IGN - Deadly Creatures: Meet The Tarantula

From IGN Wii Editor Matt Casamasina...

"In early April, we brought you the first look at Deadly Creatures, a new Wii-exclusive project from talented developer Rainbow Studios (MX vs. ATV Untamed). The atmospheric, dark action-adventure is a long way from dirt-bike racing. You take control of both a dangerous scorpion and a menacing tarantula through different missions, harnessing the abilities of each in order to advance along desert passageways, caves, and manmade structures such as a remote gas station, all the while fighting off a variety of hair-raising foes, from black widows to rattlesnakes. We've already written about the scorpion-based missions, filled with endless critter duels and carnage. Now, though, we've had the chance to check out the tarantula levels and we can state with conviction that if you've got a fear of arachnids, this is not your game."

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