Top five best PlayStation TV compatible Vita games to buy

Game Idealist reveals their top five best PlayStation TV compatible Vita games to buy.

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TongkatAli3539d ago

Sword Art Online should be there. I know it got critically panned, but mad people play it on my friends list and the user ratings are completely different then its reviews.

Sly-Lupin3539d ago

It really shouldn't. User reviews are probably from fanboys. What passes for a "translation" makes the game unplayable for any but the most die-hard of SAO fans.

TongkatAli3539d ago

What does a "translation" have to do with gameplay ?

Sly-Lupin3538d ago

That's got to be one of the stupidest comments I've ever seen.

What does translation have to do with gameplay?

"A lot" for almost every game.
"Everything" for literally every RPG, ever.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3539d ago

I actually got pretty lucky recently. My friend basically said he had'nt been using his Vita for a few months and said I could have it. And threw in P4G.

maximus19853539d ago

can i have some bread with my jelly

XSpike3539d ago

FFX & SAO should be in that list replacing #2 & 3

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SEGA / Atlus Switch eShop sale: lowest prices for Catherine, Persona 4 Golden, Valkyria Chronicles 4

A new SEGA / Atlus May 2024 eShop sale is now live for Nintendo Switch featuring Persona 4 Golden and much more.

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Persona Series Getting Its Own Whiskey in Japan

Atlus has announced a collaboration with a well-known Japanese distillery to launch the Persona series' very own whiskey, releasing tomorrow.

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DarXyde342d ago

I'll have to make this a mission the next time I blow through Tokyo.

Hopefully soon, given the limited availability.

Seraphim342d ago

send me one while you're at it. I mean what's better than Whiskey and Persona? A cigar with the two, and that would be perfection personified.


Remasters And Remakes Make Up 90 Percent Of 2023's Highest-Rated Games

Only one of the games on the top ten is completely original.

90 percent of Metacrtitic's top ten highest-rated games of 2023 so far are remasters and remakes, with Hi-Fi Rush acting as the only wholly original game to make the list so far.

We might only be in March, but it seems like we've already got tons of great games to be talking about, including Dead Space, Resident Evil 4, Hi-Fi Rush, Persona 4 Golden, and Metroid Prime Remastered. There is one commonality between those games, however - most of them are remakes and remasters.

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