5 Dreamcast Titles that Need to go Next-Gen

Thunderbolt writes:

"I'm sure that I'm not the only gamer who grew up on a Dreamcast that thinks SEGA's latest software offerings are nothing short than a bunch of arse. Yet more Sonic games with a slight twist or arcade games without any depth - forget this crap and go back to your roots, guys!

The following is a list this user would quite happily take a hit for the team to get re-released."

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BIoodmask4748d ago

were awesome. That is the game on the list that I would like to see a sequel to more than any of the other ones.

reaferfore204747d ago

Yeah, Shenmue was by far the best game on the DC IMO. I need to get a dreamcast. I'm sure I can still buy one somewhere.

TheDriftking4748d ago

Worst Dreamcast list ever. Sonic has been done to death. Chu Chu Rocket sucked out loud on it's best day. No self respecting gamer over 10 years old would ever play Powerstone 2. Shenmue was very ambitious, but extremely boring to play. The only thing that kept anybody I know going back to Shenmue was the mini-game of Darts...which is surprisingly awesome. I'll give you crazy taxi, but it was already done to poor critical view on xbox's a dead license. I still own a dreamcast with about 200 games (after trading in the bulk of them) and none of those games that you just listed get any play in my house. Games that do get play:

Soul Calibur - One of the best fighters ever made...that's why we ARE getting a remake for current gen

Wetrix Remix - Best puzzle game ever. This is also one of those games that has fairly simple graphics and extremely engaging gameplay. This would be one of the top downloaded titles if it were to hit XBLA with a graphical update (ie realistic water, more adjustable camera etc)

Tekken 3 (for playstation...playable through Bleemcast) A very solid fighter still being made every year or two solely for Sony

Rival Schools 2 - If you like the twisted world of games such as Guilty Gear and other Japanese 2d wacky fighters, this is the game for you. Bizarre moves with a ton of creativity and over the top gameplay keeps this game from getting dusty.

Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 - One of the very best games ever made in the street racing genre. There's no set races,...just you and your very customizable cars patrolling the Tokyo highway system looking to battle. This game has been remade for current gen under the name "Import Tuner Challenge" and is definitely worth a look although other games have ripped this game off to death. At the time, you would have been hard pressed to find any game on any system that had better graphics and ambiance.

Virtua Rally 2: Expert Edition - IMO the first rally game that really got it right. Until Rallisport Challenge 2 came out on Xbox, this was the worlds best rally game.

Honorable mention: Grandia, Skies of Arcadia, Guilty Gear

Sorry to have to trump the hell out of your list, but it was laughable.

ArtisianDragon4748d ago

Shenmue and PowerStone.

Crazy taxi is done, I think we have enough racing games.
Sonic's already on his last leg and even Sega is guilty of changing there mascot just to further or try to further there sales. Werehedgehog? (bullsh$t)

and don't really care for the other one, never played it.

Citizen Cook4748d ago

I would LOVE to see Shenmue III released for the 360!
And for the first two games to get a re-release...

If Nintendo, Sony, and M$ give a damn about our gaming heritige then they would re-release these games!


Classic moives have moved from VHS, to DVD, and now to Blu-Ray...
Classic works of fiction are loving preserved. Why arn't games?


whoknew4747d ago

I remember u having more bubbles. Let me help u out +bubble.

monkey nuts4748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

..oh wait. Seriously though, ready to rumble is more than deserving of some nex-gen luv.

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