Crysis Warhead Q&A - Get your questions in now!

Crytek has just let Crysis Online know that that they will be going over various fan forums and checking to see what questions they can answer for a Q&A session.

All you've got to do is leave a message in its forums with your questions. Crysis Online will be leaving this thread open even after the interview has been published as Crytek will be answering more questions in the future.

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Marcello4746d ago

Can i run it without having to spend 1000`s on new hardware ???

GrathiusXR4746d ago

I agree with Marlec even though my computer is good in a way and was able to run this with Medium-to-High with a stable framerate. A lot more optimization would be appreciated to let those who have lower end system run this game at decent settings while still appreciating the game.

Also make the game less linear as you progress.
Beg. of Game huge open Island.
Middle of game a few paths to go to do missions
End of game nice boat with only a few corridors to go through back and forth.

Crysis got hella linear as you progressed which really annoyed me since you start off with the island at your disposal and end up with a few corridors on a boat with no where to really go =[.

th3james4746d ago

i have a pc that runs tf2 maxed and 60fps but it is a laptop, not able to produce sexy crysis maxed graphics. so would a console port support kb/m for gamers who like to aim fast. 2000dpi <_< NEED DAT!!!!