Assetto Corsa RC and 1.0 Coming Soon

A couple eagerly awaited features will make it into the next couple updates for Assetto Corsa.The Release Candidate build will bring damage, both in visual and mechanical forms, to the sim. The tires will feature an even more advanced deterioration engine, featuring graining, blistering, and even blowouts! With these elements being incorporated into the sim, Kunos has expedited the pit stops feature. While it seems it won’t make it to the Release Candidate build, we can expect to see pitstops in the 1.0 build. It will only be restricted to online events to begin, but they will work it into single player races in a future update.

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rodiabloalmeida2976d ago


So many sites to come up with that news from, and you came with the actual worst of them: Darin Ganji's Ego, I mean ISRTV. It used to be the best though.

Iceball20002976d ago

yeah i know i hear you, no wonder Sean left lol ... but all the other sites i found wasn't in english.

Ka7be2974d ago

This game is fantastic! i need to get the new Fanatec wheel!