Build the Best Hybrid Squads in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Building a hybrid squad of McBusted stature is one of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode’s greatest challenges. Creativity is often lacking in this mode—‘Oh cool, you’ve got Daniel Sturridge, Theo Walcott and Loic Remy breaking the speed barrier up front’—but there’s an awful lot of room to experiment with unique teams.

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GaryLentz1525d ago

Amazing FUT Hybrid Squads

HalfPig1525d ago

mode challenges, have a try...

totalrecoilzz1525d ago

i was enjoying fifa untill i played online where to be honest its just a bad game..the attackers when they run at you are just to op compared to the capabilities of the defenders...ea need to get a better balance of the two because right now its ruining the game...defenders look stupid in this game far to often.. it should be difficult to score goals but its not.. im having so many games in a row where 12 goals are going in its just stupid..just try it your self guys from kickoff just run at defenders and boom its a goal 9 times out of 10 getting really boring now.