Save $100 On The Zelda Box Set Tomorrow In Amazon Flash Sale

Save some serious rupees on the Prima Zelda Box Set tomorrow in Amazon’s flash sale.

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Neonridr1472d ago

Awesome deal. I have this collection and it's beautiful.

Spikeantestor1472d ago

It's nice for what it is but I just can't bring myself to pay for a bunch of strategy guides. Especially when the collection costs more than each game.

Neonridr1471d ago

individually, yes. But try to by the entire collection of games this covers for $80.

1472d ago
RosweeSon1472d ago

I got very lucky with this here in the UK. Retailed for £120 and due to me ordered the moment it went up on amazing I got it for no more than £55-60 and they honoured it.. Bargain I've not opened it but it does look like a very good set and I had one of the guides seperately and they are good but yeah a lot of money originally but seriously heavy ;)

calvincrack1472d ago

Make sure to drink your ovaltine?

ScubaSteve11472d ago

a crummy commercial son of a bitch

Neonridr1471d ago

lol, love A Christmas Story.

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