Kombo: Don King Presents: Prizefighter Review

Kombo writes: "Don King Presents: Prizefighter is 2K Sport's take on the sport of boxing. With a heavy weight contender already in the ring, this up-and-comer looks scrappy and has a few moves of its own. The most unique feature with Prizefighter is the story mode that resembles more of an E! True Hollywood Story than a cobbled together afterthought like most sports games career modes receive. Backed up with a right hook of some high production values, Prizefighter looks to have a standing chance.

At first glance, Prizefighter is a pretty boy. The production values are extremely high in terms of presentation and graphic prowess. The matches look very realistic, down to the sweat beads running down the boxers back, so you can almost smell the locker room after the match. Rounds progress and your face starts getting rearranged from the punches that get through the blocks. The create-a-boxer features a highly intricate system to make minor adjustments so, in theory, you can make a character that looks eerily just like you."

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