Metal Gear Solid 4: Big three says best game ever made on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii

Reviewers have said Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is one of the best video game ever made and that includes this gen systems such as PS3 and Xbox 360 all the way back to NES. High praises are given by the big three industry review giants: Gamespot, IGN and Gamepro. These reviewers have been in the industry for over 22 years. Practically most of us grew up reading their reviews.

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Mr_Showtime14743d ago

Owning all 3 current gen consoles and a large majority or previous gen consoles and owning a such a diverse back catalouge of games, I can say, MGS4 is the greatest game I've ever played.

RevN8r4743d ago

I am also a 3 console owner who has gamed since the early days of gaming, and I feel the same way. There simply isn't another experience like MGS4, and it sets the bar very high. I understand that reviewers are entitled to their own opinions, but I honestly do not understand anyone giving this title anything below a 9.5.

Condoleezza Rice4743d ago

Is the same moment every 8,3/4,and A- score meant absolutely nothing to me.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the only game this gen that has accomplished both an amazing storyline and amazing gameplay.Period.

Well,I also feel I should mention the graphics in MGS4 have raised the bar...

mikeslemonade4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Wrong, MGS4 although a great game does not match MGS3 at its time with the great boss battles, music, and the story. If a game makes me cry at the end that's the best game ever and that's MGS3 not MGS4.

fox024743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

That's just BS; i don't like these kind of games so to me (my fkin opinion); it's not.
If i reviewed this game i'll give it a 0 (but i agree it has gorgeous graphics), coz again, i don't like these kind of games.

So please stop saying this game is the best on The PS3 or on other consoles; for me it's Dead or Alive 4, Tekken 5 DR, and Smash Brothers.

Rock Bottom4743d ago

@above: someone like DOA...

ZeroBlitz4743d ago

People who have clearly never played the game really should stop stating that they know they'd hate it. Grow up and try the game first.

radzy4743d ago

i fell asleep about 3 times so far on the cut scenes. its as boring as hell. average gameplay . i am on act 4 now and already want to sell this piece of sh1t . if this is the way games are going(cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene , cutscene, cutscene , 1 hour gameplay ,cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene , cutscene, cutscene , 1 hour gameplay cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene , cutscene, cutscene , 1 hour gameplay )then it is very sad for the hard core gamer.
first the wii fad now the metal gear movie fad.
rediculously over hyped game.
people dont listen to this hype machine , play it for your self .
games are getting worse , not better.

Mr_Showtime14743d ago

Good thing you only have one bubble radzy

angel6044743d ago

thats cool if you dont like it, but id rather play a movie with some damn meaning behind it, and a reason to why im fighting and emotion behind rather than some mindless shooting games (gears of war..even though i like it, the story is so horrible and its just some yeah i got a big ass gun with a chainsaw..lets kill that alien thing over there) but again not bashing gears just comparing, and thats why mgs1 is still considered one of the best over 10!! years after its release

Jeebus4743d ago

I'm assuming you have completely avoided the MGS series for the past 10 years?

permutated4743d ago

How is gamespot a part of the "big three"?

Are you insane?

TresTrendu4742d ago

This is why review's are soley opinion's and this is why i never go by review's. I do nothing but rent game's first then decide to buy if i want. I gameflyed MGS4 got and sent it back the next day, it is by far not the best game i have ever played. I could name alot of title's on the nes that i had more fun with and spent more time with. But those big three are entitiled to there opinion, and that's why i base nothing off there review's.

thewhoopimen4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

If you had actually played the game... I might believe you but your lack of details why makes your post just an outright slander. The game is definitely open accessible to non-stealth players and can be played like GeOW. However, if you put some stealth into it, this game rewards you with 6 more options than GeOw's single chain finisher including: chokeouts, jugular slits, takedowns, and executions. Plenty of "action" gameply if you ask me.

-Maverick-4742d ago

I would think the big three are IGN, Gamepro and Game Informer.

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Blademask4743d ago

If we had more games like MGS4, I'd be a lot happier spending $60.00 for them.

sonarus4743d ago

Truth be Told. I want a game to go above and beyond and just throw every last drop they got into one game before releasing it. Now adays its like all games are being developed with a sequel in mind. Make that game like there is no tomorrow and give us all you got

Organic_Chemistry4743d ago

Dont post below someone else's post if yours has no relation to it or you are not comenting on what the above post is saying...

Bubble Buddy4743d ago

Agree and bubbles+. A lot of games aren't even worth $40.

yanikins1114743d ago

strawberry snausage

waiting for my solid eye to recharge in big boss extreme.... What you guys upto?

sonarus4743d ago

@Organic chemistry, I was replying to blademask though. MGS4 gave us all it got and made it worth the 60 bucks compared to other games that run with a sequel in mind with the 6hr playtime.

NO_PUDding4742d ago

Sonarus, do whatever the hell you want. The fact he didn't PM you that advice, and rather derailed the replying further just means he's a hypocrite.

I get what he means, but you can't say that, and then post soemthing totally unrelated yourself.

And on that note, I will compeltely disregard what he said and stay off topic.

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highdro4743d ago

it truley is, i have never felt emotion for snake befor like that, espicaly when he was made to crawl out of the microwave place. BEST GRAPHICS I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE !! >>> i do not care about crysis because in crysis u do not have bike mission and a laughing octupus, and intarctive cutscence.

crystallakekiller4743d ago

its a good game nothing more...BUT its a great movie!

CrazzyMan4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

MGS4 perfect reviews from!

10/10 from kombo
10/10 from gamespot
10/10 from IGN
10/10 from Playstation Official Magazine UK
10/10 from GamePro
10/10 from Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
10/10 from Game Informer
10/10 from Gameplayer
10/10 from Console Monster
10/10 from PSX Extreme
10/10 from AceGamez
10/10 from Famitsu
10/10 from MeriStation (Spain)
10/10 from PlayStation Beyond
10/10 from Empire Online
10/10 from Fox News
10/10 from Rise of Games
10/10 from pocket-lint
10/10 from gamespot(UK)
10/10 from JeuxVideo.FR
10/10 from bingegamer(BG)
10/10 from PSU
10/10 from Dubious
10/10 from 411
10/10 from G4 TV X-Play
10/10 from
10/10 from TheSixthAxis
10/10 from Thunderbolt Games
10/10 from Sci Fi Weekly
10/10 from Giant Bomb
10/10 from Maxim Online
10/10 from Sl!ceGaming
10/10 from
10/10 from 360-Entertainment
10/10 from Eurogamer Portugal
10/10 from Loot Ninja Review
10/10 from PST
10/10 from ME Gamers
10/10 from
10/10 from Player TV UK
10/10 from PTOM (USA)
10/10 from PSM Italy
10/10 from Lawrence
10/10 from Digital Chumps
10/10 from
10/10 from Hooked Gamers
10/10 from GamingAge
10/10 from QJ.Net
10/10 from
10/10 from SCRAWL
10/10 from Geekscribe
10/10 from Consolenauts
10/10 from Lazygamer
10/10 from Gamesdog
10/10 from ZTGD
10/10 from MSN UK
10/10 from Gamernode
10/10 from Techtree
10/10 from Giant Bomb
10/10 from GameArena
10/10 from Digital Spy
10/10 from

p.s. it`s MUCH harder to get PERFECT 10, then any other score.
MOST of these sites professionally review GAMES. I guess, you FAIL. =]

boodybandit4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

first,is there only sony fanboy on this site?thats ridiculous!i'm not a fanboy at all,i own both consoles,i'm a gamer not a troll...and i have to say that i agree 100% with this article,since when people like to watch a game instead of playing it? theres too much cutscenes in this game,i dont think this game is great,i think its good,like halo 3,it was good but not great,for me right now the only game that i can "call" great is COD4,simply because i have to much fun with it,i cant stop playing it....unlike halo 3 or mgs4 i know i'll never play again,i had enough the first time!

i know that every sony fanboy will cry like little girls now but hey!you make me laugh every time,i find it pathetique that some people dont want to see things the way they really are just because they want sony or microsoft to win a console war!you have to be a loser to think like that***

Sorry but IMHO Killahcam has you pegged correctly.

4743d ago
juuken4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

1. You never played the game.
2. You're spinning illogical conclusions just like everyone else who hated on this game FOR NO APPARENT REASON.
3. You're just a hater. I find it odd that you own two or three systems, and I highly doubt that anyway.

I'm sorry, but this game is AWESOME. When I mean awesome, I mean..."THIS GAME KICKS THE HELL OUT OF ANY GAME" awesome.

mistertwoturbo4743d ago

There's about 9 hours of gameplay, and 8 hours of cutscenes. Then you can replay the game and try to find all the secrets and easter eggs. Then if you're content with finding everything, then play metal gear online.

who says there's no gameplay? I dare any bastard in here who says there's no gameplay to try and get the big boss emblem. No Alerts, No Kills, No Health items, No continues, and rush to beat it under 5 hours.

killax35634743d ago

Holy sh*t, I never knew it got THAT many 10/10's....that's astonishing.

permutated4743d ago

You listed Fox if their opinions matter?

crystallakekiller4742d ago

ok your not fanboys at all...i'm a hater and i've never played the game lol! yeah right 'cause everybody knows that if you played the game you have no choice but to love it! your all so funny!this game is nothing more than good,and if i wanted to watch a movie i would have gone to the theater!i will exchange it for battlefield bad compagnie this week,like i said....there to much fanboys here!stop crying when a game sucks no matter on wich console it is!MGS4 dont sucks but its not great at all...and CrazzyMan if you need reviews of other poeple to make your own opignion...well thats really sad!
finally i'm really happy for everybody that loved this game,but for me its just boring,in fact i was hoping for more than just cutscenes!
anyway i'm not a fanboy and never will,there are great games on all consoles and there are crappy games on every consoles please people,stop being crying fanboys and be gamers!

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-Maverick-4743d ago


poos34743d ago

hahahahhahahaha nah mgs4 is crap and overrated.

Pain4742d ago

Jealousy sucks.

Only natural that the BEST Game is on PS3.