old.

b163o13033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

The story maybe stretched a tad bit, but games are the only form of entertainment that can offer a fear factor that can cause a person to jump. Even with RE2, I'm speaking of the PS1, had points that scared the he'll out of me, I wouldn't even play that game with all the lights out. That was a long time ago, so you can imagine what there capable of achieving today. Like I said it maybe stretched, but I'm sure it will scare the he'll out of some folks...

mikeslemonade3033d ago

I'm a chicken when it comes to these games. I watch every good horror movie but I can't play the super scary games by myself such Silent Hill and Outlast. I hope it's accesible.

AntoineDcoolette3032d ago

Just throwing it out there but I was 18 when I played Silent Hill 2 and it was so scary I had to finish the last of it during the day, lol.

ThunderPulse3033d ago

LOL Who does SONY hire to play games these days? Kids?

TiagoMayheM3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Yep, also for comment on web sites and forums..

Baccra173033d ago

Green Ranger was the sweetest ranger.

FlyingFoxy3033d ago

I don't know, i struggled to play Doom 3 because i found it scarier than even phsychological horror films which i didn't have much issue with.. I think it might be due to the difference of being in control with a game.. Saying that, it was 10 years ago that i tried playing through Doom 3 when it came out.

LOL_WUT3033d ago

I know many people who after playing Outlast and P.T have turned it off and have never gone back to it. Most notably in Outlast as you can tell if they finished the game or not. ;)

Stallion3033d ago

It took a lot of people weeks to complete Silent Hill 2. Granted, Resident Evil isn't as scary, but Videogamer's review says it kind of blended the two franchises in a way.

Still just viewing this as promo talk.

lilbrat233032d ago

You can say that again, I saw people play this and it was not scary at all.

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Eonjay3033d ago

The first time I played Outlast, I was like... nope!
Because in reality, im not going into a crazy looking situation like that. If I wake up there that's different but im not showing up at some shot out asylum in the dead of night with no weapon.

InTheZoneAC3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I deleted it after two short sessions. I don't know what it is, playing this game without a weapon is different than any other horror/scary game/movie out there. Nothing else bothers me out there, but I can't play Outlast...

Clown_Syndr0me3033d ago

Do they hire 10 year old girls now?

QuickdrawMcgraw3033d ago

So what your saying is girls scare easier the boys....

goldwyncq3033d ago

It's been scientifically proven though. Go to a theatre showing a scary flick and you'll understand.

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BlissSeeker3033d ago

It's true. Just like girls are better at multitasking! :D

ShadowReaper143033d ago

wait is that hat he said.. shut up stop trying to put words in peoples mouths...

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WitWolfy3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I like how nobody gets scared here even though they havent even played this game alone in the darkroom yet.

Zizi3033d ago

I don't wanna jump to conclusions yet. Let the reviews do the game any justice. :)