Giant Bomb: Video Review - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Brad Shoemaker shows us what happens when you teach an Old Snake new tricks in this video review for Metal Gear Solid 4.

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name4913d ago

Damn, this game gets reviewed alot. And yet the meta never changes.

beavis4play4913d ago (Edited 4913d ago )

i've seen at least a dozen perfect scores come out in that time and no change. but, the last "8" that came out temporarily knocked it down to 9.3?

one "8" changes score down but a dozen "10s" don't budge it up?
how can metacritic be taken seriously?

heyheyhey4913d ago

no worries

the Giant Bomb review has already been added on Meta

but still.... dozens of perfect scores haven't

ThanatosDMC4913d ago

Just average it out. You'll see. Those 8's were reviewed by the blind and illiterate.

Rhythmattic4913d ago (Edited 4913d ago )

Thanks special "K"

name4913d ago

If the unadded 10's were added to the metra I think MGS4 would go pass mario galaxy.

Pp p4913d ago

For Halo 3 and Gears of war these sites didn't give a review it seem half of these new sites which i've never heard before are popping out of nowhere
no wonder MGS4 meta score will be high

tsincaat4913d ago

Obviously a huge conspiracy against Microsoft, Right?

thewhoopimen4913d ago

haha. I love how the reviewer disses the disguises as useless for online multiplayer mode. I have had so many stealth kills and escapes from people using the box carton that I think its funny. If he can't use the boxes or barrels to his advantage, that's his lack of creativity speaking. One of my favorite tactics if I'm being surrounded by people and being shot at in the bunker map is to drop down a hole, run to a pile of boxes in a corner and pop into my box. I usually have one guys drop down to chase me only to head shot him from behind lol.

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