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Driveclub is one of those games you need to play with the windows down and radio up or you'll fall asleep. Yes, it's a great looking game but it's incomplete and lack of detail takes away from it and severely hampers the gameplay

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Insomnia_842384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

What a joke of a review...

"Developer: EA"


"The roar of the engines and tires screaching is nice and all but..."

Driveclub has the best car and engine sounds on any game. They went on full detail with the sounds.

"At many points in Driveclub, AS IS IN ANY RACING GAME, there really isn't any noise. Unless you're peeling out around a corner or skidding into a drift there is hardly any noise".... WTF?!

Scores audio a 50/100

"Yes, graphically Driveclub is one of the best looking racing games I've ever seen. The detail is unbelievable and every car is meticulous down to every curve"
"Yes, it's a gorgeous looking game. Yes, the graphics are better than pretty much any other racer out there"

Scores graphics 80/100

"Even with how good they LOOK, they FEEL boring."

Did he just say graphics feel boring? WTF?!!

"As any racing game, you have the proverbial line down the screen showing you the best possible route for your vehicle."

WTF?! That one right there gave him away. He didn't even play the game. The first thing I noticed about Driveclub is that IT DOESN'T HAVE THAT EFFING LINE HE IS SPEAKING OF!

"he insane penalties you get hit with make absolutely zero sense... Driveclub penalizes you by maxing your top speed for a few seconds."

Ffs!! You get penalized for only TWO things in the game, cutting corners way oof the track and for car coalition. And you get penalized for 3 seconds.

Seriously, did he even play the game??

Looks like most are just riding the hating train with this just for the clicks of it. Same thing as with Destiny.

Dread2384d ago Show
Master-H2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Should be reported in that case.

"There are people on *MrXmedia's blog* who also say the graphics aren't the same as the earlier trailers/gifs/screenshots " There, fixed that for you.

Gazondaily2384d ago

Yeah this is not on. The quality is simply not there. I facepalmed at most of that.

amiga-man2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

I think it is fair to say I will be judging this game personally, some of the reviews have been frankly laughable.

I will be buying this game tomorrow ( the gameplay i'm seeing streamed looks super fun and challenging thats without online working and the weather patch)

If anyone is interested in an honest review by someone who has actually played the game drop me a message, but give it a week by then the online should be working (fingers crossed) and I will have had enough time to judge it properly.

Graey2384d ago

@ amiga-man

Hey if you read this add me or something so I can read your review. I"m curious to see what your thoughts are on the game.

It does seem people are being heavy handed for the sake of doing so. To that end I'll eventually give the game a shot as well.

You know the Order is coming out next year...I really hope they add more stuff so it does not suffer the same fate as this game, destiny etc in terms of how people are reviewing them.

Just seems cool all of ao sudden to be extremely tactless when it comes to reviewing games today.

UltimateMaster2383d ago

A lot of people are jealous of Driveclub.
This is another example.
But honestly, with all the bad reviews and fake broken PS4 on amazon and Destiny reviews, are we really that surprised?

Reviews this gen are very underrated while some games last gen were overrated.

Kinda like Halo Wars. If that game gets an 9/10 then every single other RTS game starts at 13/10 to 25/10. It's not a bad RTS for consoles, but if we count in PC RTS/MOBA games... it's not even close.

Bungie Destiny reviews reflect what happens when the studio isn't backed by M$ money given to reviewers. Destiny is better than Halo ODST, yet rated significantly lower.

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Mr Pumblechook2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

This blog didn't have an early preview of the game that was given to the bigger websites. This means they have only played it since release yesterday but the servers haven't been able to give proper matchmaking or club races so I'm just wondering if that was enough time to test it? One reviewer on here Wotta who has the game said he won't give his review until he can properly test it online.

It's best a reviewer of a driving game should play all the game modes and tracks and should complete it and have a fair few trophies that demonstrate they've experienced the game before giving a final verdict.

mikeboccher2384d ago

We played with multiple people together and played enough of all the features. Plus the overall campaign and side races are very bland and simple. Lack of depth in cars and tracks as well, awful AI

nX2384d ago

^After reading your crap I couldn't help but facepalming. You shouldn't even be allowed to call yourself a reviewer, go back to school and learn how to write proper arguments and structure your sentences man. Giving the Audio 50% is a joke in itself but some points are even completely made up like claiming that there is a racing line. If cluttering the internet with trashy articles is what you're doing with your free time then I'm terribly sorry for you and your future, seriously.

Ezz20132384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )


i respect different opinions and reviews are just opinions

but when you wrote
"Driveclub have better Gfx than any racing game out there"
and then give it 80/10 Because the gfx felt boring that even a thing can gfx feel boring ?!....Do you even know what you are saying,Dude
i mean ....What was that ?!

among other things in that review that made me laugh including :
"Developer: EA"

Again WHAT ?! you even know what game you are reviewing ?!

and what even funny they way you replay to the comment section here with
"We played...We felt"
by "We" you mean You and the one looking at you from the mirror's still just you, Man

N4G need to do something about those Blogs AKA reviews that over run this place

frostypants2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

@mikeboccher, just admit that you didn't play it, and just wrote what you read about it. You're not fooling anyone.

RIP_Weazel2384d ago

Dear god! Please tell me that writing is your hobby, and you're not planning on clumsily and illiterately shambling through doing this 'professionally!'

MRMagoo1232384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

You can always tell a troll reviewer from the good ones, the troll reviewers go onto sites and defend themselves and by the looks of it badly at that.

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GryestOfBluSkies2384d ago

"Looks like most are just riding the hating train with this just for the clicks of it. Same thing as with Destiny."

i couldn't agree more with this statement. the whole forza killer thing was a huge mistake in marketing. ive been playing driveclub this week and i find it to be a very solid racer. it seems to get penalized for not being open world and not reinventing the wheel... but i dont understand why it needs to. theres room in the market for both open world games and games that race on a set track.

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Gardenia2384d ago

I know, it seems like a lot of reviewers are trying to find little things and turn it into major problems while in fact the game is good overall

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2384d ago

I bet the guy who wrote this weak review didn't even unlock all the cars or play all the tracks. He sure as hell hasn't played the multi-player mode because it hasn't been working. Anyone writing a review of this game without accessing EVERYTHING is just looking for clicks. Unfortunately, I gave this poorly written article a click.

HighlyDoubtful2384d ago

i think i get what you're saying and i tend to agree, except for the fact you're implying every reviewer must 100% a game in order to review it? that sounds crazy to me.

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Masterh0ppa2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Lol the screeching sound is terrible and not realistic at all. Prolly a 12year old

gootimes2384d ago

Is this a troll account? Seriously.

geddesmond2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

I keep telling people, for Sony games always add an extra point to the review scores to get the real score. But in cases of moron no name blogger reviewers add 2 points and in cases of fanboys reviewing there consol of choice games take 1.5 away from their score.

Xsilver2384d ago

Watch annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny stream of DC and everyone is having in fun with the game so when you say you fell alseep at the wheel you baffle me yup this looks soooooooooo boring/s I swear some people are attacking DC for weird reasons.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2384d ago

Agreed. @Xsilver

One guy streamed for 24 hours straight. If DriveClub was boring as the know-nothing trolls say, I don't think anyone would bother playing for 24 hours straight. I've played for 4 hours straight and that's while multi-player mode is down.

MRMagoo1232384d ago

I have a suspicion, the only reason this game is getting so much hate from the troll reviewers is because this has been the only chink in the PS4 armor, so they are all jumping on it like a starving buzzard, kinda like they are venting all the frustration pent up because of the slaughtering Sony is handing out.

Kidmyst2383d ago

I feel asleep playing Gran Turismo 5 but then again it was 2AM and I was doing one of those endurance races. But doesn't mean the game sucked because it surely didn't. Sounds like a stupid review so not giving it a click.

VforVideogames2384d ago

Yeah I just return my copy yesterday I based my purchased on graphics that I didn't pay attention to gameplay when I make my decision, and its true all it does its piss you off when your driving and the article forgot to mention how psn + sucks on this game.

Silly gameAr2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

These "reviews" are getting more and more obvious. It feels like somethings up with N4G.

travisbitter2384d ago

Am I the only one who never heard about this "webpage"?

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lifeisgamesok2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

After watching videos of Driveclub I think its main problem is the straight line driving A.I

There are people on Neogaf who also say the graphics aren't the same as the earlier trailers/gifs/screenshots

It still looks good during some areas though just inconsistent

uth112384d ago

lighting makes a big difference. When the sun is high and shadows are low is when the graphics suffer most IMO, best to set it to before 9am or after 3pm for best results.

FullmetalRoyale2384d ago

K. Well as someone who owns it I say that it looks incredible, through and through.

MorePowerOfGreen2384d ago ShowReplies(1)
travisbitter2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

"After watching videos from Driveclub" was the point when I stopped reading your last trolling attempt.

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SmokingMonkey2384d ago ShowReplies(9)
knickstr2384d ago

I don't understand how all these reviews can be released when the servers are down and the game is mainly focused around the social aspect.

mikeboccher2384d ago

bc much of the servers were up for a while initially and the features it does have are very little, especially comparatively

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mhunterjr2384d ago

This guy clearly hasn't played the game...

But most reviewers received review copies and were able to play it extensively before launch. With less load on the servers, they were able to test the social features.

knickstr2384d ago

I have played the game and I watched other streamers play the game a few days before it released and they tried getting onto the servers but they weren't up yet. They didn't go up until the night of release. I tried to create a club but it was so bogged down that nothing would load right. Server hasn't really been up for me since.

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