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In its opening hour, Alien: Isolation delivers a more lucid atmosphere than most games squeeze into a whole playthrough. The sound design alone will chill you before you’ve even encountered the ebony extraterrestrial.

Overall, the game reeks of quality in both its aesthetic and aural design: The station creaks and groans, doors malfunction, steam escapes vents – with a ‘hiss’ similar to the one the alien makes when angry – alarms and banging noises keep you constantly on edge, and much of the time you can hear the alien clambering through the vents, stalking you.

This is a game to play with a good pair of headphones and a spare pair of pants. Even the motion tracker – which has a dedicated button – increases the feeling of unease. Sure, it helps you track the creature, but it doesn’t tell you if it’s above or below you, it just beeps until you wee yourself.

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ABBAJESUS3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Best horror game of the year.


The best Alien games to play while you wait for Alien: Romulus

If you've got an Alien itch you can't quite scratch until Alien: Rolumus releases, GameSpew has rounded up the best Alien games to tide you over.

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banger8891d ago

Alien Trilogy is great as well and still holds up good even today.


Why Alien: Isolation 2 Should Be the Next Entry in the Franchise

Fans (myself included) are clamouring for a direct sequel to this fantastic game and hope for an Alien: Isolation 2. But will this great game ever get another instalment?

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Rebel_Scum268d ago

tbh it doesn’t need a sequel. Fantastic game but not something to make into a long running series.


PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for October: Gotham Knights, Disco Elysium, House of Ashes

Also included are Alien: Isolation, Dead Island Definitive Edition, Outlast 2, and more.

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crazyCoconuts276d ago

Good month imo. I'll play Gotham Knights and House of Ashes. I'm finishing up Disco E on Steam right now - that's a superb game.

cthulhucultist275d ago

House of Ashes was weird but one of the good weird ones! Really enjoyed it

275d ago
Lexreborn2275d ago

I really enjoyed Gotham knights playing with my friend

275d ago
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