NZGamer: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Review

NZGamer writes: "Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is one more game in a long, long, line of games cashing in on the continued success of, most people say, the greatest RPG of all time. Featuring all of Final Fantasy VII's main characters, Crisis Core is actually a prequel.

It's set seven years prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII, and thereby filling in much of the back-story. Without doubt you'll recognise the characters and many of the settings, even though everything looks 100% better than anything Final Fantasy VII had to offer.

First things first, Crisis Core is without doubt the best looking game available on the PSP to date - God of War: Chains of Olympus included. The character's faces and clothing are sharp and beautifully detailed and the settings, although not as rich in texture or detail, are better than anything else you'll see on the PSP."

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Ice2ms5338d ago

I Must Disagree I Thought The Combat System Was Well Thought Out Especialy The DMW. And This Game Does Therefore Not Deserve A Six.

But Thats Just My Opinion

Nathaniel_Drake5338d ago

Your opinion is the same as mine, I'm still in the middle of it I stopped because of class, but it is an awesome game, maybe I'm bias on this because of my love for FFVII so much

Note: Xenogears is my favorite RPG of all time, but FFVII is near up there

znu5337d ago

they are reviewing it now...
maybe they give bad reviews because they can't finish the games, they probably gave up on it and gave a bad review lol

the only thing i disliked about Crisis Core was that bosses have an awesome super attack that almost nearly or does kill you and it can't be blocked or dodged.

Otherwise, i love Crisis Core but i don't play it much, i myself havn't beat it because i play it for like 20-hour every other day, so busy

znu5337d ago

"As if all that isn’t bad enough a female narrator totally lacking tonal inflections will inform you that you’re "activating combat mode" when you’re suddenly stopped in your exploration of an area and the camera swings around. She also pipes up in the same monotone with "combat resolved" as if you’re IQ is smaller than your shoe size and you’re unable to work it out for yourself with all the bodies lying around."

that doesn't make sense, where have you seen a computer full of enthusiasm and maybe their IQ is so low that they need reminder that it's finished, they are complaining for no reason

kwicksandz5337d ago

Sony has finally decided that PAL territories should have the game. Not quite as bad as the brawl delay but close.

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pwnsause5338d ago

how do they get these reviewers?

vasilisk5338d ago

It's the same site that gave ninja gaiden 9/10 and MGS4 8.5/10. Both scored 9 in graphics for god's shake. Actually if you read their reviews they either have a grudge against sony, or they're lousy reviewers

dragunrising5338d ago

If you don't like Final Fantasy don't review it. If Crisis Core contained the same turn based combat system as the "sequel" the reviewers probrably would have scored it even lower. Granted there are always those who aren't going to like a game for what it is.

Vlaitor5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

They give Assassin's creed PC 9.5, 8.5 on MGS4 and now 6 to FFVII Crisis core.

Freayr5337d ago

I really like the new combat system, although i am not that far through it as i hardly touch handheld's, but i've been enjoying it a lot, and yes i am a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII, although i prefer VIII.

But i doubt the game deserves a 6, an 8 would be more worthy, maybe higher.