Forza Horizon 2 DLC will only be on Xbox One

One of the studios behind Forza Horizon 2, Turn 10, has confirmed that there will be no downloadable content for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Although DLC was released recently for the Xbox One, there was no sign of similar content dropping for Xbox 360 players. A forum post by community manager Brian Ekberg yesterday has now confirmed why.

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Applejack3035d ago

Well that sucks, why would they release the game of the console and not fully support it? At least 360 gamers actually got the game for their system unlike FM5.

Ace Killa 083035d ago

Why support last gen? Yes it's a no no to give the middle finger to any customer, yet by not doing that it is more work and hassle to try and give both games the same features.

When in reality, the gap between last gen and next gen is pretty obvious and that is why certain features can't make it. Also due to cost of developing for two different consoles.

Ace Killa 083035d ago

BTW I do agree that this news should have been given out before the release game. As some people jumped into the pool not knowing how the experiences would be.

tgunzz3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

To my fellow 360 gamers out there, the xb1 is ready for you. It's time to join the club. I look forward to your arrivals.... Game on!!!

annoyedgamer3035d ago

Forza: Horizon 2 on Xbox 360 is a totally different game developed by a totally different studio. They would have to develop any DLC twice. That is why it is only on one console.

Jamaicangmr3035d ago

So that's a justified reason to you, Honestly that gives you comfort? We'll I say if you aren't going to support it equally don't make it for the X360. Better to not get the game period than to be under minded after Because I can't afford, don't see a need to or don't care to upgrade to your new console at this particular time in my life.

user3672723035d ago

The 2 games are developed by 2 different developers and runs on 2 different engine so no surprise there. Be grateful that MS is still supporting an almost 10 year old system with games still. But It is time to jump ahead and get the xb1 if you guys really want the full Horizon 2 experience.

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the_dark_one3035d ago

since so many xbox fans wore trolling the driveclub posts earlier now is my time:

Oh no microsoft you dont care for the 360 owners any more for you is just xbox one and the rest your supports get the middle finger, thank you so much.

P.S sarcasm intended

Neonridr3035d ago

MS has to pull the plug on the 360 sooner or later if they want people to upgrade. 360 owners should be happy they even got the game to begin with.

the_dark_one3035d ago

you right about that. the thing is, in this moment many xbox 360 owners are jumping to the ps4, not all obviously but could be a very significant number, of course in nov when HMCC arrives many of those are probably jumping to next gen. but another thing is the ones that already brought the one wore the ones that couldnt live without its halo or gears or forza, so the support of 360 is still important to them, look at sony and the exclusives still popping out on ps3, as long as there is money to be made on them, the plug will continue to be pulleg.

Neonridr3035d ago

@the_dark_one - well there were a good 80 million users for each console, so that's a huge market to ignore. Understandable why studios still want to release last gen versions of games. But the new consoles have been out for a year, so you are going to see support for both the PS3 and 360 dwindle. Sony tends to support their previous consoles a bit longer so we may see support for the PS3 go well into next year, but you have to figure their times are winding down.

FITgamer3035d ago

Except a lot of them aren't happy with game. This will just be another reason for some of them to regret their purchase.

gangsta_red3035d ago

"Sony tends to support their previous consoles a bit longer so we may see support for the PS3 go well into next year"

What's strange is we haven't seen Sony support their PS3 with their own games for a while now. But in a strange turn MS has been providing the 360 with a lot more exclusives. Even if they are cross platform games they are still more for the 360 so far.

I also think it's because another company is doing Horizon 2 for 360 and perhaps their time on the game is up. Regardless, this does suck for 360 owners which currently have the larger install base.

Deathdeliverer3034d ago

@ gangsta red
Sony released MLB the show recently and has little big planet 3 coming to ps3. They have already announced first party titles for next year also. I have a XB1 and Forza Horizon 2 so although I am not directly affected by this screw over (in my eyes) Microsoft and it's total abandonment of its previous hardware (or almost in this case) is pretty disgusting. First time was confusing. Now it's just f'd up.

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hello123035d ago

X box fans aren't trolling even Eurogamer gave the game a 6/10 do you call them x box 1 trolls? Truly, think about it honestly!

I was just pointing out the obvious differences in the ratings between two games that do car racing. And the game doesn't look the same that was shown a few weeks ago on here.

WeAreLegion3035d ago

They are trolling every Driveclub article. It IS trolling when they have no interest in the game. It goes both ways though. People were trolling Forza Horizon 2 news, too. It would be nice if we could all act like human beings.

Charybdis3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Kinda agree but surely there are xbox fans trolling due to the Driveclub trailer with driveclub beeing quoted as the forza killer in their trailer where the blue car crashes the green car.

the_dark_one3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

hello!!! seriously now a days nobody fully reads the comments that one posts, i mean it as SARCASM.


but thats the thing here there is always going to be trolling from both sides, unless sony and microsoft united and created a super console, but that probably would be worst cause there would be no competition and the devs would just get lazy :D

Gunstar753035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

@the_dark_one no dlc or not, at least 360 owners have a fantastic game in FH2 as opposed to the lacklustre, overhyped embarrassment that is Driveclub

Feel free to troll away, I needed some salt for my fried.

Oh, even the developer of Driveclub trolled Forza #forzakiller. Hahaha! Funny that

the_dark_one3035d ago

i dont know if you read my full comment or not but this
comment was made as sarcasm.
personally i have no interest in any of them, and i can be truthful here an say im a ps player, but i agree that forza is the better game and that quote in the trailer, even if it was someone else saying it, was a bit of asking for it since forza is an established IP and driveclud is a new one.

PS i dont consider driveclub an embarrassment at all is a new IP and im glad sony is willing to take chances with them instead of milking the same franchise over and over again

Gunstar753035d ago

If you have "no interest" why are you here, commenting???

WeAreLegion3035d ago

Weird. Then again, Playground would probably have to do the DLC for both systems. Contracts for ports probably don't include future DLC.

Ace Killa 083035d ago

at some point you gotta move on. And to think now a days a game on X1 and X360 will be the same is a bit naive. As a customer the dream of a similar game would be awesome, yet it is a business.

I do feel bad for FH2 360 users, but if they expected more or just as equal to the X1 then some expectations need to be adjusted to a rational level.

Father__Merrin3035d ago

what about the 360 owners? things like this gives u an idea which company to make a console investment in!!!

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