Jennifer Hale on voice acting and the characters she wants to play

PC Gamer: "Jennifer Hale has voiced characters in a huge number of games, including Metal Gear Solid, Planescape: Torment, Diablo III, and BioShock Infinite, though I know her best as Shepard in Mass Effect. Most recently, Hale shows up in The Long Dark, a survival game currently on Early Access in which she voices a playable character.

I recently had the opportunity to email Hale a few questions about her role in The Long Dark, her acting experience, and the kinds of game characters she hopes for more of."

DarkOcelet3162d ago

She will always be Shepard to me , i really thought fem shep was way better than male shep .

Nyxus3162d ago

She will always be Naomi to me.

DarkOcelet3162d ago

Yeah totally forgot about that , mgs 1 was one of my first psx games . It was and still one of my favourite games of all times .

wwarren193162d ago

She will always be Bastila Shan to me!

lfc_4eva3162d ago

Holy crap.

Just looked at her previous work on IMDB.

This lady has been busy!

Perjoss3162d ago

Awesome voice actor, check out her interviews on youtube if you haven't already!

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