Ten Million Pixel Comcast Display Wows Viewers With Un-throttled Ultra HD Video

Love 'em or hate 'em, Comcast sure knows how to throw together a 10 million pixel video display. The one seen here is available for ogling at the Comcast Center in Philadelphia, and covers over 2,100 square feet of wall space with four-millimeter LED lights.

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Mc Fadge4747d ago

Shame there's giant holes in it though : P

Lord Anubis4747d ago

if i had the money i would rather sync three or 2 projectors and somehow upscale the resolution to fit those two projectors

mindedone4747d ago

Is it really that impressive when the screen is THAT freakin huge?

Zhuk4747d ago

Finally a screen capable of showing what the Xbox 360 can really do

Wildarmsjecht4747d ago

Burn the area down?

a portable dvd player could show that.

oh i kid, how are ya zhuk.

i_like_ff74747d ago

i want to play crysis on that tv