Report: PS3 sales rising, Xbox 360 'headed down'

The future of the current generation of consoles is in a flux, but sales of the PlayStation 3 are seen as rising, while the Xbox 360 is "headed down."

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Silogon4743d ago

Doesn't suprise me. At the end of the day xbox 360 is old and is laoded down with old tech.

Outdated dvd player
Outdated ram that runs at -.87% of what Ps3's does
Outdated graphix card that cannot compare to the Cell and RsX in ps3 when used properly
Has no hdd mandate
Very abysmal backwards compatibility with older software
Pay 50 bucks to game online when Ps3's is all free. no fee at all.
No wireless net card installed like the ps3 has
No usb ports
No room for expandability outside of tacky add ons

I can go on and on, but it's already clear that the xbox 360 was a crutch used to penetrate the next gen market early. a foot hold placer. It was basically released to compete with PS2, like Dreamcast was to Ps1. history and memories all repeat, guys.

Ps3 is the future as we know it. Until xbox next hits, of course. I think that train is coming in next year too by the way.

Chris Hansen4743d ago

Microsoft is screwed no matter what they do.

The 360 can no longer compete with the PS3 as it's being outsold in all three major territories despite having more games and a much lower price (even lower in Europe).

If Microsoft decides to restart the race with a new XBOX, it will essentially be competing with the PS3...An instant loss situation.

Dateline NBC,
Chris Hansen

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4742d ago

Bring on the next xBox...It will fail to!!! ;-D

AngryTypingGuy4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Everyone knows that the PS3 is the one with the RAM problem. Well that is, unless all of the people who wrote articles about it were paid off by MS. Yeah, that must be it.

That "outdated" machine still outperforms the PS3 graphically. I hate to sound like a Sony fan, but "just wait" until Gears 2 comes out and drops everyone's jaws.

Every time I walk into a Game Stop and look at the PS3 display, I can't help but notice the number of jaggies on seemingly every game...and it's on Sony's own monitors! Uncharted, R&C and especially Heavenly Sword were full of jaggies! It could be the monitor though, who knows. But if you look at the 360 display on the Samsung screens, they don't have that problem.

As far as the sales go, the 360 will pick up again when more heavy hitters come out, and when there's a price drop. Same with the PS3. The PS3 will probably surpass it eventually, but with the size of the PS2 install base, it shouldn't be a surprise. However, after this gen, Sony's market share will have shrunk considerably, as more people realize that the best games (for the most part) are on the 360.

Montrealien4742d ago

All I know is that judjement day has come and gone and we can think of other things now, like, oh I don't

Even if the 360 goes down in sales for the next year or two, and the PS3 keeps gaining like it has been for half of it's year, we will still have two amazing consoles that have a big enough user base to encourage companies to make games for both of them, hence keeping them in competition trying to better themselves wich in the end make anybody who has both consoles swim in an amazing pool of awesomeness. All this while fanboys stroke their little e-peens among each other as they always do in forums and comments sections, fantasy creatures must have a place to think they matter right?

and lets not forget, all this is happening while Nintendo, the original king of consoles, sits on top of it all smoking cigars rolled in money spitting out a few good games a year while the casual market gets all those "other" titles that keep them happy.

hate me because I got all three current gen consoles and enjoy all games, but in the end my gamer path is the one of a true gamer and keeps me one step ahead of any brand whore fanboy.

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Condoleezza Rice4743d ago

Just no.

Btw,today is opposite day...

littletad4743d ago

Oh and take your IQ with you.

whateva4742d ago

this post is going to be apart of history

cito35th4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

people are just hating that they just realized that 360 is sh!t and ps3 is way better

haha 360 is losing even with their price cut and all their AAA titles out haha


keep in mind 360 HAD A YEAR HEAD START! how sad

ScentlessApprentice74742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Now Microsoft already has plans to abandon the 360 and its userbase (just like the original xbox userbase, because unlike Sony they don't give a $h!t about consumer satisfaction feedback) and they want to shove an xbox 720 out the gate by the fall of 2010. This just goes to show how stupid MS fanboys are; They'll buy a defective console OVER AND OVER again and then they'll forget about the $400+ dollars they spend on that console and they'll just buy another piece of crap console from Microsoft in a few years without even relishing in the experience and investment they spent on the initial console.

At least Sony continues to invest in their previous consoles after their newest incarnations debut. But then again, MS idiots are just that; idiots that don't mind wasting their money on defective hardware and giving their money to a manufacturer that can't acquire quality software without buying it off.

uie4rhig4742d ago

i guess this is true, i mean PS3 is been outselling 360 for quite a while now.. even though the price is like twice as much as the 360's ..
also if you check vgchartz for the hardware from launch, then you see that if they were released simultaneously, PS3 would have a higher install base atm..


godofthunder104742d ago

to be honest.i've seen sites saying the opposite.the ones that shows sells stats that are close,the 360 still have about 6 million or more units sold then the ps3 but it will get closer and the ps3 will probaly take the lead, but microsoft did what they wanted to do.

microsoft released the 360 a year earler so they could get a bigger share of the market and it worked.i know that sony will probaly win this generation but they want own the game industry any more because sony lost a big share of the market because of the 360 and wii and they gained more and sony days of dominateing the game market is over and they have competition now.this generation will be close and sony will probaly win this generation with the 360 right behind it in a close 2nd.

i've read ScentlessApprentice7 post and he claims that microsoft have plans to abadon the 360 and he's way off because microsoft already said that it will be around another 3 years or more,so i like to know where he got his information at.

i know that the 360 had a lot of problems but when ScentlessApprentice7 claimed that unlike microsoft sony cares about their customers he's way was sony that had problems with the first 2 ps especially the ps2.

the ps2 had a defected drive in could buy a new one some times and put a new game in it and it would read can't read disc on the screen and you would have to keep ejecting it till it works,then after a while it would stop working completly.

when people that owned a ps2 started complaining about the ps2 sony claimed that there wasn't anything wrong with the ps2.well a lawsuit was filed against sony and it was proven that sony knew all along about the drive but didn't want to pay to fix it.

well sony fixed the drives in the ps3 but people like me that bought the ps2 when they first came out was just stuck with them.i had to buy 5 of them because sony wouldn't make the bad ones ScentlessApprentice7 had it opposite,it was microsoft that gave every one a 3 year extra warrinty when the 360 had problems with out getting sued and it was sony that had to be sued over the defect in the ps2 because they didn't want to fix the drives and this is a fact and ScentlessApprentice7 need to check his facts before he post an article that's not even close to being true.

i know that the 360 had the highest defect rate then any game system that was every made with about a 33 to 35 percent defective rate.i will allso agree that the ps3 is the most reliable console every made because i'm not a childish fanboy or bias because unlike them i'll admit the truth good or bad about both consoles and i want be a hypercrit.when sony developed the ps3 they remembered all the mistakes in the first 2 and did it the right way,hell you can't be more reliable then the ps3 is,the few people that had problems with it is to few to even mention.i'm sure that microsoft learn their lesson and the next 360 will be more reliable.

the ps2 on the other hand had a defect rate in the 20s.i'm not saying every one had a problem with the ps2 but about 20 to 27 out of a 100 did.hell the 360 had about a 35 percent defective rate but i bought mine on the launch day and i never had 1 problem yet(i guess i'm lucky).

the reason that the 360 became a big deal is because when it was released the majority of the people in the world had the net and the news spreaded like fire through it and some ps3 fanboys was even lieing saying that they had a 360 that broke on them and you could tell that they were ps3 fanboys by the story they posted because it didn't make any sence.

when the ps2 came out and it had a lot of problems but it didn't become a big deal because the majority of the people didn't have the net and on top of that they didn't have childish fanboys from both sides like they do now that will lie to make the other system look bad.if they did have fanboys back then like they do now then the 360 fanboys would lie and said that they had a ps2 that broke down just like some ps3 fanboys lied and said they had a 360 that broke.

when ScentlessApprentice7 said that sony cared about their customers and microsoft doesn't he was dead wrong because neither one cares about us.all they care about is makeing money and they will lie to do it,as a matter of fact they did already.

solidt124742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

The PS3 is a more stable system with better games, and most of the same game you can get on the 360. And the ones the PS3 don't have you can play on the PC. Sony also owns alot more studios than Microsoft which means more exclusives. Nintendo and Sony really have there stuff together but sadly the Xbox 360 has fumbled by trying to rush the Xbox 1.5 out and not buying good studios. How did the let Bungie go? Morons.

plenty a tool4742d ago

an "opinion" without any substance or data to back it up.

what a great article.

here's my prediction

360: sales at a plateau. will increase with long awaited price drop(especially in NA), and the release of gears2. but after, will continue to coast along at a rate that will easily beat the old xbox.

ps3: just saw a nice "spurt" after mgs. which will taper off sharply in a week or two. will see an icrease when the long awaited price drop hits(all regions). but after, will fall well behind any of the other two playstations. sony being lucky to reach 60 mil by 2011.

nintendo: will reach a plateau soon, that will put it out of the reach of the other two sometime next year. this gens winner with room to spare.

see, i'm an opinionated analyst now!!

Scrooge4742d ago

Look, there is one fact that you all will disagree with but must face and accept: Nintendo is #1, 360 is #2, Sony is #3.

ThanatosDMC4742d ago

But bungie is not all that good a company. They only made one "good" IP.

They invested in Rare because they sold better IPs.

ChampIDC4742d ago

Bungie may have only had one IP between the two Xbox consoles, but the original Halo put the Xbox on the map. Without Bungie, MS would have been pretty screwed, and the Xbox wouldn't have become so established in the industry.

GarandShooter4742d ago

@ godofthunder10

Dude, PLEASE, capitalize, punctuate properly, take a minute to gather your thoughts before typing, avoid run-on sentences, etc....Pretty Please.

Also, if you're going to quote failure rates provide links.

I've owned an Intellivision, Genesis, PS1, N64, Dreamcast(launch), PS2 (launch), Xbox360 (Nov. 2006), PS3 (Dec. 2006), and a PSP. I've had no problems with most and only minor problems with two. After 5 years of use, my launch PS2 wouldn't read PS1 discs anymore and between the $50 or $75 repair cost and the cost of the Ethernet adapter I just purchased a slim PS2 and sold my original to a friend whose kids cooked it with inadequate ventilation. The other is my 360 which is finnicky about connecting to XBL. My router sees it and a network test will show different failures, then will suddenly connect for no apparent reason. (BTW, if anybody knows the cause or cure for this please let me know, it can get quite annoying at times). So far my PS3 has been flawless *knocks on wood*. I do know people who have had multiple failures on 360's but so far none on PS3 (and none on the PS2 for that matter). I am not knocking any system. I have enjoyed them all (though the lifespan of the Dreamcast was terribly short). What does it matter to us who outsells who? None of it puts money in my pocket. All I want is both companies to be successful enough that support for the systems I've spent hard-earned money on lasts the usable life span of the system. It's in that regard that the Dreamcast falls short.

And dude, you bought 5 PS2s? My nephews also cooked a PS2 with inadequate ventilation (in a closed back entertainment center with videos and games jammed in right up to the vents) and contacted Sony, told them it was a gift and they replaced it free of charge. The $50 or $75 I was going to spend to fix mine was quoted direct from Sony, so you are either incredibly foolish or a very poor bull$h!t artist. If I remember correctly, the PS2 was $299.00 at launch, so you would have us believe you spent $1500.00 on PS2s? I for one am having an extremely difficult time buying into that one (pun intended).

Quit your hating, man. If you prefer the 360, good for you. If you can't afford a PS3 be happy for what you do have. If you are going to respond, breathe deeply into a paper bag first so you can stop hyperventilating on your keyboard. Please.....Pretty please.....

GarandShooter4741d ago

Hey people, check out this exquisite PM I just opened from godofthunder10...I placed an asterisk in place of some letters, so it would clear through the system.

New Message:
11 hours ago | By: godofthunder10 | Block

you are one dum mother fu*ker bi* are just a ps3 fanboy and the most bias ass hole i've ever read

if you could read,you would have seen that i've agreed that the ps3 is the most dependable console that was ever made.

the problem i have with you is your childish fu*king might not want admit it or you are to fu*king ashamed to admit it but sony was sued over the ps2 because of the defected knew it was defected but didn't want to pay to fix it and that's a fact.if you are smart like you claimed then you should be able to look it up your dum ass self.i see that you are not smart enough to look it up so here is just one article on it and they have more that goes into more detaile about's one site you should read sony playstation2 consumer complaints on googles and they have a lot more if you look.

i have a movie theater in my house.i bet that you live in a fu*king trialer ass hole with a tv that isn't bigger then a 50in.

the reason that i don't buy sony products or any forign products is because i support my on country and i'm proud of the U.S.unlike you,i don't wish that a forign company beat any american company,because unlik you,i'm smart enough to see that it hurts the american economy when bastards like you buy forign products.i'm also smart enough to know that if an forign company beats an american company then it will help the forign country out and give them an advantage over the U.S but i see that you are to fu*king retarted to know any thing about politics bi*ch.

decades ago they had people that was saying that if people keep buying products from japan like they are doing then we will be dependent on them in the furture,well they were right.

because of dumasses like you who keep buying products from japan instead of american products it became's because of people like you that the U.S is afraid to get japan mad at us.

japan allows about 50% less imports from the U.S that they export but the U.S is afraid to say anything because we need their products now.

before japan started exporting their products to the U.S we were in good shape.all our tvs and all our other electronics were made in the U.S and because of it we had more plants and because of it,they had a lot more jobs.the same thing with automobiles.the U.S automobile industry was booming and they had a lot more jobs for americans.then dumasses like you started buying japans products and it was you and other people like you that cause it to happen when you refused to buy american products.

when japan first started selling their automobiles and other products in the U.S they were the cheapest you could buy.then win traitors like you started buying all of their products it hurt the american companies.the majority of companies in the U.S had to shut down amd lay off all of their workers because of it.when the U.S companies closed down japan started raising their prices on their products and now they are the most expensive products in the U.S.

on g4 about 6 or more months ago they intervied 2 writers from game magzines in japan.they were ask why doesn't the 360 sell well in japan.they both said that japaneese people are proud of their country and companies and refuse to buy any forign products if they can.then they went on to say that they hate to especially buy american products.

the japanese people are smart and know how to help their economy out and this is one of the main reasom why japan has the strongest economy in the world and it s been like that for decades.

if i was you i would be ashamed to even post anything that hopes a forign company beats any american company.

i wish that traitors like you move to japan.if you are willing to give japan money instead of the U.S and hope that their company beats an american company then the U.S is to good for you and you don't

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Surfman4743d ago

Playstation is the console franchise who everybody wants and have trust in it. So i'm sure the PS3 will win again this generation.

PoSTedUP4743d ago

whats else is new. lets just hope MS dosnt stop making consoles, i am still yet to buy a 360, im looking froward to dead rising, fusion frenzy 2, banjo kazooie, and NG2. im not getting one until the new ones come in. i really dont want to get the red ring.

littletad4743d ago

It's Red Ring of Death.... or RROD. Sheesh, some people just don't know the official slogan names.

lsujester4742d ago

I prefer "The Big Red O".

That way I can at least turn it into something dirty to amuse myself.

PoSTedUP4742d ago


ThanatosDMC4742d ago

Why do people keep on taking other people's bubbles away? He just said he wants to buy a 360 to play some games.

Also, bubbles were taken from the guy correcting him and YES, it was funny. So bubbles for all.

LJWooly4742d ago

People take other people's bubbles away, because your bubbles are representative of the length of your e-penis. The more you take away from other people, the bigger yours starts to look in comparison.

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Rice4743d ago

soooooooooooooooo..........any ways...whos getting Little big planet...

games4fun4743d ago

i am going to buy little big planet i always wanted to make my own games without the enormous hassle that is programming i have always loved level editors in games especially the the level editor in tenchu 2 (why would they ruin such a good series?) for playstion 1 that was great and fun.

MisfitSmurf4742d ago


Nathaniel_Drake4742d ago

Me too, I'm thinking of creating an Indiana Jones level and a Star Wars level if it's possible

tojfs79314742d ago

And PixelJunk Eden too!

4742d ago
buckethead_X4742d ago

Along with a whole lot of other PS3 owners. I'm going to make a lunar level (if you can tweak the gravity)

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