PSX Extreme: Overlord: Raising Hell Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Third parties are becoming less and less hesitant to bringing over their Xbox 360 games to the PlayStation 3. Overlord is one such example. Last year, Codemasters released Overlord for the Xbox 360 and PC. The game faired well with critics and gamers alike, and even went on to sell in excess of 1-million copies between the two units. The sales of the game are surely impressive considering the fact that Overlord is a new property, as well. As is standard procedure when porting a game to the PlayStation 3, Overlord: Raising Hell now boasts additional content and improved technical merits, such as visuals and sound.

The concept of the game is fairly reminiscent of Nintendo's Pikmin. The center character is the Overlord, himself, who is awakened from the dead by a horde of minions. You assume the role of the Overlord and, in turn, assume the ability to control the minions by utilizing them in a variety of ways. The game does a good job of explaining the uses of the minions with a brief tutorial in the beginning."

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