VGChartz: US Weekly, 4th October 2014

US numbers for October 4th in the link, go to the home page for worldwide numbers

US Hardware Numbers:

PS4: 59,648 (-9%)
3DS: 44,776 (+107%)
XOne: 40,936 (-2%)
WiiU: 17,292 (-16%)
X360: 14,591 (-2%)
PS3: 7,295 (-5%)
PSV: 2,477 (-4%)
Wii: 2,393 (+4%)

Global Hardware Numbers:

PS4 - 185,963 (-28%)
XOne - 179,014 (+26%)
3DS - 136,998 (+52%)
PS3 - 49,406 (-5%)
WiiU - 45,582 (-10%)
X360 - 30,776 (-3%)
PSV - 27,906 (-8%)
Wii - 7,149 (+17%)

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stuna13270d ago

I see someone tried to sneak those 100,000 units in there! VgChartz deserves a reprimand.

SniperControl3270d ago

So that 179014 is with Forza 2 and a price cut right?

PS4 still outsold the X1 with Driveclub a poorly scored game?

Mechanism3270d ago

Which will also have the XBone over-tracked, and the PS4 under-tracked as usual.

stuna13270d ago

Yep and I actually believe this is going to be one of those weeks with a big discrepancy in numbers.

gameon19853270d ago Show
SniperControl3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )


Just pointing out the facts, nothing more. Don't take it to heart lad.

stuna13270d ago

If you ask me he sounds a little salty! It is a article about sales after all. It's well known that the figures are inaccurate at times.

ABizzel13269d ago


Actually the China sales are added into this, because the NA + EU + JP numbers only total 74,940 which leaves 104,074 sales unanswered, aka China.

SpringHeeledJack3269d ago

Yep plus being vg chartz you know the ps4 sales are really higher n xboxone sales actually lower.

Cartmans3269d ago Show
Gaming247allday3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

i am so insecure with my console of choice that i need a website that makes educated guess's to justify my purchase and to tell me i picked the right console lmao


i am so insecure that if this website that makes educated "guess's" doesn't validate my console of choice, i will bash them and call them liars even though i shouldn't care and i should just enjoy my console of choice if i was truly content with my purchase


i am so insecure that i need random people on the internet and random websites that make educated guess's to justify my console of choice

now read these comments and see who i sound like, it will be fun! let the games begin lol

MRMagoo1233269d ago

PS4 dominating still no matter what, they even added the china numbers and it didnt get on par, I really wonder what the sales will be like when all the big PS4 games release, its gonna be a flawless victory.


"now read these comments and see who i sound like"

The only sound I hear is a bubble popping.

Jaqen_Hghar3269d ago

Driveclub didn't even come out till the 7th so it's even more impressive!

chrismichaels043269d ago

Congrats to Sony on the PS4s continued success. Fanboys speak loud....but gamers wallets speak loudest.

gootimes3269d ago

The China launch was pretty good for X1 it would seem. Good for them.

I bet Sony wants a piece of that even more now.

SilentNegotiator3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )


I see you had to log into another account to insult people in response to getting tagged as trolling. Except that unlike your Gamer####, Gameon####, etc accounts, this one still has that new multiaccount smell!

What word did you use? "Insecure"?

Magicite3269d ago

PS4 will always outsell inferior consoles like X1 and WiiU.

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ABizzel13269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Goodness, you guys are fast.


PS4: This confirms that Sony just sold over 1 MILLION PS4's in the month of September alone. Hats off to them, and congratulations on that achievement. It looks like this is going to be a huge holiday season for Sony and the PS4 regardless of what naysayers have been spewing.

Appropriate Gifs

XBO: Looking forward to seeing official numbers from China, but it's a good boost nonetheless, and congratulations is also due to MS for being the first console to releases in the territory in over 14 years. Now the somewhat bad news. Without that 100k boost the numbers for the XBO are dwindling down to their new average which seems to be the 70k - 80k range (as I predicted). They really need China to come through for them, so they can keep their numbers above the 100k range and stay competitive with the PS4 without having to drop price. But with the PS4 rumored to be launching in China in December, a XBO price drop seems inevitable. Good job on more than tripling your market, but it's going to take a price drop and a strong line-up of games to keep things close. ($329 - $349)

3DS saw a big boost in NA and EU thanks to Smash (which should be sitting at just over 2m copies sold now). It should be seeing another big boost in next week numbers with the release of the new model in Japan. So best of luck Nintendo, and start thinking about that high-end handheld-hybrid console for you next system (this is where you sales are at).

Appropriate gif

PS3 is once again the little console that could. It's on it's way to taking back the EU crown from the Wii and could pull it off by the end of the year. So once again congrats Sony.

Wii U needs Smash and a price drop soon. Once again the PS3 has beat it in sales for the week, and Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 haven't done much for the console and week 2 sales for B2 in Japan are less than 8,000, but here's hoping for a strong US release (I'll be there Day 1, and thanks for the surprise demo). Smash should boost sales to MK8 numbers if not higher due to holiday inflation, but a price drop needs to happen either before or after to take advantage of Smash full potential or the great early 2015 line-up the Wii U has. It's a tough spot to be in, because if MS drops the price of the XBO first then Nintendo is destined for a distant 3rd place, but if they drop price first they can hold off the inevitable at least until 2016. ($229 - $249)

360 is still doing good in NA, so hats off to them as well on a job well done winning the NA public last gen.

PSV once again it needs PSTV to be a hit in the west, and Sony needs to market the mess out of it. It needs it's NA numbers to increase 10x, and it's WU numbers to increase 4x for it to be a good seller and place 4th on the list. $100 PSTV signs need to be EVERYWHERE.

Wii it was a good run.

SniperControl3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Well thought out and accurate summary ABizzel.

Slightly of topic: Still looking to get a X1 soon, is it worth hanging on for a cheaper price over Christmas and New Year or get one now?

stuna13269d ago

If you were in front of me I would ask to shake your hand! Well rounded, non biased comment and well said.

ABizzel13269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )


Honestly it depends on the promotions they have available at the time.

If you have a Microsoft Store near you and a Xbox 360, check and see if your location is still offering the trade-in promotion where you can trade-in your 360 and get $100 off the Xbox One.

Also if you live in the US, then wait until Black Friday to see what kind of bundle you can buy (just a month and a half away). I have a feeling they're going to offer a huge bundle, to do everything they can to not have a true price drop on the hardware (which generally means free games, which is good for the consumer).

Patcher says expect something huge as well, but I trust his word as much as I trust the used car salesman from Family Guy. But if it is something big the best I would expect would be a COD: AW XBO Bundle + Halo: MCC + Forza for $479 on Black Friday. That's the biggest thing I can see them doing. It gets you a console with a 1TB HDD, Call of Duty, Halo, and Forza which is pretty much the holy trinity for Xbox gamers (Gears usually in Forza place).

So if they still have the promotion simply trade-in and get all that for $379 which is a great deal IMO.

If it's not your thing than that you're probably better off waiting for a real price which should come no later than April 2015. They don't really have a choice, because if they don't drop price first then Sony is just going to continue to gain more mind and market share which would be detrimental to their next Xbox platform.



Kingdomcome2473269d ago

I wonder what caused the small spike for the Wii.

k3rn3ll3269d ago

If u add the Europe and NA numbers alone equal about 100k so it doesn't look like they did include China

GribbleGrunger3269d ago

They did include China. ioi assess around 70k if I recall correctly.

The 10th Rider3268d ago

Only 2 things there I'd like to point out:

A price drop is unlikely for the Wii U as it's already fairly easy to find it places at a discounted price...If the price really was holding back potential buyers, it'd have to make a huge dip to make an impact.

And I don't think the xbox one is likely to see one too soon either. Sales will see a nice boost in the US and UK once Halo: MMC hits. That should give it some momentum to hold it steady for a bit longer.

Everything else is good and well worded. Bubble up!

cell9893268d ago

I would like to know what numbers can we predict (realistically speaking) the PS4 will sell day one in China. Hope they release before the fiscal year is over, or xbone will amass a nice advantage, one the PS4 might not catch up to

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Muzikguy3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Wow that's a huge number for X1. Maybe a lot is for the new launch territories, idk. Extra 100k though....

2 FPS games? You think so? Maybe

MRMagoo1233269d ago

It was from china would be my guess considering.

avengers19783269d ago

Did anyone notice that if you click on the global sales on the web page PS4 sales are at 250,00+, and XB1 sales are at 140,000+.... I just found that odd.

MasterCornholio3269d ago

That's right LOL.

Even with the launch in Tier 2 countries plus the massive launch in China the XB1 wasn't able to outsell the PS4. That is pretty impressive in my opinion because Sony didn't launch in any new countries nor did they have a release of a huge franchise and they still outsold the XB1.

Congrats to Sony for very impressive numbers on the other hand Microsoft needs to improve theirs a lot more.

ghostface93268d ago

its from the china sales but good try troll

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Foehammer3269d ago

Good job PlayGround games, Forza Horizon 2 is #4.

Gaming247allday3269d ago ShowReplies(2)
BX813269d ago

Damn good to see consoles going strong. Can't wait for gears, uncharted and Zelda!