Future of PS3 & Xbox 360 is casual gaming - GTA IV & Wii show why

Casual gaming is on the rise. That's a fact. You can see this not only by the success of the Nintendo Wii, which is built on casual gaming, but also the success of games such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Singstar. The question now is how much of a lurch towards casual will Sony and Microsoft take the PS3 and Xbox? And how much that will influence the games industry for the future?

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Harry1904750d ago

no no no non non non non no no no.Don't want.Keep it minimal.

pharmd4750d ago

i dont want it either but its sad but true

Violater4750d ago

No its not, the future of them both is variety, something the wii cannot offer.

Bonsai12144750d ago

mix of both would be best. but more hardcore. less casual.

Meresin4750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

I'm inclined to agree. A variety of games will probably be the best approach. You can't just appeal to one segment.

Either way, though, I'm not worried. There are casual games available on both XBLA and the PSN, yet the 360 and PS3 both still have graphically intensive games coming out, so it's rather obvious that developers aren't eliminating their big budget projects. They're diversifying, and that's healthy.

CrashSharc4750d ago

if this is true, i will hate Nintendo for the rest of my life....

jessupj4750d ago

I will hate nintendo also with a passion. But lets hope this new generation of bloody casuals that bought a wii will start to delve into more mature games, now that they have 'broken in' and started to game. They might educate themselves and try bigger and better games.

King_many_layers4750d ago

I'm sorry, but I really don't get why you people are so horrified by this idea. The whole casual over hardcore thing was in affect last Gen.

Playstation 2 had a great selection of hardcore and casual games and so did the Playstation 1. The harcore gaming market isn't anywhere near as large as the casual gaming market and When those casual gamers are bored with their Wii, they will look at the other consoles and go, well.. I get more with Playstation and the graphics are pretty and I know that brand, plus it's selling loads, so I'll get that one.

You ask any casual gamer to name something to do with games and most will probably say Playstation, most parents call game consoles playstation too. The playstation brand is hugely casual, yet delivers some great hardcore games too.

but yeah, back to the point. There innevitably will be loads more casual games in the end, but there will still be PLENTY of harcore games.

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Silogon4750d ago

Biggest mistake in gaming so far is allowing the wii to market. It's crippled the hardcore industry and it has made 3rd party developers rethink there strategy cause their games haven't been selling on the wii.

A console with the largest user base. When a 3rd party game doesn't sell 1 million on a console with 25 million units sold, something is wrong.

unfortunately for us, the dev's think it's the market trends and instead of making new IP for Ps3 and xbox 360 they retool their entire game line up to the casual fair.

Look at Madden now for the wii. Last year it played like a sim, as always. This year it plays like an absurd mini game. complete with big bobble heads.

The wii and Nintendo crippled the market. A market they built for almost 20 years.

Intrepid4750d ago

I apologize Siligon, but I disagree with you completely. How has the Wii crippled the hardcore market? Sure, gaming isn't seen as a niche thing anymore. The image of the gaming community is no longer just teen and young men. Everyone plays video games. Has that affected the games that us hardcore gamers get? NO. In my personal opinion, now is the best time to be a gamer. We've got soooo many good games coming out for every system. You can't use a half-assed attempts like Haze or Alone in the Dark as proof that developers are shifting their focus to casual gaming. Bad games have existed since gaming started. The Wii and casual games in particular haven't ruined anything in my honest opinion. They just expanded the market.

And on a side note, the bobble head and family play features in Madden 09 for the Wii are just options. The core game is still there (And tweaked: watch videos on how you can now draw your own routes before snapping the ball).

ash_divine4750d ago

it may not have affected the games we get but it definitly affects the games developers make.

Intrepid4750d ago

I have two words of advice describing what you should do with casual games.

Ignore them.

Be happy that games like FFXIII, Gears of War 2, and Mad World are coming out. They all look awesome!

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ash_divine4750d ago

sounds like a fanboy is some instances like: Casual is now king, whether you like it or not.

it kind of seems as if he wants us to think thats true, more than it actually being true. I will admit it's on the rise but, it just seems like he's using GTA IV to predict a future he is satisfied with. but then again maybe i'm just biased against casual gaming because of what it's doing to the industy(the very reason I don't like Nintendo anymore).

one last detail to put out though: Just because GTA IV didn't sell aswell as GTA SA doesn't mean people aren't interested anymore. For one this gen is alot smaller than the last, and it's much harder to sell a console off just one game because the prices are way higher. Secondly GTA IV and GTA SA are not the same game, which means they don't have to appeal to the same amount of people. That's like saying every game in the franchise has to sell the same amount or people don't care about GTA anymore. That's just my two cents or the matter.

...yeah, i'm never typing a comment that long ever again.

ChickeyCantor4750d ago

Casual has always been king because they are the biggest part.
Gamers just didn't realize it because they were way to focussed on the " core" games

NovusTerminus4750d ago

^ lol. I dont like long post... But I did read it.

I am unsure about casual gaming... Though it sell's more, there is more chance of getting sued. (See Wii Fit for details.)I can see hardcore gaming shrinking. To about 60-40 but it will never die. As Casual gamers get more into it, they will buy hardcore style games. So yeah. Both markets are pretty much here to stay.

PirateThom4750d ago

What does Metal Gear Solid 4 and Gears of War 2 show?

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