Ryse - PC vs Xbox One Video Comparison

Check out a video comparison between Ryse: Son of Rome for PC and Xbox One.

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Meltic3576d ago

Im going to try out the game tomorrow. graphic looks insane good but storywise i dont Think its so good from what ive seen.

ceedubya93576d ago

It isn't bad. Good for a playthrough at least.

Wikkid6663576d ago

Graphics are great.
Story is good.
Gameplay is ok. Just very repetitive/ hack and slash.

Ka7be3576d ago

Me too Cinematics are awesome!

FPSRUSSIA3576d ago

same here i own a PS4 so this my chance to play it

Volkama3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

I've already played it, but I didn't have my 7.1 surround set up at the time.

I've had a dabble with it on the XBox version again since getting the AV setup and in true Crytek fashion the sound is outstanding. I want another play through just for the sound, so I may as well get the PC version and enjoy a visual bump as well.

Big_Game_Hunters3576d ago

Don't you care about the gameplay?

dmeador3576d ago

Honestly the best rental I've ever had. Fantastic on one playthrough, but the last few hours started to drag.

Volkama3576d ago

But the game was only a few hours long....

Seriously though, I agree with what you are saying. It is great for a single play, but has no real worth beyond that so the asking price was too high. But the few hours it lasted were a highlight of the launch window for me.

dmeador3576d ago

@Volkama How long did it take you? I would say it was about 8 hours on medium. From the internet machine it seemed like a 4 hour game that got horrible at 2.

Volkama3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Probably about 7 or 8 I'd say. I also didn't find it overly repetitive. The combat is rhytmic and relies on pattern recognition for challenge, and personally I felt it threw in new patterns at a decent enough rate to hold my attention (if the spectacle wasn't enough).

I'm not claiming the game was perfectly refined, there are definitely numerous areas it could be improved. But overall I thoroughly enjoyed it while it lasted.

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Trekster_Gamer3576d ago

I love this game on Xbox One. I am Glad PC gamers are getting a chance to play it.

bez873576d ago

PC looks better and plays smoother but all this boosting about how PC is so much more advance and are the master race, it just doesn't show that much truly, When will someone develop a game with the top end market in mind, I mean it's all good and well with texture bumps but I've seen nothing on PC which looks like the future, maybe I'm just expecting life like graphics on PC by now but still were getting games made at console level and then just the res boosting, or is it just me

hennessey863576d ago

The problem is PC needs to change if we are ever going to see a dramatic increase in visuals, for one the amount of different components is staggering, How is a company meant to optimize a game for a system with 1000 possible graphics cards available. Memory is another issue, PC's may have a lot of it but its split into video and system which is a bottle neck which ever way you look at it. Shadow of mordor requires 6gb of video ram to run ultra textures, you need a titan to get that kind of memory. Consoles get optimized games because they are easy to develop for, I think PC needs to be a more unified system, while still keeping the upgrades and mods available.

wannabe gamer3576d ago

you dont need a titan!!!! people need to stop with that BS, i have a 780 6GB card that was cheaper than a 780 ti 3gb and the ti is only 15% faster which is nothing when the cost is 200 more

ABizzel13576d ago

@wannabe gamer

LOL, but a 780 is in the range of a Titan performance wise, so in that regard he was correct, although I do agree you don't need a near $1,000 GPU.

But still $500 for a GPU is asking a lot for most console gamers, who entire consoles cost that much, meanwhile you still need a CPU, RAM, HDD / SSD, Motherboard, Case, and a PSU to run along with that $500 GPU, and if you want to be remotely comparable in quality to your overall PC as you were with your GPU then all that's going to cost you another $600. And that's where console gamers break, on top of not knowing how to build a PC (which is fairly easy, and takes about 1 - 2 hours tops even for a rookie).


That being said I agree the graphic difference isn't worlds apart, but the resolution boost and texture quality boost are visible on the PC version, and the real benefit is that the PC version can run at 60fps compared to the XBO versions sub-par 30fps capped (meaning it was down in the 20's often).

With the recommended specs you can build an AMD gaming PC for less than $600 easy, and get 1080p @ 30 - 40 fps.

If you want XBO parity then you can use the minimum PC specs for less than $500, and get at least 720p @ 30 - 40fps (someone should really test this set-up since the XBO has been performing on par with the 7770 for the longest, so we can see if it's the perfect measure of performance scaling XBO games).

Or if you want 4k gaming then you can go to the high end for around $1,000.

Once again with PC gaming it's all about what performance you want and what you want to pay for it.

aerisbueller3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Star Citizen is aimed at High End PCs specifically:

@hennessey86 a Titan is like more than one generation of power past the consoles. Consoles allow developers to spend time optimizing, but a top of the line PC is so powerful it more than compensates for the lack of to the metal coding several times over.

DirectX and OpenGL make all the different configurations irrelevant to coders. You code it once for DX or OpenGL, or Mantle, and it works on every possible combination. The one and only reason PC games aren't lightyears ahead of console games, and haven't been all this time is because developers don't want to target the small subset of PC Gamers with anything high end that can be called a gaming PC.

It's a catch 22, because the lack of games that truly take advantage of them makes it so only the hardcore enthusiasts bother to build a high end PC.


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Leeroyw459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

There's fifteen ancient Rome games?

LG_Fox_Brazil459d ago

Shadow of Rome was so freaking good

Sashamaz459d ago

I'm still waiting for the sequel.

HyperMoused458d ago

Ryse was awesome, i have no idea why it wasnt recieved well and why we havnt seen another, Rome conquered so much, you could take the action anywhere, and it looked great when xbox one came out, now would be even better.


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AngainorG7X714d ago

It was a great game, it had issues but it can only go up from here.

crazyCoconuts714d ago

It was just ok. Looked really good for an Xbox game though

Snookies12714d ago

"for an Xbox game"

Way to subtly throw shade there. It looked amazing compared to any game at the time it was released.

Never played it myself though, wasn't really interested in it personally. Plus it came at a time when I didn't own an Xbox console. But it was at least different than the usual copy/paste games we get. So I hope it gets another chance sometime soon.

Crows90714d ago

It was a crytek game though

1nsomniac714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

It was a stunning game on all basis. One of the standout games for Xbox as a whole. I ended up buying on pc as well… and yes nothing looked better than it in PC at the time either. Nothing just ok about it, definitely needs a sequel.