The DS proves it's Still Alive with Portal while PSP goes after MS Word

Pocket Gamer writes: "Welcome to another fine crop of homebrew goodness. This week we have a bit of a PC theme – two little applications on the DS and PSP that we've all probably also recently been playing (and using) on our super-fast desktop machines. But although the games and applications simply zip along on Windows, there's no replacement for being able to work and play on the go.

First up, then, is a game called StillAliveDS. It's a great little puzzle game that takes its inspiration from Portal: The Flash Game, which in turn took its name from the massively acclaimed inclusion in the PC/console game package, The Orange Box. Portal: The Flash Game has built up quite a following through its excellent 2D version of Portal so a DS game along the same lines is most welcome."

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G1TR4P3D4747d ago

they're still selling PSPees?

belal4747d ago

you need a life :)

atleast psp is better than that crapbox of yours ;)

i have a question for you: what would you doo if the 360 died ? just this simple question.

would you kill your self, would you buy an ps3, would you buy a wii or would you just stick to pc ?

im sure you cant answer this without attacking me ;)

FordGTGuy4747d ago

send your Xbox 360 in for free to get replaced for free get the new own with new hardware and go back to enjoying your games.

sumfood4u4746d ago

How can the DS be dead when its the Best Handle Game since Egg Toss!?