Crytek Interview: Ryse Son of Rome PC, Ryse 2, Resolution And More

Crytek's Brian Chambers talks about the upcoming PC version and its various new features.

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Trekster_Gamer1566d ago

Sounds like a ps4 fanboy in some areas asking questions.

Ryse still looks better or as good as all ps4 titles to date!

Fishy Fingers1566d ago

Pushing it to get a quote for tomorrow's headline..

Dlacy13g1566d ago

Gamingbolt dev interviews almost always tend to have some kind of PS4 agenda it seems. Without fail somewhere in the interview he (Ravi) will try and get the person being interviewed to say something negative about a competitor to the PS4. Its gotten comical at this point.

starchild1566d ago

So true. It's quite obvious what their agenda is.

ScorpiusX1566d ago

Phil Spencer needs to head over to Crytek and buy the Ryse IP from them asap. Before someone gets any lame ideas about the IP.

vega2751566d ago

A deal for Ryse 2 was in the works with publisher Microsoft, but it collapsed after Crytek refused to grant Microsoft the rights to the franchise

ttp:// les/2014-08-07-xbox-one-launch- title-ryse-son-of-rome-announce d-for-pc

They did and crytek refused to sell the IP. I think it was reported last month

OOMagnum1566d ago

I dont think sony cares about Ryse cause they got God of War to push. Kind of like the whole Tomb Raider/Uncharted thing, but theyd still like it, if it comes. Its 50/50 moving to Ps4 but him saying Ms and Crytek hasnt announced a Ryse2 has me thinking it wont.

qwerty6761566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

loled at these questions

i got the vibe it was a sony fanboy interviewing this guy

or they were trying to bait him into some good one liners for some nice clickbait articles later.

starchild1566d ago

Yeah, their interviews are always like that. It's cringe-worthy.