GR Playstation 3 PS2 Memory Card Adapter Arrives, Images

GR got the extremely hard to find Playstation 3 PS2 adapter today.

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ChickeyCantor4350d ago

they made card-readers but nooooooooooo PS2 memory card readers?????? OMG SONY IS THA BEST!

and no i dont know how it works between xbox and 360

DEIx15x84349d ago

It has always annoyed me that Sony made such a big deal about the card reader but never bothered to put a PS1+2 memory card reader. I think that would be more important for a "GAMING" machine than a reader for your pictures.

MicroGamer4348d ago

PS3 ISN'T a gaming machine. It's a tool for Sony to get Blu-Ray onto the marketplace because conventional Blu-Ray players aren't selling. They couldn't possibly care any less about gaming. All the Sony fanboys are doing their master's bidding by buying PS3's. Sony is already alienating developers with the high cost of developing for the system, so expect games to count for a smaller share of PS3's profits and movies to make up a larger share as game developers move their titles to 360 and Wii, and of corse with no games to play, the fanboys will dutifully buy all the Blu-Ray movies they can and even when B-R dies a slow death and gets crushed by HD-DVD, and all those PS3's and B-R movies become worthless, the fanboys will still bow down and kiss Sony's ass and beg for more abuse.