Resident Evil 5 still set for simultaneous release

Xbox360fanboy writes:

Yesterday the Capcom message boards lit up with explosive rage when a rumor circulated from PlayStation Lifestyle that Microsoft was attempting to secure a timed-exclusive release for Resident Evil 5.

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TrevorPhillips4751d ago

Resident Evil 5 will be the best game for 2009 :)

pharmd4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

but i guess this silences the rumors of the timed exclusivity....

Breakfast4751d ago

GOTY 2009 is gonna be LBP or Resistance 2

pharmd4751d ago

lol breakfast.... ur somethin else

Breakfast4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

Why...because the games i chose?

Im sorry, in-game XMB cant win GOTY in 2009...its not a game.

mikeslemonade4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

Resident Evil 5 is just another washed up has-been like DMC4. It wouldn't be game of the year for 2007 let alone 2009.

Everyone just make way for FFXIII for year 2009 game of the year. Yep I said it June 13th is offcialy the day that we start the FFXIII hype train!

Infernus4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

FFXIII? Isn't that due out mid-09?

arakouftaian4751d ago

but re5 will be for sure a great game just like the old one :D

mistertwoturbo4751d ago

I'm gonna vote for God of War III if it does come out. If not, then Final Fantasy XIII

TheMART4751d ago

@ Breakfast...

"GOTY 2009 is gonna be LBP or Resistance 2"

Are these games delayed into 2009? As far as I know they're both coming out in 2008, LBP this Fall, R2 around November. Or have they been delayed again, which wouldn't surprise me at all, but then I missed it totally.

Anyhow, for 2008 GOTY R2 for sure won't make a chance. It's still looking like R1 graphics.

BTW the last years of GOTY's were always onthe 360, not the PS3 and I bet this year it can be again.

Gears of War 2 is shaping up as the beast for this holidays, not R2.

The only game competing will be MGS4.

For 2009 I bet some other games will hit high again. Like Bioshock 2, Forza 3, GT5 and yes... Halo 4

GeneralMaximus4751d ago

I agree with you i can't see this game bein anything less that goty

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TrevorPhillips4751d ago

no it isnt u idiot its gonna be resident evil 5 and god of war 3 lol not LBP or Resistance 2 there crap

Mc Fadge4751d ago

Which part you're being sarcastic about... The part where you think LBP and Resistance 2 will be out in 2009, or the part where you think they are crap... Quite worrying really O_o

GeneralMaximus4751d ago

Now GOW3 will be a serious heavy hitter in my opinion the first 2 games were great as far as ff 13 goes i think it'll be great as well but i would love for it to have a battle system somewhat similiar to ff 7

TrevorPhillips4751d ago

seriously guys whats wrong with resident evil 5?

ErcsYou4751d ago

Nothings wrong with resident evil 5, its just that there are a lot of other high profile games coming in 09.... Killzone2, GT5, FF13... Its to early to decide on GOTY for 09, There is a lot of competition.

littletad4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

The first one wasn't that great. Resistance 2 of course, but that's this year. God of War 3 is the only game I can think of so far.

ooo You got me there corazon. I completely forgot FF13, and the spin-off too. But has a racing game ever been game of the year?

cmrbe4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

does FF13 and GT5 ring a bell.

Agent: After the DMC4 disappointment i am not sure if Capcom can deliver anymore. DMC4 was just a HD DMC3 for me.

ErcsYou4751d ago

I think Killzone2 might surprise a lot of naysayers once it releases.. Especially The online aspect
KZ2 has a lot of potential but i can definitely see God of War 3 winning GOTY.. I hope they show something at E3. Plus there is still a lot to be announced..(Team ICO) i don't even know what game they are making but those guys got skills. What ever this studio release's will have GOTY potential guaranteed.

mikeslemonade4751d ago

It's a overhyped game. Just because it has zombies it's gonna be popular. Just like how GTA4 is a sandbox game and it's popular.

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pharmd4751d ago

how many times are you going to comment on your own story... you dont even comment on other stories, just your own.... hyping should get your priveledges revoked

kingOVsticks4751d ago (Edited 4751d ago )

every one is on a roll today "XMB can't win GOTY 2009 its not a game"

"how many times are you going to comment on your own story... you dont even comment on other stories, just your own"

"seriously guys whats wrong with resident evil 5"

haha that was the best one the sheer disappointment in his comment is overwhelming me with laughter hahaha( falls out of chair) ahem lol

wish I can be that funny :D

edit:(looks at bottom) see what I say everyones a comedian

Imallvol74751d ago


meepmoopmeep4751d ago

lol... bubble for that laugh.

littletad4751d ago

Now all the game needs is Mexicans to avoid racial minority, though with the heat wave mentioned in the game I'm sure that's no concern.

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