Phil Spencer confirms custom backgrounds, screenshots for Xbox One

Talking with TiC Podcast, Phil Spencer confirmed that the Xbox One will be receiving custom backgrounds, themes and screenshot functionality in the future.

In response to the question about the Xbox One UI, Phil Spencer elaborated that they are working on including the features in the monthly updates, owing to development time and priorities.

"You will see , I'll announce it here, I was told themes and background pics are something that we are working on, and screen shots!"

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qwerty6762385d ago

about time.

but anyone have a feeling all these updates have been a waste if xbox one is getting windows 10 next year?

AngelicIceDiamond2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

How are these updates a waste?

Finally custom themes are coming been waiting for this.

Godmars2902385d ago

A possibly completely different interface doesn't say that everything before wasn't a waste of time?

dansdooz2385d ago

Hope in time for the holidays loved the winter themes

Naga2385d ago

@ Godmars290

No. No it doesn't.

Being able to maximize our enjoyment of an ecosystem as it evolves through successive monthly updates is hardly outweighed by the *rumored possibility* of a future shift. Especially when it's those successive monthly updates which might even bridge the gap in the event the *rumored possibility* of Win10 ends up being the new foundation upon which a future Xbox One interface is built.

4Sh0w2385d ago

That's some piss poor logic, so don't update the console NOW with improved functionality because some future OS, might be coming, at some unannounced date, that might change how updates now work on the system. Lol, damm Iam so glad none of you are in charge, how about give me the great updates when they are available and I'll take the windows 10 overhaul which knowing microsoft will just integrate and improve upon the current updates once it's available too.

Eejanaika2385d ago

just in time for the holidays

KorxSpartacus2385d ago

Hey if any further questions you would like us to ask Phil just let us know @ [email protected] thx

2384d ago
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Wikkid6662385d ago

Xbox One isn't getting Windows 10. Xbox One has a Windows kernel. Not the full blown OS.

famoussasjohn2385d ago

From the platforms they were going to have Windows 10 on, it will have some form of Windows 10 on the Xbox to have the brand fully united under one OS.

Wikkid6662385d ago


The Windows kernel is already there. If you think there is going to be some radical changes next year. You will be shocked to find out there won't. This will only help XBO as far as the app the store and development of games. Nothing more.

Cueil2385d ago

no it has the full blown OS... stripped of unneeded features like the ability to install drivers, but it's essentially windows 8

ABizzel12385d ago

I wouldn't think WIndow 10, would be that different from Windows 8 as far as basic functions go, so I don't see it being too big of a problem. Some things might get a bit wonky, but it should be easily patched before Windows 10 even hits the console.

MCTJim2385d ago

Previously on N4G: Microsoft Corp. could finally unleash Windows apps on the Xbox One. The company is bringing the core of Windows 10 to the Xbox One, allowing developers to bring apps and games from Windows Phone and PCs to Microsoft's latest console.

The update for the Xbox One will arrive sometime in 2015, the company said Tuesday. Microsoft said "Windows 10 will run across an incredibly broad set of devices,” some with 4-inch screens, others with 80-inch screens, as well as those without a screen that "primarily use [a] controller/gesture" interface.

Windows 10 on Xbox One could finally make good on Microsoft's promise to bring Windows apps to the console. Dell originally boasted that "every" Windows app would come to the console before its release, but Microsoft clarified that only "some" would make it. In reality, practically no Windows apps have made it to the console, so far, but Microsoft says that will change next year.

babyhand2385d ago

When is the October update getting released since we are on the subject? These will be good add on but need to get the October first.

FragMnTagM2385d ago

Mine is updating right now. I am in the preview program so I am not sure if it is the official one or not.

babyhand2385d ago

Do we have a time frame for the new October firmware update?

mhunterjr2385d ago

No, there's no reason why the improvements they'be made thus far (all in the xb1 version of windows 8) won't be rolled into the xb1 version of windows 10.

Yetter2385d ago

That was a mock up pic. XB1 will have a shared kernal with windows 10 but the interface will still be tailored to the console, likely with custom themes

medman2384d ago

I'm just hoping the themes for the current xbox are better implemented and more customizable in their final appearance than were the themes for 360.

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AngelicIceDiamond2385d ago

Listening to the Phil Podcast right now and its just freshening that hes so honest and giving as much info that he himself wants to tell.

I love how he confirms on the spot what games are coming and what games aren't.

Oh and Custom Themes are coming!

Why o why2385d ago

He's definitely the best guy they've hired for the job

Off topic

Anybody being blocked recently. My adblock plus is giving me a banned message

Torque_CS_Lewith2385d ago

I'm banned on my tablet with Chrome but not my laptop with Firefox or my phone with UC Browser.

ps360s2384d ago

He is, He is a gamer and he knows what gamers/fans wants for the console

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ArtificiallyYours2385d ago

Loving the interface more and more, good going MS and Phil! :)

ABizzel12385d ago

I'm actually the opposite a bit. There are things that I like, but overall I'd prefer the 360 tabs over the current interface. I don't know if it's just me, but there seems to be a lot of loading for almost any task (even though most are 1 - 2 seconds), and there seems to be unnecessary clicks / steps to do anything without Kinect.

They really need to improve the OS for use without Kinect, and hopefully this upcoming update will fix most of my complaints.

54LK2385d ago

The new snap menu is awesome. I hope they release the update soon with mkv support.
"My jewels are blue, it's our destiny."

u4one2385d ago

Awesome. Spencer should have been the one handling Xbox One from the ground up.

annoyedgamer2385d ago

I agree it wouldn't be in such a hole right now had he been in charge.

54LK2385d ago

Because Marc Whitten thought up and executed all decisions?

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