Rumour Suggests Intersteller VR Experience Could Release Publicly

Earlier in the week Paramount and IMAX announced that they would be working together to promote The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan’s next movie, Interstellar, using virtual reality (VR) technology. The two have created a touring exhibit using that Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) that is set to travel across the US over the coming month. According to one Reddit user, the experience could also be released for everyone later down the line.

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Macdaddy712606d ago

I think VR is a total waste of good money... It's just a add on n stand alone we don't need or care bout, hell if the Kinect don't sell or Sony cam VR no better

SniperControl2606d ago

I suggest you try it before you knock it, i am currently having the best gaming experience of my life playing Alien Isolation, using VR has enhanced the game hundred fold.

ibrake4naps2606d ago

must be something to vr if facebook paid 2 billion to clutch their investment claws into it

twdll2606d ago

I think this is something that alot of people have dreamed about since gaming was invented... It seems like the logical next step... I just hope it doesn't get like Wallie... lol.