Who's the Greatest Gaming Icon of All?

Results from a recent public opinion poll says it's -- drumroll please -- everyone's favorite handlebar-mustachioed handyman, Mario. He managed to stiff-arm competitive bids from Master Chief, Solid Snake, Lara Croft, and Sonic the Hedgehog in's "Greatest Games of All Time" vote, and secure a hefty 11 percent of the overall top 100.

Anyone really surprised?

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pharmd4743d ago

i dont see how it could be anyone but mario.... the amount of attention over such a long period of time is amazing...

hes the mascot of nintendo and thats the longest running console franchise

Surfman4743d ago

Everybody knows it's Mario, second is Luigi and third is probably Link. And for the gamers and hardcore gamers, should be like Snake and Master Chief.

gumgum994743d ago

#1Sonic the Hedgehog-(why? have you seen the trailer?)

#1.5 Mario-Its debatable, but sure why not

Crash Bandicoot-(back in his heydays)

that about sums it up. notice how none of them are blockbuster hits,
not that it would matter anyway. There are many others in my list, but [yawn] most of them are not characters per say.

Le-mo4742d ago

Is anyone really surprised?

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The story is too old to be commented.