Q&A: EALA commands and conquers the 360

Senior producer Mike Glosecki debriefs GameSpot about bringing the acclaimed strategy series to Microsoft's new console.

While the Wii and PlayStation 3 launches hogged headlines last week, another next-gen console was also the subject of some major news. On November 16, Electronic Arts announced that Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars, already announced for the PC, is in development for the Xbox 360.

The announcement made waves, because C&C is one of the most storied series in the real-time strategy genre. It has also, with the exception of a few last-generation console ports, been primarily a PC franchise. Some have taken the 360 version as another harbinger of doom for PC gaming, while others have assumed it is merely an attempt by EA to cash in on the rising popularity of the next-gen platform.

To Mike Glosecki, the senior producer of Command & Conquer 3, the reason for the 360 C&C3 is simple--it will further prove that RTS games on consoles aren't just feasible but are actually fun. This was the approach taken by EA's Los Angeles studio when it brought The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II to the 360 in July. While the critically acclaimed game hasn't been a runaway success--selling less than 150,000 copies as of the end of September--it has done well enough to convince EALA that an Xbox 360 C&C3 is a good idea. Glosecki talked with GameSpot about the process of bringing the famous franchise to a next-generation console.

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G_CodeMonkey4350d ago

I bought BFME2 and pretty good (I still can't put Gears down). I am intrigued by the more futuristic units and visuals of C&C3. It will be a day-0 purchase, unless half the game requires additional purchase later!! If its an unlock option that can be unlocked without payment, or more maps later, possibly. But if they get into severe nickle-and-diming, then that day-0 purchase will become a used purchase from the bargain bin after its been out for a while. For that, we need reviewers to honestly say how the total game feels and if we're being setup for stupid extra payments ala Gran Turismo (PS3/Sony blunder). gCM

The Snake4349d ago

I didn't buy BFME2 but C&C is one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. I'm definitely getting this one.