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Beautiful and very nicely presented, but at the same time very shallow and frustrating.

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Torque_CS_Lewith2566d ago

I recall mentioning the lack of content in this game as being a detriment to it and being lambasted by apologists. Now my sentiments are being echoed in many a reviews.
I still cannot wrap my mind around the focus the devs put into nonsense features like 10 000 flamingos with individual AI. I mean what on Earth does it matter when the racing AI is dumb and rubber-banded? I get quality over quantity but this seems like a lot of quality went into visuals and quantity went into useless things like butterflies and moths and million unique trees.

uth112566d ago

The AI is not dumb and rubber-banded.

Some of the reviews complain that the AI is too good. This game really doesn't get any slack

Ocsta2566d ago

Its a Sony exclusive. For some reason that's all a game needs to become a whipping boy nowadays.

u4one2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I too think the AI isn't good. It's very sterile. I haven't noticed any rubber banding. It just follows the exact racing line no matter what. If you are there it just rams you to be there so it can continue to take the same line. It never crashes, never deviates and is completely predictable. They are like robots. At least in F5 and Fh2 they do maneuvers to avoid crashes, or will switch their lines depending on how many cars are piled in. They also make mistakes, spin out etc. my favorite is when something between two cars happens in front of you and next thing you know there's a bumper or some other part bouncing down the street toward you. Feels more realistic imho.

I like Driveclub but it's not completely what I was hoping for

uth112566d ago

@u4one - I have seen the Drive Club AI drivers make mistakes and spin out and crash

jukins2566d ago

lol clearly you havent played this if you think the ai is dumb and rubber banding

360ICE2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

The developers were pretty specific about the game not being rubber banded. Apart from that, I agree a little bit on the details. Millions on individually sculpted trees shouldn't come before higher fps, if that ever was a really choice.

llxKonanxll2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

No, the AI definitely rubber bands (the programmed AI that is meant to be in 2nd and 3rd for each event. I was playing a sprint event and i was at 95% driving on a straight away at top speed,, a car comes whizzing past me (i know the car that drove past me, and i know its top speed is no where near mine). I like the game, but i wholeheartedly dislike rubber banding in a racing game.

360ICE2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )


I haven't really experienced any rubberbanding-like behaviour myself, other than what I could contribute to drafting.

It'd also be strange for the developers to lie so blatantly.

Are you sure there's no other explanation?

boeso2566d ago

There is no rubber-banding. Zero.

llxKonanxll2566d ago

There IS rubber-banding with the top 3 cars in each event. They are programmed to be ahead of everyone else and to be faster than you if you’re in first place(even tho the majority of each car in each event are the same, you’d expect each car to have ). It feels like the cars are programmed to be in specific places for each event.

2566d ago
Cruise842566d ago

I thInk DriveClub is going to be hit or miss with allot of people. You'll love it or hate it. I'll probably love it. I've seen the content in the game and what's down the line and I'm happy with that. DriveClub's aim was to be a very social game. This is where we have yet to see it show off. Once your online, AI is out the window.

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blackout2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Can't play GRAPHIC'S ladies. GAMEPLAY, GAMEPLAY, GAMEPLAY. This is the second game in a row that Sony has backed to the fullest and has received awful reviews (Destiny & DC). It seems as if gamers are smartening up. Graphic's are a portion of what pushes a game, but gameplay will always prevail (Forza H2). Just look at what the indie front is doing. Not much on the indie side spills buy me cause i'm pretty, Its just all gameplay (The Essence Of Gaming).

On another note. It seems as if the people scoring these games are just dropping sixes like there Skittles. Or is it that it's just getting harder to impress.

the_dark_one2566d ago

the backlash to destiny wasnt cause of its graphics, but more for what was in offer. a game with plenty of fun but that dried quickly and is going to be filled with dlc.
but yes, we cant play graphics, but are you telling me if some games that had came recently like infamous, titanfall forza or the upcoming games lika assassins creed, metal gear solid or dragon age inquisition, gamers would enjoy them more if they had worst graphics?
i mean gameplay is the more important thing to a game along with its story but i bet if said game have gorgeous graphics the immersion would be bigger and better

blackout2566d ago

No. But every game you just mentioned has very good gameplay. What i wrote may seem a little off like i don't like DC, but i bought the game. And what i said before, i really feel like Sony is selling graphic's this gen.

LightofDarkness2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Actually, just about all you're playing is graphics. Without graphics, all you have is some sound and possibly a nice little story. The hint is in the name: VIDEO games. Without them, there is no videogame. Gameplay and graphics are inextricably linked. The graphics must suit the gameplay and vice versa, that's the requirement on graphics in games.

People seem to equate "graphics" entirely with the idea of realism and graphically complex rendering techniques. Don't say "gameplay over graphics", because the graphics essentially are the gameplay. They're there to represent the player's actions and reactions to other graphically represented stimuli/objects in a satisfying manner. Trying to separate the two in this medium is fundamentally broken logic.

Now, you could say that their focus on graphical features which do not enhance the experience or compliment the gameplay in any way would have been better placed on improving the experience at a fundamental level, then I'd agree. The game does not seem to have enough content. It also seems that the developers were under the impression or held the belief that their core driving model was fun and satisfying enough that it required no further refinement and that their time was better spent enhancing the graphical realism of the game (in many simulation games, graphical realism is often a major component of the game's design and a powerful measure of desirability among simulation and driving game fans). From what I can gather, this was not the case for the majority of players, and the paucity of game modes and options significantly highlighted this problem.

WickedLester2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

You may be right about Driveclub (as I haven't played it yet so I cannot form an opinion). But I do own FH2 and I swear to god I am sick of hearing people gush over it. It's pretty and the whole open world concept is neat and all (personally I think Burnout Paradise City did it better) butI feel like this game is just a tad overhyped by critics and Xbox fans. Plus I don't know what it is with the handling in FH2 but I don't like it. I have a really hard time dialing in the controls. I enjoyed Forza 5 MUCH more than I do FH2.

LightofDarkness2566d ago

I'm not a big fan of open world racers in general, and couldn't really get into Horizon myself. I was hoping for DC to be the one that I would pick up, but I'm definitely waiting for the PS Plus edition (even longer now) before I put down money for it.

uth112566d ago

I haven't seen anything in the FH2 trailers, commercials or gameplay vids that scream "must buy" to me (given the 3 other big racers this fall ). If I get an XB1, I'd buy it because of its review scores alone. Maybe that isn't such a good idea? lol

2paclives2566d ago

man, this game looks so beautiful on my 60" UHD....whoa..the game is typical racing fare, nothing to get overly excited or down on. This makes me hope a new motorstorm is in the works.

LightofDarkness2566d ago

With the reception this game has been getting, I wouldn't put money on it.

Ka7be2566d ago

Well of course. Buy what metacritics tells you to buy.

LightofDarkness2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Believe it or not, publishers also listen to reviews, and with the wealth of problems this game has been presenting both technically and in terms of critical success, you can be sure that there's a shake up within Evolution Studios on the way, if not dissolution. It barely has anything to do with Metacritic, but your comment is very telling of your own mindset.

The game's launch has been a mess thus far, it's due to miss release in the UK tomorrow. When it affects customers that badly, it reflects poorly on not just the game, but the developers AND Sony. Sony will not just say "there there, the fanboys online still think it's cool! Here, you guys take this big bag of money and go make whatever you want next for doing a frankly disappointing job!"

No business works that way, Sony included.

TKCMuzzer2566d ago

Isn't only Ps+ version due to miss it's launch day? If so you need to change your comment.

LightofDarkness2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

@TKCMuzzer: Not only that, but some suspect that the issues that have been plaguing PSN for the last few days (mostly in the US) are related to however they implemented Driveclub's social features, which would also explain why they are holding off on releasing the free edition of the game in the UK. It is still missing a release in the UK, and that is how most players were anticipating playing it. That's just as significant an issue as was alluded to in my post, and everyone is well aware of what I was talking about. It's a comment, not an official press statement, I'm not required to make redactions or use technical language so that everyone's comfortable with the terminology used. You knew what I was talking about and so did everyone else. No one's going to be "duped" by it in some way.

TKCMuzzer2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Thats besides the point, people may be disagreeing with my comment but I wasn't having a go at anyone, it's just factually incorrect and may cause confusion. If my copy has been posted to me then the full game has been released on time no matter how many disagrees I get. With all that is going on it's important that people get their facts straight as even more confusion will be caused.
It is the PS+ edition that has been delayed, now if all those disagreeing with me would like to show me that the full game has been delayed I will be more than humble in what I say.
I say again, it's important facts are delivered properly as with most things on N4G people don't read things properly. This is backed up by the fact people have disagreed with my comment when it's factually correct, only the PS+ version has been delayed, it's still available at retail.
I'm not saying people are not waiting for the PS+ edition, it still doesn't make the information you provided correct. I apologize if you think that is wrong but I actually find it frustrating when information is twisted to try and enforce an opinion, because as gamers we are the first to complain if a company or site does the same thing.
Yes it does cause slight confusion, I have been at work all day, I come home browse this site and get to your comment, I then had to go off and read official articles to be reassured that my copy will be released on time, not everyone has the luxury of surfing the web all day.

Whats even more annoying is my comment response was a question?

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sin72792566d ago

playing this game two days, and game is great is not pure arcade, journalist review is a garbage! i'm playing games over 25 years and this game rules!

Hanilugtehul2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I 100 procent agree,i don't know why People Are hating.If you don't like driveclub don't buy.its pretty simple If you like it buy it If don't like don't buy There is No need for all that hate, its just a game. Peace and Happy gaming:)

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